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Guess who is coming to the U.S?

If you live in the U.S, this is a MUST to read…

Want a hint? They are really famous for their amazingly attractive appearance. They are U-Kiss.

Currently the band is getting ready for their comeback in Korea, but NH Media stated:

“We’ve already listened to about 100 new songs for their new album. The songs chosen will be group ballads, a genre which hasn’t been featured in U-KISS’s albums. Our production team in the States, ‘PED’, has already prepared choreography videos. We’re currently discussing how we’ll be bringing the boys over, since they have various schedules to still complete in Korea. We’ll be balancing it with the group’s Korean comeback.”

So there is a really big possibility that they will come to the US after their comeback in Korea.

Stays tuned for more information about this topic, but tell us if they really indeed came, would you go to their concert?


138 Comments on “Guess who is coming to the U.S?”

  1. Johnson says:

    Surely it’s ‘guess who is going to the USA?’

    And also, why would I go to their concert??? I don’t like watching Ladyboys on a stage, unless they are doing a ping-pong show. If people want to go to the USA and sing at Filipino nurses and overseas Chinese who hate being Chinese in Korean then that’s fine. But it’s a bit presumptive to suggest that anyone else would waste their time and hard earned money watching closet-lesbians trying to stroke emaciated korean shemales.

    • queenbqty says:

      Johnson, what the heck is a “ping pong” show? Just curious.

      • queenbqty says:

        Also, I would spend my money on UKISS, what you think about that?

        • Johnson says:

          Ping-pong show.. hmm, i think you have to go backpacking in Thailand and experience it yourself. If you want to spend money on some K-pop group in USA then that’s fine. I’d go to see Erasure if they were having a concert and Andy Bell normally wears sequins and angel wings too.

          (I suspect Erasure have significantly more talent than Ukiss however)

          • queenbqty says:

            Since its very unlikely I will ever go backpacking in Thailand (I’m a fat, lazy American, after all), why don’t you just tell me what it is. The only thing I can think of is when ladies can shoot a ping pong ball out of their ladyparts in some sex show, is it that, but with men or what you call ladyboys? Please Johnson, I beg of you, share your wisdom!

            • bbangpop says:

              interesting conversation..i’m also curious as to what a ping pong show is. (queenbqty, i would also go see a kpop show here in the USA because i too am a fat, lazy American)

            • Johnson says:

              I’m unable to type what it is, because i’ve blacked it out of my memory due to it being both a harrowing and traumatic experience to have a ping-pong ball wizz past my head.

              But you are correct, being an maleducated somatized lazy fat american you are unlikely to ever go to Thailand. Unless you invade it in the name of peace.

        • WTH is this?! says:

          Sorry to say but that’s

  2. OOOOKaaayy! says:

    yeah!!!! U-Kiss I hope you try your best here in America, we are lacking talent these days so come and kick some ass!!!!!

  3. confused says:

    I clicked on this article hoping it’d be about someone i actually cared about.

  4. Eurii says:

    Why do everyone seem like they hate UKISS? What’s wrong with UKISS? o_o I should go :3

    • Nikki says:

      its not JUST UKiss…its every no talent Korean boy/girl group thinking they’ll be able to “debut” in America.
      They’re answer to “success” in an American debut IS actually having concerts in front of their fellow asians (korean, japanese, chinese, filipinos) who just so happens to be living in the USA. ITS NOT MAINSTREAM USA.

      • Nikki says:


        • Johnson says:

          I agree. It’s not normal americans, just filipina nurses, viets and chinese-who-hate-chinese-things. Mainstream USA doesn’t even have any interest in Korea, they’re too busy calling people ‘weabos’ who pretend to be Japanese.. they don’t have people who pretend to be korean.

  5. theZEUSluv13 says:

    kick some ass!

  6. Justine says:

    I want to go!! And I think certain people who commented should keep their negative thoughts to themselves. It’s understandable for men to be jealous of them (because their sexy) and women too (because Kevin especially can pass for a pretty girl) but they’re talented and good at what they do. If you don’t like them, then don’t comment, because there are some non-Asian people who actually appreciate their talents, like me.

