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Hang Ten photoshops Kim Hyun-joong…..

and shares the images via Twitter?

What is the world coming to that even pretty people need Photoshop too? Hang Ten Korea uploaded the photo above on their official twitter on January 13th. They explained in their caption that many rare images and behind the scenes videos of Hyun-joong’s photo shoot would be coming soon. One question: Will they be natural or photoshopped?

Kim Hyun-joong is already handsome, is it really necessary to virtually “trim down” his face?

Would you Photoshop Hyun-joong‘s images if he was your model?

Source: @Hangtenkorea


25 Comments on “Hang Ten photoshops Kim Hyun-joong…..”

  1. jin says:

    lol why would u wanna pohoshop kim hyun joong’s pic.

  2. Kaybee says:

    I like his personality but to be frank his touch ups bugs me…especially his nose….

  3. LuckyLinda says:

    i can’t see where he would need to have anything changed!! if it’s not broke~~~don’t fix it!!! ^_~

  4. confused says:

    wait are you saying the pic above is photoshopped?…well how would the readers be able to tell if you don’t show a before and after pic O.o…

  5. marie kilbane says:

    His nose don’t bother me.. don’t let it bother you!

  6. Gigi says:

    What in the world are you talking about? Have you seen him in person, or at least in fan’s photo with no makeup or tough up photoshop so ever? His face is as small as a fist. I don’t think they trim anything, his face would disappear if they do.

    Funny how other keeps thinking that he fixed his nose. Oh geez, if he really fixed it, would it be perfect and proportional? His nose is a bit uneven, and not at all perfect or delicate. It’s because it comes like that since birth. If you don’t know the fact, then get some common senses. lol!

    • greenpeas says:

      im agree u…his nose look the same to me..

    • um says:

      before you ask other people to get their facts straight, why don’t you watch Xman (korean tv show) and look up the episode with kim hyun joong. then you’ll know what other stuff he got done. i’m a fan of kim hyun joong myself, but I don’t pretend that he’s natural cause I’ve seen the “before” of him

  7. mili says:

    WTH!!!! he doesn’t need any photoshop…. he is super cute without extra enhancements

  8. nikki says:

    He totally had a nose job…his nose was a bit wider back before he got really popular for his looks. Check out his befores and afters, he lost his tip and his nose got turned up a bit not to mention his nostrils looks really weird. This guy messed up when he decided to get plastic surgery. He also became more of a pretty boy, when he first debuted, he dressed more like a guys guy.

    • Choo says:

      oh get your eyes examined! check – do your nose widens when you laugh wider? yes… check – do your face trims down when you lose 6-8kgs? yes… and FYI, if you don’t hv much fat to begin with, when you lose weight, you lose muscles, which will also alter slightly the appearance of your body – and muscles are hard to regain.
      seriously, stop your fixation with him having plastic surgery – it’s so obvious he hasn’t had any! and btw, perhaps in your total ignorance, you also do not know that make-up + the angle of lighting during photo-shoots can also slightly change the way you look? or perhaps you’ve never put on make up and never taken a pic before??

      KHJ is the most natural-looking korean star i’ve ever come across… don’t try to be an expert when you’re not. and yes, get your eyes examined – really.

      But talking of photo-shopping, I think the most was done was perhaps to touch up his ever-present eye bags… he’s terrible at taking care of himself + getting enough sleep.

      • Choo says:

        oh btw, don’t be so totally stupid + naive = his dressing in official events is mostly from sponsored clothes! and he has to wear them!
        in his own casual times, he just wears flip flops and sweat shirts lah… the guy’s been pictured in them!

    • Glamorous Sky says:

      pshh~ again.. im always heard the same thing about KHJ’s nose. sometimes i think people just so silly & stupid when they always high lite the same thing. how many times will we said, “believe it. its only stupid rumors.!” KHJ is already handsome back before he debut. his nose just so cute! if he take PS, well its all not your business at all. just let it be. hahahaha… this will make me love KHJ more, more & more bcoz of his 4dness & cuteness!
      and yeah he doesnt need any kind of photoshop. even when we shoot him by our cam-phone, he still look stunning & adorable! like pro~

  9. __crazyMAL__ says:

    Geez’ if one’s face is pretty just let it be you dont have to fix anything on it b’coz fixing it means YOU’RE JUST envy with that guy’ ryt? U want to lose that pretty face ! So the fact of using PHOTOSHOP is the fact that you’re losing his real BEAUTY! – KIM HYUN JOONG is a pretty guy a wholesome guy .. He’s more pretty in his natural face w/o even make up and i can prove it to you.. Look why there are some fans dying for him, for his pretty face and pretty heart too. Haha!

  10. Deki says:

    HE deosnot need any photoshop. He is charming. Love you.

  11. HyeRin says:

    My perfect Hyun Joong doesn’t need for any photoshop…~ i just love every inch of him…

  12. linear14 says:


  13. mtzar says:

    He’s a natural beauty, doesn’t need any photoshop.

  14. van says:

    kim hyun joong has the most angelic face i’ve ever seen..

  15. hj's says:

    Whatever you say, I don’t care, the most important is I Love very inch of him, he also had a great personality a very humble guy, that’s why many fans love him, I will always and forever support KIM HYUNJOONG, Fighting, saranghae!!!

  16. LON says:

    You can totally see he had his nose done.

    Other than that he looks great.

  17. kdramaluvnmomma says:

    Why? that kid is perfect just the way he is!

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