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Ki Kwang opened a new Me2day and said…


Yes you read right…

B2ST’s Ki Kwang or as some people call him AJ, has opened a new Me2day account.

The first comment he wrote was “Hi. This is B2ST’s Ki Kwang ^_^! ㅋ I opened a Me2day account. Please come and visit a lot.”

Then he also wrote “Today, I appear for the first time as ‘Gun’, in “My Princess” drama. How did you guys like it? I still lack a lot, but would be happy if you would look upon me favourably.”

All the fans commented a positively. Some comments were like “You were so cheerful and cute! I wish next week would hurry up and come. Your acting is awesome!”

So what do you think, are you going to watch “My Princess” drama because of him?


39 Comments on “Ki Kwang opened a new Me2day and said…”

  1. marie kilbane says:

    u r funny picture look like alittle childlish and cute!

  2. Johnson says:

    Obvious kpop-shemale promoted twitter copy is obvious.

  3. whitehater says:

    fuck u white people go back to your trailers and shoot guns dam.

    • Johnson says:

      Obvious white hatred caused by having the deified status of your korean-gods questioned is obvious.

    • marie kilbane says:

      Knock it off!! Don’t swearing here on comments! if you don’t like it then don’t come on comments at all.. I don’t hear it your excuse

      • Johnson says:

        To be fair, white people aren’t allowed guns where I live. What with all the crap we get fed at school and on the telescreen we’d probably just turn it on ourselves… and then the economy would be screwed with about 10 super-mega-rich people left living here counting their gold.

    • confused says:

      Ha, thought you were talking about movie star trailers and gun scenes in action films and stuff. Which is more credible, i think.

    • Michellee says:

      to whitehater:
      I’m not white but you do realise that the white people that you hate on are the same people who influence these kpop people?
      & tbh, shut up cos if you hate white people so much then why is it that your culture aspires to become more ‘Western’?!
      Seriously, racist loser.

  4. Nikki says:

    total Twitter copy…we are talking about South Korea.

  5. Puppylova says:

    China has the same stuff too. I think it’s called “weibo” or something..

  6. marie kilbane says:

    okay that’s fine! I understand that about guns, Yes, I wish they have guns banned! but we have no control over that problems because all kind of police dept still can arrested them for guns jailed for 7 years.. I dislike the guns too.. but the point is you blame all white peoples .. Not all of them, Most of them are good peoples.. they can be afraid of guns so am I.. look I just wish you weren’t being raicist about it.. I never say bad thing about korea, if u are korean, that’s fine I am happy for you.. Just calm down!! Is their other reson that really upset about,if u r not telling us? I have a bad feeling about you have problem in past or something

    • Johnson says:

      The issue is that Koreans are taught that they are the best race and all other races are lower than them.

      White people are like any other people, some are good, some are bad, but at least we don’t think we’re all amazing like Koreans do.

      • Justine says:

        Lol. Ignorant asshole. Koreans are NOT taught that. I have Korean friends and they are exceptionally cool. I’m not racist, but if I remember correctly, white people started the holocaust. It was white people who owned slaves. And it was white people who treated black people like they were lower than animals. If any race believes they are better than others, its Caucasians, and that’s based on history. The South Koreans are peaceful, friendly people for the most part (at least those that I know). They are extremely polite and do their best not to insult anyone, and when they do they apologize and try to make it right. This culture of respect can be seen in their artists. For example, Kim HyunJoong’s security guards accidentaly hurt a fan when his fans swarmed him. They were doing their jobs, yet he went back and publicly apologized to the fans for what his bodyguards did. Stop being stupid.

        • Muchacha says:

          Your view is much selective. I suggest a trip to Nigeria, where you barely encounter white people. Seems like a peaceful place full of tolerance and kindness, right?

        • Johnson says:

          You’re showing your ignorance, american. Slavery in Korea ended a long long time after it did everywhere else. It ended with the occupation of Korea by Japan in 1910.

          Most white countries abandoned slavery after a short period of time. However in the arab world slavery always thrived and continues to thrive, including the emasculation of black men in Yemen. Blacks have been treated as slaves of the Arabs for significantly longer than ever happened in Europe because slavery continues to be a part of their culture. Blacks in these cultures are often treated as lower than anything. If anything, Caucasians have done more to stop ‘direct’ slavery than any other race on the planet, However, ‘indirect’ slavery still exists as a result of capitalism. Get your history right, american.

          With regards to being respectful, the huge amount of marital abuse, the number of slaughters attributed to koreans during the vietnamese and korean wars, the use of koreans by the japanese to abuse chinese during WW2, and the american complicity in the ‘Gwangju Massacre’ don’t agree with you in any way.

      • confused says:

        Too bad koreans dont realize that they are indirectly obsessed with white ppl. they go expanding the size of their eyes and whitening their faces. and i cry everytime i see them dressed like a gangsta, especially since koreans are very racist.

        • Johnson says:

          That’s the ‘korean contradiction’ they say they are the best race and then try to marry their daughters off to americans.

          • confused says:

            Lol, those daughters will probably spend the rest of their lives in the kitchen and raising their half-babies.

            The feminist movements haven’t reached Korea yet.

            • Johnson says:

              The feminist movement has reached the K-Dramas though, and so when all the Viet and Phil brides are imported to marry the K-farmers they suddenly find they’re not living a romantic drama.. they’re stuck in a kitchen until the end of time trying to cook bulgogi under the hateful eyes of the mother in law.

              It’s quite fun for them, until they get rescued by the Phils government when their hubby gets a bit violent.

  7. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    Wait, Ki Kwang was AJ?! As in Ace Junior? Who sang Dancing Shoes??
    The Dancing Shoes-singing guy? OMG!!
    I NEVER KNEW THAT!! That’s so cool…

  8. Puppylova says:

    @ johnson yeah,ha2… something like that. I never 100% believe what artists say in their website/twitter/ or whatever they say on screen anyway. Like you said, it could be their company. And yes, so I heard. Koreans are racist. But it’s like, not a big deal for them. But I’ve never been there, so I’m not sure.

    • Johnson says:

      When you go there, pretend you’re american and put on an american accent, and they look really happy. You then put on an australian accent and they look really sad.

      It’s quite a fun game.

      • confused says:

        If you can speak many other languages along with english, they’ll worship you like gods. It’s pretty frickin awesome.

        Unless your ugly and poor, those people have no place in Korea.

        • Johnson says:

          All koreans care about is your ability to speak ‘american english’.. just look at the people on their tv stations. They’re all full of americans. It’s hilarious.

  9. Puppylova says:


  10. marie kilbane says:

    I agree with you!! I don’t know what was his problem is?? he should not coming here at all.. whitehater are sick and stop blaming other cultures!

  11. asianmusiclover101 says:

    …I don’t really know how this all got onto racism, but let’s just face it EVERY culture has some racism!! No matter if you’re Caucasian, Asian, African or whatever!

  12. Sweetsmilez says:

    he sure looks HOT!!!!….in tis pikcha..he looks handsome…
    but….would he looks like tat in his movie: My Princess…
    i hope he does….well..jux kiddin…GoOd PiKcHa!!!!….

  13. J03y says:

    i love ki kwang so much~
    u look so cute~and handsome~
    i like u dance~thats so power~
    i like it!!!!!!!!!!!!
    support u ~^^

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