    • Johnson says:

      You’re missing the point. We’re not jealous mainly because they’re not talented and just the thin facade to a money printing machine called K-pop. Also if you find shemales sexy you should probably keep that between you and your psychoanalyst.

      • Justine says:

        Who the cap fits, let him wear it. As far as I know, they’re males. Just because their features are softer than Caucasians and blacks doesn’t make them shemales. And I find it extremely sad that someone who is grown is acting like a ten year old. Whether or not you like them isn’t the issue, it’s the fact that you would disrespect people like that, without even knowing them. Your intolerance for people of different backgrounds is depressing and disgusting and it’s ignorant people like yourself who started the first holocaust. Grow up.

        • Johnson says:

          I’m tolerant of ladyboys, transgenders and gays. I just find it funny how you all won’t admit they’re men who like to wear lady’s clothing… i’m sure any other tranny would find it funny too.

          • Richmond says:

            They are closeted gays. They were in my country before, i saw their interview, and the 2 guuys who can speak in english are obviously gay.

          • queenbqty says:

            Another example of your lack of knowledge about America, stop donating to the KKK and other gay and totally irrelevant organizations and expand your mind. Now, you’re jealous of us because we have the KKK! Stop hating on us, just start your own branch in whatever glorious country you live in, so you can become just as irrelevant as the US Gay KKK.

            • Johnson says:

              We don’t have the KKK where I live because unlike you we don’t live in a place where races are culturally embattled and live in ghettos. Interestingly Mastercard and Visa let you pay money to race hate groups like the KKK of which there are many in USA and lets Americans pay money to international terrorist groups like the IRA (through NORAID).

              Hmm.. well done USA, too many double standards to count. I wish I lived there with it’s democracy for sale, low social mobility, souring divorce rate, race hatred and poor people being shot in hurricane Katrina. Soooooo riddled with jealousy.

              Now go have another burger and sit down.

              • queenbqty says:

                Your sarcasm is a fail. Your obsession and jealousy of all things American and America is as plain as the nose on your face, if you have one.
                Just check with some of your transgender compadres and they can school you on how to cover all that green with all types of fabulous makeup.

                • Johnson says:

                  You’re the one who loves K-pop ladyboy pop groups, in all their flamboyant style and ladies’ garment wearing, so I’m sure that in your world of closet lesbianism and K-stroking you have more transgender friends than I do.

  7. whitehater says:

    y r there suddenly so many white trash making comments on popseoul. they emerged from nowhere.

    • Johnson says:

      Why is Popseoul so full of own-culture-loathing korean-strokers suddenly?

      • queenbqty says:

        Johnson, I’m Black and I love my culture, but I also like kpop and think some the hottest guys on the planet are Korean, so can you tell me what my problem is?

        • Johnson says:

          Well, I think there are probably a few things going on, you like K-pop and the guys are female-looking so you probably find korean guys quite non-threatening which suggest a history of being threatened by guys. The fact that you find men who like to dress as women attractive, probably suggests you have a issue with masculinity, maybe you’re a closet lesbian.

          • Justine says:

            I’m black also and I’m attracted to them. I have NEVER felt threatened by men. And on top of that, some Korean men are very intimidating (i.e Rain (the SEXIEST of them all)). And I’m not a lesbian. They are handsome, respectable and respectful young men with great charisma and charm and fun personalities. Why don’t you stop trying to make everyone who supports these guys feel like shit? It only shows how ignorant you are. And it makes them all the more popular because they do read these posts and despite your negative comments, they don’t respond to you. And many of them aren’t even 23 yet. It’s sad when you have to degrade a group of kids to make yourself feel good. It’s what we psychologists call projection…when you place your inadequacies onto others…are you gay?

            • Johnson says:

              You’re not a psychologist, because if you were you’d know It’s not called ‘projection’. Projection is where you deny your own thoughts and project them onto others. I don’t have any feeling towards korean men or women at all. If I was projecting my own unconscious ladyboy feelings onto korean men, then they wouldn’t be wearing lady’s clothing. You people are so full of sh!t, and if you were a psychologist you’d be a danger to your patients and subjects.

              Rain isn’t intimidating to anyone, he minces when he walks and dances. If you find that intimidating, then … wow.

