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“Dream High” Character Map

Who doesn’t know “Dream High” drama?

This map is for those who do and don’t know the drama.

The map shows the character’s picture, below is their job and/or name in the drama, and the name in brackets are their real name.

It shows everything you need, from how their relationship are and how they are related.

Check it out below (if the picture is too small to read, click right click on the picture, and select open link in a new tab or new window):

So you did like it, right?


49 Comments on ““Dream High” Character Map”

  1. ara says:

    er.. haven’t watch it yet. nice map anyway.
    is it good?

  2. pru says:

    Hye Mi and Jin Gook 🙂

  3. Sweetsmilez says:

    ohhh…yup!!!!…i like it!!!…easy to tell the relationships and stufff…..
    should put it so…could knoe the characters better…

  4. Selena says:

    Suzy is the prettiest in that movie among female actresses

    • houa says:

      All of the actresses are beautiful.

      • Sho says:

        Well, for me its Eunjung. 🙂
        Many are telling that Suzy’s acting is bad.. :p

        • anonymous says:

          Suzy’s only 16 and had no prior acting experiences. But honestly, she’s doing really great for a 16 years old people needa chill seriously

          • Kevin says:

            No she’s not, she’s a terrible actress… cannot sing or dance..

            .. the only thing she’s got going for her is that she’s very young and the CEO-ajhussis love that.

            • anonymous says:

              it’s absurd how people tend to judge others just by looking at superficial appearances. come on now, if she cant sing or dance, she wouldn’t even be cast, regardless of how old she is b/c there are plenty of other actresses out there. i mean, as a fan, you have the right to criticize and such, but at least say something that makes sense.

              • Kevin says:

                I’m not a fan. I don’t know anything about korea.. her lack of talents isn’t superficial.

                • wendeleen says:

                  actually her acting is pretty good for a beginner.. she manages to make an unpleasent character look adorable and sweet.. if someone bias watch this drama then the review on suzy’s acting will be affected..

        • JJ07 says:

          but it doesn’t mean you should believe it. set that thought aside. just watch the drama without a bias thought. then you can make your own opinions.

      • Kevin says:

        Are they more beautiful than the women from your country?

    • lelouch says:

      yeah’ suzy is..shes very pretty.. ^^

  5. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    I need to watch the drama, but i don’t have time!!

  6. mira says:

    i can’t wait to watch the drama….

  7. myzs says:

    iu and wooyoung…. love this couple

  8. madyjune says:

    Thanks for the character map. I was thinking of checking the drama out later but now I want to watch it 🙂

  9. Muchacha says:

    What kind of relationship “magical existence” is?

  10. alex says:

    is hye mi gonna stay with jingook or is he gonna stay with baek hee ??

  11. k-pop says:

    i can’t wait to watch the drama….

  12. mjkrocks says:

    It says that Baek Hee and JinGook have “love line” but idk what that means! It says JinGook loves Hye Mi and I want JinGook and Hye Mi to be a couple. Maybe they will end up as a couple in the end? HOPEFULLY!!!

  13. Melissa says:


  14. crysalide says:

    It will never be JG & HM coz EVERYBODY knows that SSD is the HERO!

    and yeah I’m watching this for Kim Soo Hyun so my bet is SSD is for me . hahahaah

  15. cdnpoint says:

    Appreciate the map. Had no clue that the cold-blooded dance teacher was the daughter of the one of the directors.

    Previous hero comments need explanation…

  16. anonymous says:

    Everyone’s saying that Eun jung’s going to end up with Jin gook but like isnt there a reason why jin gook and hye mi met a while back? i really hope they end up together!!

  17. kimmn says:

    Thanks for the map for JYPE high…. I mean dream high. Wooyoung cast as an AMERICAN bboy named JAY…son. This is gonna be hilarious!

  18. cdnpoint says:

    Jason has had some good lines. Like when Hye Mi accuses him of being devious in opening doors for people (due to Pil Suk’s love crush on him)-he replied “good manners” were behind his actions. But seriously, he handled the uniform handoff really well too for Pil Suk. The school is not subtle in putdowns on students at the staff or student levels.

    The music assessment test-that was a great segment. How does the assessing teacher score the students? Why are two teachers hanging outside of the classroom? Really good bits of drama!

    I don’t care for the group 2PM but am getting fond of Taecyon’s smiles and Wooyoung’s “Mr.Serious Student” faces.

  19. pru says:

    the school is so cold, Jason id freezing to death… lol, they need to get heater…

  20. k-popfollower says:

    This has been so helpful while watching the drama~

  21. TCFan says:

    im sorry, not a hater of eunjo (but hater of baekhee?) LOL but i want hyemi and jin gook together.. 😦 ❤ im gonna freak and stop watching if he starts to like baek hee -.- (lol jks..but seriously).. o.o

  22. cdnpoint says:

    The show writer(s) have created really snappy dialogues for episode 7. Teacher Kang is coming up like a teacher with heart of gold and the Ahjusshi who is the fake entertainment company president is having fun too. Props to the writers.

    Re: heaters for the show-I understand that South Korea is having problems keeping up with electricity use and the gov’t asked its ministries to cut back on heat use between certain hours in order to ensure that everyone in SK has heat. Is the show production crew following that advisory too or just saving money? Let me tell you, winter colds are not fun. I mean, some of the female characters don’t seem to have winter gear on!! And I read that the actors are having a hard time with the nighttime shoots in the cold.

    • Johno says:

      No one, except for a few k-strokers like yourself, is watching this series of infomercials, so don’t expect a response.

      We just think it’s very funny you think it’s good.

  23. jnekeziaaa says:

    Suzy is good in acting..people might be just jealous so they say she didn’t do a good job..she is a new idol but got the leader role… haha..
    IU is pretty too ^^

  24. fanofTaec says:

    So, Taec is no gonna be with Suzy till the end! I don’t want to watch it anymore. I watched this because I thought Taec and Suzy will be together.

  25. Len says:

    i bet JG wil ended up his relationship w/ HM..the director make us confuse putting sam dong as the hero…maybe he’ll be the DAEBAK or known as K, becoz the aim of this drama is a dream of each student. JG & HM totally love each other (observation till ep9) HM didnt showed that he love SD even though he always try to protect her. HM just appreciate it & SD just a good friend for her. I love the part when JG & HM in the train,.& also, the helmet n h/free.. JG seems love HM, but he still trying to confess it..=))

    • Pru says:

      that is what i think tooooo………. I really hope that it turns out like that!

      Sam Dong can become famous, and HM and JG can be together 🙂

      love the milky couple tooo!

  26. shelovespurple says:

    what!?! i wanted taec yeon to end up with hye mi . :(( too bad

  27. Eyka says:

    nice movie…:))

  28. lelouch says:

    i LOVE this drama because of the LOVE TEAM of suzy and kim soo hyun.. ❤
    hope in season's the same people again…coz, i really miss up the two character..they didn't have much time for them self'ves ..i hate it..eeerrrr..!!!
    GONNA LOVE it again if kim soo-hyun and suzy will be get together forever.. ❤

  29. Aura says:

    I like Jae Son and Pil Sook ! Jae Son is Cocky !! Hihi

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