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“49 Days” Brings Comebacks

SBS has announced official cast members of its new drama “49 Days,” revealing the long-awaited drama comebacks. The main cast includes Jung Il-woo (“High Kick”), Bae Su-bin (“Brilliant Legacy”), Nam Gyu-ri (Seeya), Lee Yo-won (“Queen Seondeok”), and Jo Hyun-jae (“Three Fathers, One Mother”).

Jung Il-woo, who has been absent from the drama scene since “Take Care of Agassi” in 2009, while focusing on theatre in “Beautiful Sunday,” is finally returning as a flower boy “death guide” for a well-off woman (Nam Gyu-ri), who is a victim of a tragic car accident. As a guide, he will help her during her 49 days of transitioning to the next life (according to Buddhist culture). The woman’s spirit possesses another woman, played by Lee Yo-won.

Jo Hyun-jae is also making his big comeback, after 2 years of military service. Jo Hyun-jae’s character is the first love of Nam Gyu-ri’s character.

The latest casting announcement is that of Bae Su-bin, who will play the woman’s fiance, a somewhat cold-hearted genius, complete with an MBA from an American university, who doesn’t seem to have too much care about the afterlife.

By the end of the 49 days, if three people cry for Nam Gyu-ri’s character within the 49 days, she will be saved from death and be allowed to keep on living.

49 Days” will air on Wednesdays and Thursdays on SBS in early March, after the end of “Sign.”

Are you excited for these comebacks? Do you think this flower boy “death guide” idea will make a good drama?


53 Comments on ““49 Days” Brings Comebacks”

  1. marie kilbane says:

    umm, i gotta see this drama

    • farisha says:

      I love 49 Days! It’s the best movie I know.(After watching “First Wives Club”) I realised that 49 Days is a very caring and loving movie. I especially like Nam Gyu-ri and also Lee Yo-won. Jo Hyun-jae is also very entertaining while playing “Han-Gang.” I also Love the “Scheduler” that was played by Jung Il-woo. 49 Days is always making me cry while watching the sad part. Although it’s making me cry, I will always remember the word “49 DAYS” in my’s sad because “Ji Hyeon”, is going to die! (In The Movie) But, it is a good thing i watched it because i’m interested in Korean dramas. Thank You Korean people for making a drama like 49 Days.

  2. confused says:

    who are these people and why do they all look the same?

    • Graham says:

      I think they’re clones from a secret government genetic research facility.

    • SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

      Their actors and some of them were singers.
      and no, they do not look the same.

      Yeah, your name says everything about u. “confused”

      • Bogan says:

        They do look pretty much the same. Except for the one in the dress, who looks the same, but in a dress.

      • confused says:

        does it really matter what they are? they’re all still a bunch of shemale mofos.

        yeah, ur name says everything about you too “i f’ing love 13 untalented gay dudes who probably eat eachothers dick out at home!” 666666666

        • jung says:

          reading couple of your previous posts… u sure seem to luv talking about krn guys and their dicks lol stop bitchin like a pubescent girl, come outta the closet and start doing something more productive wit your life rather than trying to put people down for your own insecurities…

          • confused says:

            I love how you went arnd to read my comments, thank you for caring so much. Your hate filled replies feed my need to troll further.

            And at least someone is paying attention to the krn boys’ wittle dicks. Its a compliment rlly.

        • SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

          WTF!? THAT IS NOT TRUE.

    • Farisha says:

      Hey this drama is the top and they all do not look the same!!

  3. OOOOKaaayy! says:

    OH MY GOD!!! JUNG IL WOO IS BACK!!!!!! he’s still beautiful ^.^!!! i missed that dude, hope this drama will be a success!

  4. whitehater says:

    fuck you white people go back to your trailers and shoot guns damn.

    • Johnson says:

      White people here don’t live in trailers.

    • GRRRR !!!!! says:

      why r u callin them white people.
      some of them are brown peoples too.

    • marie kilbane says:

      Knock it off! whitehater!! let me ask you question, How long will you hate white peoples? forever, oh I don’t think so, when you grow very old man and you will realize that you made mistake to look back with all the hate to nice peoples.. I don’t hate anyone, ALL KIND OF SKINS!! Got it.. another thing, if you sit behind your laptop and laughed it off.. Just don’t go there! God watching you, Just beware of for your 2 faces

      • Graham says:

        I don’t hate anyone, we should reject materialism, hatred and ignorance and just embrace knowledge, purity and righteousness.

        • whitehater says:

          I don’t hate anyone, we should reject materialism, hatred and ignorance and just embrace knowledge, purity and righteousness.

          you are total BS reject hatred and ignorance? judging by your fucking comments all of them are filled with hatred and ignorance that’s what all americans are ignorant fucks who cant accept anything.

          • OOOOKaaayy! says:

            nooo no. 🙂 Americans accept lots of things. except cannabalism. lolz. its really fun.

            • Johnson says:

              Not really, Americans are pretty unaccepting of most things, it’s just the american’s are owned by massive companies who give them Prozac and Ritalin for kids so they don’t really think or know what they’re doing.

              That’s why they eat so much, the somatisation gives them an extra big appetite.

              • whitehater says:

                dont forget American fluoridated + toxic waste water they drink everyday might have an effect on their everyday life performance.

                • Johnson says:

                  I’m not sure that flouride is a prosaic affect. It’s probably more likely to affect your bones because of the calcium.

  5. whitehater says:

    at first i thought white people were civilized after all these comments
    i see them as ignorant fucks living in trailers and shooting guns and shitting on other people for no reason.

    • Johnson says:

      Just because you hate your own culture and worship koreans as a proxy for the self-loathing you exhibit when you think about your own ethnicity doesn’t mean you should hate white people.

      Do all the other filipinos feel this way?

  6. loveilwoo says:

    JUNG IL WOO fighting !!

  7. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    Go Bae Su Bin!!

  8. Moon says:

    3 Mens in love with 1 woman!

  9. IvY says:

    wow!!! all these actors…I hope they will make a great comeback with this drama!! *cross fingers*….the plot sounds interesting though..=)

  10. k-pop says:

    wow,sounds interesting though..=)

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  12. justmega says:

    All this bitching and moaning….Look at Nam Gyu Ri’s Rack. That is a sight to behold.

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  14. nakatsu says:


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