              • Justine says:

                lol…jealousy is a bitch is it not? lol…after this, i’m not going to say anything else to you…just because somebody accepts and appreciates another culture, doesn’t mean that they hate their own. And I noticed you didn’t deny being gay or being totally ignorant and intolerant. And another thing…we may not know these people personally, but we can develop a sense of who they are based on their variety shows…when the camera’s follow them around for weeks and months at a time, on many seperate occasions and their personalities are basically the same. Like I said earlier, grow up. You don’t sound smart when you assume that people can only like one culture or one type of music. I like gospel, hip hop, r&b, j-pop, k-pop, country, punk rock, and music from my homelands rake &scrape (the Bahamas) and culture (Jamaica). it’s irritating and I’ll promise you, someone’ll kill you quickly…lol…

                • Johnson says:

                  two things, you’re american and not from the bahamas, so stop pretending to have heritage. That’s just american heritage-leeching.

                  The second thing is you’re massively naïve if you think what you observe on the tv is totally staged and what you see is an excerpt of their existence played out and chosen by entertainment companies.

          • queenbqty says:

            Oh Johnson, Johnson, you seem to know nothing about women or male idols. Why would I be threatened by any man, I am a strong Black woman! I don’t know where you are watching all this cross dressing in kpop because I must have missed it. I find kpop idols very masculine and sexy, so I don’t see them as ladyboys, I see them as men. Also, although I find many women very attractive in Kpop and elsewhere, unfortunately I’m not a Lesbian, woman don’t have the thing I uniquely appreciate on men. Diagnosis=Fail. I thought you were smarter, oh well!

            • Johnson says:

              I think the diagnosis was pretty close. You’re using terms like ‘strong black woman’ as a stereotypical moniker for what you want to be, the ideal black lady based upon norms defined by society. The reality is, you don’t really like your culture and you find males from your culture threatening and unreliable, i.e. not capable of bearing your progeny. You therefore turn to other cultures or tribes in order to find something less threatening. Korean guys are your current target because of their boyish looks and wearing lady’s clothing.

              You choose not to see the transvestism and you choose not to deal with the feelings you have for men who wear lady’s clothing and are effeminate. Instead you choose denial.

              • queenbqty says:

                Listen, Johnson, I am not a child and since you claim to be European, I fail to understand how you feel you are such an expert on Americans, Koreans, Filipinos and now African Americans. All you seem to be expert on is Transvestites and ping pong shows, so what does that say about you? They say “Ignorance is Bliss”, so I guess you must be the happiest person on the planet. All I can say is, Keep you head up, so you don’t run into a tree! Poor thing!

                • Johnson says:

                  Haha, an american just called me ignorant and even managed to get the spelling right! hahahahahahahahahahahah *breath* hahahahahahha

                  That’s awesome.

            • queenbqty says:

              So, all Americans are stupid, then we should embrace kpop since we are too dumb to know that its all a bunch of autotuned ladyboys jumping around on stage.
              I hate to accuse people of jealousy, but you sound jealous of Americans and S. Koreans, what happened did they refuse you entry when you tried to move to the States and the S. Korean who was in line behind you got in? The fact that you are so jealous of us, ‘mericans, makes me swell with pride, tank ya!

              • Johnson says:

                Why would I be jealous of americans? I’m allergic to getting shot, divorced, doped up on prozac, obese and have uneducated kids.

                I’m really failing to see which point I should be jealous about. The fact is, I live in a better place than you, and no amount of goebelian hollywood infomercials / propaganda is going to change that.

                Besides we all saw the black people getting left to die in Hurricane Katrina, and compare the response to the flooding in Brisbane, Aus. Everyone is helping there including the government, regardless of race. In katrina all the poor and blacks were left to die for weeks and shot for getting food.

                So, I think I’ll stay in the good place, and let you keep calling me jealous because Oprah tells you to. Because face facts, I don’t have any interest in USA, and the koreans can freely cut in front of me in the line.

                Another Soma for yo u I feel.

                • queenbqty says:

                  Oh yeah, America ain’t perfect, far from it, but still, you are jealous, poor thing, maybe you should pop a couple prozac to deal with your denial issues.

                • Johnson says:

                  Keep telling yourself people are jealous of you with your food-stamps, gun, burger and industrial sized pot of prozac.

