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The JYP Nation wishes Jun-su a Happy Birthday

Do you want to know who attended his party?

2pm’s Woo-young, Nickkhun, 2AM’s Jin-woon and many others celebrated with Jun-su yesterday. The singer turned 23 (USA age.,24 in Korea) on January 15th. After the party, he tweeted this photo for all of his Hottests. The photographer blurred the picture quite a bit,but you can still see the birthday boy and his friends.

Where is the rest of his afternoon bandmates…did they possibly step out for a moment with the promise of “I’ll Be Back“? Guys, the party is not the same “Without U“!

Happy Birthday Jun-su!

Source: @Jun2daKAY


34 Comments on “The JYP Nation wishes Jun-su a Happy Birthday”

  1. shereena says:

    Happy Birthday Boy..Nop Young Man…May Got Bless You All Away Long

  2. asianmusiclover101 says:

    Happy Birthday!!!

  3. marie kilbane says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! Jun-Su… you party man! LOLZ glad you had your fun!!

  4. marie kilbane says:

    oh by the way, he’s wearing SS501 t-shirt

  5. Graham says:

    Obvious Birthday-style advert for JYPE is obvious.

  6. marie kilbane says:

    something else is missing his family should attended his birthday party

  7. OOOOKaaayy! says:

    Happy Birthday Junsu!!! yeah!!

  8. k-pop says:

    Happy Birthday Junsu!

  9. marie kilbane says:

    ohh that sad! If I am Star, I must phone one of family, maybe like once a week… they should called them without given up.. they might want hear his or her voice then pictures.. it called caring love

  10. marie kilbane says:

    Johnson, she can and she didn’t try hard enough to find a way to called her, listen, she have cell phone, like she called her friends.. HELLO! she can called MOM.. that right her mom has right to be upset for raising her many years until she became star.. That’s NO excuse at all!!

    • Johnson says:

      I agree, I was being sarcastic.

      I was pointing out how the k-strokers all say it’s because she’s too overworked in USA to phone her mother or how this guy is too overworked to go phone his mother on his birthday. Then in the same breath they say ‘Family is really important in Korea and Asian Culture unlike in the west’ .. which is utter utter lies.

      it’s like ‘i’m so korean because i take my shoes off in the house’… everyone I’ve ever met takes their shoes off in the house, not just koreans.

      • ashley says:

        yeah, you don’t have to be asian to take off your shoes in your house. I hate when people say they are chinese or whatever because they take their dam shoes off

        • Johnson says:

          Caucasians do it, and so all Caucasians must all be asian. I remember my mother beating me for wearing shoes in the house, and I’m not asian. I don’t want carpets covered in mud, but it’s interesting that ‘asians’ think that non-asians stomp around their houses in big muddy shoes.

          • johnson suck says:

            you must be asian by blood then. or probably you just bleached your skin to look like caucasian. i see you love korean pop so much, you have comments in every post. fag

      • johnson suck says:

        im not taking my shoes off in the house. im not korean.

  11. närvusägu says:

    Yay we share the exact same birthday!!! hahaha
    happy birthday!!! my best wishes for you for turning 23!
    hope you will stay healthy, happy and will achieve your goals. hope you can find someone to love aswell^^

  12. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    Happy B-day

  13. myzs says:

    happy birthday junsu oppa!!

  14. Sweetsmilez says:

    Happy BiRtHday to u!!!!!!…but the pikcha wif those dudes…..seem blurrie
    well…wish u the VERY BEST!!!!!!…….

  15. mira says:

    happy birthday junsu oppa!!

  16. […] twitter! 2pm’s Jun-su tweeted his future plans right from the tub! The singer uploaded the photo above and this caption […]

  17. […] twitter! 2pm’s Jun-su tweeted his future plans right from the tub! The singer uploaded the photo above and this caption […]

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