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LPG says “I’m Sorry that I’m a Nuna” to their Lovers

Do you guys know what LPG stand for?
It stands for (Lovely, Pretty, Girls).
They have just released their MV, and the song is called “I’m Sorry that I’m a Nuna”.
Check out the MV below:

Do you guys think that all the managers act that way? No, but seriously did you guys like their new MV?


42 Comments on “LPG says “I’m Sorry that I’m a Nuna” to their Lovers”

  1. queue says:


  2. Mike says:

    LPG means: Let’s Punch Geezers!!!

  3. Shinigstar says:

    That song is a bad messagge to the public! They must be calling COUGARS! So they are ahjummas in love with a dongsaen!

  4. nikki says:

    all these females wearing circle lenses just so their eyes look bigger…all it reminds me of is, you know how in movies to depict humans who have gone to “darkside” and having no soul lol. And is it just me or do most of these korean female celebs look alike (in face and body).

    • pat says:

      If you go to the same plastic surgeons you get features of the month. None of them
      have original noses. brides straightened, upturned shorter ends and skinny
      sculpted nostrils. They come out with one of three looks or you wouldn’t see the SAME nose on everybody. (just compare to the normal population) And I am not dissin’ them I just wish Korean entertainers would be proud of their REAL looks.

  5. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    Reminds of trot…
    I never liked it ever since i was a kid…
    Are they ahjummas?

    • lol says:

      no. You are.

    • marie kilbane says:

      picky young lady

    • urinate.on.your.face says:

      being bashed at every comment… one should really grow up in terms of creating nicks and commenting.

      • Graham says:

        You should grow up in terms of worshiping koreans and licking their shoes whilst hating your own culture.

        Actually, don’t. It’s more sociologically interesting to see the huge amounts of self-hatred that you S. E. Asians engross yourselves in while you find koreans to stroke.

        I’m sure pretty much all of you would give your left arm for a korean-farmer to marry.

        • Get a life says:

          I guess most SE Asians won’t but white asses like you from the States would readily pay for oral sex of someone older than the one you once stayed 9-months in the womb with. It’s all right when no one is entertaining you and you’d have to write long strings on nonsense here. If a granny wouldn’t sell her virginity to you, ask your mom. Explore what you have not when you spent your 9-months in there, happy exploring Graham.

          • Graham says:

            That creates too complex a picture. I got to granny .. and then my head exploded.

            None of it made sense without a time-machine or the ability to bend space-time.

    • SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

      Why the heck is everyone commenting on me?
      I was just stating my opinion!

  6. Puppylova says:

    Lovely Pretty Girls doesn’t suit 5 ahjummas who got their faces done 20 x in total. Plus,they’re not pretty at all. But I must admit their voices aren’t bad.

  7. OOOOKaaayy! says:

    y is this my first time hearing about a group LPG? *rhetorical question*

  8. Johnson says:

    LPG stands for Liquefied Petroleum Gas.

  9. Muchacha says:

    A quick advice for viewers. Mute the MV. You’ll be less disappointed.

  10. marie kilbane says:

    I like the stands for LPG.. cool!!!

  11. Ivory Upthegrove says:

    Beautiful singing! clear ,crisp! You are all beautiful! Like u much better than other female singing groups!

  12. BlueSky says:

    LPG? There is already a group called Long Pretty Girls=LPG? So they have same name or it’s the same group?

  13. Gugu says:

    They looks so old to be called girl! Sounds like nightclub or bar singers!

  14. marie kilbane says:

    i’m sorry , superjunior666, I think I click wrong comments to someone else, nah, not point figure at you

  15. marie kilbane says:

    You pefer between sandwich .. that’s sick! i wouldn’t join in bed

  16. SuperJuniorLover666666666 says:

    they looks like ahjumas. No offence..

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