                  .. denial? doesn’t the cognitive confusion caused by denial lead to anxiety and prozac use? that would be americans then .. because i’m not on prozac.

                  Get back to watching your telescreen.

              • queenbqty says:

                You’re recieving no treatment for your JEALOUSY, denial and anxiety, how sad! Stop donating to the gay KKK and other terrorist organizations and maybe you can afford some prozac and a burger. Chew slowly, so you don’t choke on your jealousy, denial and anxiety. You ladyboys sure are cranky!

  8. queenbqty says:

    Good luck, UKISS, this American is rooting for you guys. UKISS is hot!

    • Johnson says:

      yes, AN american is rooting for you.

      • Nikki says:

        ukiss .. but they’re not even hugely popular in their own country …seriously.


        • Johnson says:

          They’re popular in the Philippines, Vietnam and Malaysia. They’re like the Korean farmers they all hope to marry.

          • anonymous says:

            Seriously, you got something against them or what, huh? why do you always have to interfere with you freaken stupid negative comments?! whether they’re gay or not, it’s them. btw, you don’t even know them so how would you know if they are or not, just by judging from their appearances and actions, and features, and their clothes?! seriously shit, closed-minded people like you will never succeed! I bet you’re gay, since you’re a guy “Johnson”, so you want them to be gay? I respect them, and if you respect them, don’t try to fucken open your mouth talkin shits behind their backs and craps. You don’t even know them, you see them on TV but not real life and shit.

            • BaiCai says:

              I didn’t see where he mentioned gay people. I saw he mentioned k-farmers, but not where he said gay. You have some inner angst about being gay?

      • queenbqty says:

        I’m not afraid to stand alone, maybe others will see me and lose their fear and insecurity about appreciating something different and stop jumping off the cliff with the other lemmings.

        • Johnson says:

          So you see yourself as some kind of K-pop Moses, leading your people to the promised land which is heavily auto-tuned generic pop, sung in a language which they don’t understand?

          • queenbqty says:

            I’m not trying to be Moses, but I am also not trying to crush everyone’s dreams. Its about Music, of which I enjoy all kinds, you know nothing about kpop or Music in general, that’s why its all about auto-tune and cross dressing in you mind, well its really sad, if you really feel that way. I thought you were here trying to irritate people, but I guess you have your mission to carry out, Go with God!

            • Graham says:

              Let’s be fair, K-pop is all about transvestites, autotune and sinister CEO-ajussis getting sexy-waitressing from K-pop starlets.

              There isn’t much more to it.

              • Muchacha says:

                “CEO-ajussis getting sexy-waitressing from K-pop starlets”

                You’ve mentioned about it earlier. Something alike really happened or is it just your fantasy?

              • queenbqty says:

                How do you know? Are you the spokesperson for the Autotuned Transvestite Ahjusshi-CEO waitress community?

              • Muchacha says:

                @Johnson January 17, 2011 at 9:18 am

                I read about Jang Ja-yeon. The depravation of the entertainment society is shocking. Those CEOs/managers/producers are nothing better than bunch of pimps. I hope the authorities took legal actions against them. They should be justly sentenced for their deeds.

  9. Justine says:

    I wonder if my parents would fly me over to the US to attend their concert. <3Kevin<3Eli<3Dongho<3Soohyun<3Kibum<3Kiseop<3Alexander<3<3U-KISS<3 Maybe if I beg…

    • Johnson says:

      I think you should beg, and get them to spend your education money on getting to the USA so you can see your gods on stage.

      • Justine says:

        Just because I appreciate their music doesn’t make them my god. The same way I enjoy listening to Nas and Eminem is the same way I enjoy listening to them. Once again, it’s obvious that you wish you had half as much recognition. Stop crying and whining like a bitch. No one likes a jealous bitch.

        • Johnson says:

          I’m not jealous of them. It’s all within the cult of celebrity of which I play no part. It’s basically a somatisation of the masses.

          You think I’m jealous? Jealous of what?

  10. :D says:

    U-KISS FIGHTING!!!!!!!!!! :3
    and @johnson i bet you’re just jealous because these guys have much more talent than the american pop stars .
    haters gonna hate

    • Johnson says:

      I’m very unjealous, don’t need to worry there. Also let’s compare the successes of Korea’s best in USA.. the wondergirls against the talents of any american pop act.

      Wondergirls – Failure
      Other American Pop Act – Moderate Success

      So what was your point?

      • Nikki says:

        why is it always jealousy or hate when someone goes against majority…lol sometime the truth hurts

        • Johnson says:

          I’ve never understood it. I’m merely motivated by curiosity at how consumers can develop a sense of cultural self-loathing and then limpet onto another culture. They then use economics to try to gain acceptance within a group of people who worship the people they hope to be. These consumers will convince themselves of anything which aligns with their dream of who the ‘idol’ is. They even pretend to know them personally which is just ludicrous.

          Jealousy isn’t a motivator, and I personally have no reason to hate these koreans or be jealous. I have pretty much no feeling about them.

      • Dan says:

        You’re also forgetting Se7en and BoA who also failed in the USA.

  11. Feck_U says:

    They’ll never make it in America…If more popular Kpop idols like BoA or se7en can’t make it here, then what makes them think they can?

    Kpop Idols should just stick to Korea because their music and sub-culture is really irrelevant here in America/

    • Johnson says:

      The K-strokers don’t like it when you question the perfect abilities of their idols, especially when it’s about them succeeding in USA, the korean spiritual homeland.

      Being a Korean accepted in USA is like a Jew being accepted home to Israel.

      • Justine says:

        Rain made it worldwide, didn’t he? You can’t say no because Time magazine did a feature on him, and Hollywood obviously can’t get enough of him.

      • Richmond says:

        “Being a Korean accepted in USA is like a Jew being accepted home to Israel.”

        Nice one!

      • Victoria says:

        Yeah cuz rain totally failed in US, cuz he totally didn’t sell out his new York concerts. Oh yeah and this past summer, SM town totally failed to sell out their concert I LA.
        Man I didn’t even buy a ticket cuz it sold out!! So shut up about failure, GIRLS of kpop fail, no duh, but KPOP males are popular, if your not American you wouldn’t see it, now would you

  12. saraskorea says:

    ❤ Ahhh. Another korean band to check off my list when they come ^-^

  13. pisey says:

    Congratulation, U-kiss, I hope u do well in U.S, especially Dong ho ur English will be improve. Wish u guys good luck.

  14. HyeJooKim says:

    U-kiss is so gay !!
    FUCK YOU U-Kiss !! Drop dead

  15. blanznist says:

    Yea most mainstream america will ever know is crappy anime mainstream japanese culture pop and not Korea stuff, which i grew out the anime phase many years ago and glad i did, it makes people here at weird but anyway..

    Ukiss will only be a hit in the “Asian american” communities, as a majority that is. But i prefer going back to listening to Japanese R&B and hiphop though but I still like some korean pop but not like long ago since the days of SNES, CSJH,GOD, and the nicer groups its a circus to think half of these groups could make it in US lol..they don’t impress me anymore like early 2000.

  16. Valerie Thao says:

    Gammit. SHINee Needs to come too. -.-

  17. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:


  18. Lily says:

    Yes!!! U-Kiss,saranghae!!! I’ll be there!!!

  19. HUH?? says:

    That is why all these kpop groups only go to US cities with heavy Asian American communities.

  20. […] If you live in the U.S, this is a MUST to read… Want a hint? They are really famous for their amazingly attractive appearance. They are U-Kiss. Currently the band is getting ready for their comeback in Korea, but NH Media stated: “We’ve already listened to about 100 new songs for their new album. The songs chosen will be group ballads, a genre which hasn’t been featured in U-KISS’s albums. Our production team in the States, ‘PED’, has already pre … Read More […]

  21. Puppylova says:

    There’s no way asian pop idols can make it big in the us. I mean, till now nobody does. Unless you’re a talented actor/actress like zhang zi yi, jet lee, maggie q, etc. Rain’s making his way now, we’ll see.

    What’s with filipino nurses?

  22. CeceliaS69 says:

    So much bashing and hating WTH just let it be geez

  23. lian95 says:

    I am writer of this article, for some of you, U-Kiss is not your favorite band of kpop, but for some of you it is…
    And what U-Kiss and other bands are doing is that they are trying to join the American communities, like for example Rain…
    And I am pretty sure all of you know who are Far East Movement. They are asian rappers who are successful in the American communities. Their song G6 is a really big hit in the US!!
    Rain is also really popular because he acted in Ninja Assassin.
    I know that U-Kiss is not even a big hit in Korea too, but they want the people’s attention.
    They are like little children trying to get the parents attention.
    For me, U-Kiss is not my favorite band and they aren’t like Big Bang, SHINee, or even Rain, but I like them because they are showing that they are willing to work hard, to even go to the US and see, are they good enough, or they aren’t… and what is wrong with them to fix it.
    So please be understandable…. Thank you =)

  24. Maggie says:

    What makes all of Korea think they can succeed in the USA when (Asian)Korean- Americans can’t even make it here. In fact, they all fly to Korea to get noticed and its all by default really(they got “American” connected to “Korean” lol)… John Park is a prime example, he’s somewhat a somebody in Korea now all because he was on American Idol.
    Not sure how to say this but….
    Korea’s funny how they seem to “not like” all things American, but at the same “copy” every little thing American. (well, maybe not EVERY little thing..but they sure do copy alot )

    • Johnson says:

      I agree, it’s pathetic how they all fly to USA in order to pretend to be accepted by their american owners. do they not have any dignity?

  25. Sweetsmilez says:

    i shall guess…haha..U-KISS!!!!…yup!!..comin to the U.S.
    it would be great to see them cuz i live in
    but in tis case(even though they gonna make it to U.S. or not)
    i guess i wont have the time to go see them at all…..
    -i feel like i just cant go anywhere YeT!!!!!….

  26. didie says:

    guys… don’t come. you’ll fail… just like wonder girls and se7en, too embarrassed to come back to korea, and ended up hanging yourselves…
    oohhh… i cried already… please don’t come to usa… south east asian needs you

  27. WTH is this?! says:

    Oh come on now, lets be realistic. Korean girl/boy bands..what are you thinking? You can hardly speak English so what made you think of this decision? Stick with your native country and sing your butt off to prove to your fans in your country of how much of a talented singer you are..but merging into the US markets? There’s no doubt about it, you’re going to completely fail..US billboard charts are not easy to enter and radio airplays is not simple as you think it is. It’s difficult to have the song you requested to play on the radio and the American audience is more likely difficult to face than your native audience in Korea. Overall, what I am saying is that I will watch UKISS fail miserably trying to debut in America without a doubt..and I hope that Kevin kid that looks like a doll hits puberty b/c his voice is beyond girly. For all that said, I wish them goodluck (:

    • Johnson says:

      When they return after having played to 24 filipino nurses in LA central hospital lecture theatre, they will still come back to korea and get the ‘we broke ameirica’ award at the MAMA “Asia awards for koreans”

      It’s all ********g tragic, pathetic, predictable and yet absolutely hilarious nonsense.

      • queenbqty says:

        That last line is a perfect description of everything you have written, I guess you know something about yourself, even though you don’t know much else. Kudos!!

        • Johnson says:

          We know more about you. Now get back to licking some korean male’s high-heeled shoes.

          • Leanne says:

            i’m not filipino, but you seem to dislike them. try keeping those comment to yourself, please.

          • queenbqty says:

            Ok, let me know when you’re finished. And please wipe off your drippings, I recommend Clorox wipes, a transgender like you is probably registered with health departments globally.

  28. mikie_hannah says:

    although some of their members are good in English i don’t think they fit in the US very well…. i mean they’re songs are just the typical korean songs you’ll hear in other korean groups. im not bias but i think its better if big bang went to the US instead. they’re ready. i mean they’re english are also good. and they’re genre is the type americans will listen too. that’s just my opinio though. goodluck to them

  29. Haruka says:

    wooooooooow…… So much rejection. Fuck… Ah well! YES UKISS IS COMING TO USA~! :DDD

  30. whooot says:

    yea ukiss will be awesome, dont know if theyll be big but they do remind me of the backstreet boys which were huge and are touring yet again 🙂
    hope they come becuase my friend really loves them 😀

  31. Carlie says:

    Well everyone, I have just finished reading all of this comments and I must say……must are very hateful. We are all entitled to have our own opinions though, so there is not much that can be done about that.
    If you do not like U-kiss, very well then; simple say so but do not go on insulting other races, opinions and fantasies. Do we not all deserve to have our own dreams? No matter how real or impossible they may be? Not to be rude or anything, but Johnson, is it really necessary for you to keep offending other asian cultures for the fact that U-kiss is trying to succeed in America? I am Ecuadorian, but also American. I know most of us are obese, lazy and lagging behind the rest of the world in education. That still does not mean that some of us are not healthy, do in fact not like burgers, ( I really don’t), and at least try to excel in our studies in order to catch up. I do not like many of the corruptions and idiocy that goes on in our country. In that I will fully agree wtih you. How is any of that relevant though to U-Kiss coming to America? They are trying, and there is nothing wrong in giving your best effort to accomplish a dream. They have every right to expand from the norm and increase their popularity. Will they make it? Who knows. I personally hope they do. I like their music and I am very excited to get the chance to see them. Must my hopes and dreams of seeing them be crushed because you say they are gay? May I not enjoy such an experience? They are not my gods or idols. I am Christian, I have only one God and do not need any other. I simple like their music and style. Is that wrong? I will not call you gay or say any of other other hurtful things that have been said here. There is no need for that. My wish is that you learn to express your own thoughts without dragging other cultures and cliché stereotypes through the mud. Thank you and I truly wish you a happy day. 🙂

  32. Victoria says:

    I just got to say to Johnson.
    Shut the Fugde up. I am a freakin Mexican and I LOVE u-Kiss I would pay to watch them and I would ENJOY IT!! not to mention, is it really right to stereotype people. Seeing as though you seem fluent in English, we can assume you are British, Scottish, Irish, or perhaps German. So here’s a little stereotyping for you. What the he’ll do you know Bout culture, you don’t live in a multiracial country now do you? Oh and if you want to attack me because you are bigot or even prejudice, I dance number nine at my school, grades wise hence intelligence,, so don’t stereotype me.
    Die-hard Kiss-me here. 😀

  33. Darla says:

    This is really late but I’d love to go to one of their concerts. If its in CA or NY or anywhere else I’d be willing to fly out just to have a chance to see them. I also know other people who would love to go. I think they have enough fans to hit a few cities in the US.

  34. Lily says:

    I love SHINee and i wish they would come to Houston but i would litterly travel across the US to go see them, it’s a dream that i have always wanted.. and f*** the fact that i only understand a little bit of what they are saying they look good and sing amazing not to mention their dancing. I LOVE SHINee! ♥♥♥

  35. Contradictions-Make-Me-Smile says:

    This was quiet entertaining. Only because I’m an American who enjoys watching people suffer, homosexual people perform, and being racist to everyone I see. Ya know, it’s the ‘American’ thing to do now-a-days. Of course since I’m a hick from the coun-tray imma gonna beh a meh’ssed upp la-oser widd none edumicashion in mehh’ backer pocket and eye juss gonna wressel me fam and I me cow Bessie fer dinner ternite! That’d some gerrd meat y’all!

    Yeah, no. Believe it or not, I am a fully educated American girl. And believe it or not, I can’t see why people who don’t like K-Pop and K-Pop groups are reading about them or commenting on their articles. Even if you don’t read the information, why not post this on some anit K-Po hate website or something? Sorry, I might not understand the complicated and labrynth-like mind of you higher educated folk; I forgot that I’m considered a hick and my ideals and thoughts are stupid and dumb. I forgot that my analytical skills and observations are poorly misguided and my base for my conclusions and horribly wrong. My bad.

    Also love the fact that people who don’t live in the U.S.A are telling us who do live here how horrible it is and how racist and etc we are. I just find that highly halarious and extremely fascinating. Please do tell an under-educated person like me how that works. I would love to listen to your reasons that, I’m absolutely sure, are supported by hard fact such as, I don’t know, like you experiencing it and living here for a couple of years? Yeah, that’ll do the trick.

    Anyways, hope this group does the best it can. It’ll be a shame to waste talent wether you have it or not and if people like and appreciate you or not.

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