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Natural Beauty: Kim Tae-Hee’s graduation pictures

The main character in “My Princess” drama, Kim Tae-Hee reveals her graduation pictures.

Kim Tae-Hee’s picture (above) is done by one of her fans. She looks gorgeous in all her before the graduation pictures.

This just proves that there is natural beauty out there in the world. You can also notice that she looks the same, even now, she still looks beautiful.

Don’t you guys agree?


64 Comments on “Natural Beauty: Kim Tae-Hee’s graduation pictures”

  1. Rachey says:


    so gorg.

  2. snooki says:

    Well Korea is the world turned upside down isn’t it. Whereas in the rest of the world most people are natural, in korea looking natural is a rarity. Thus breaking news according to popseoul.

    • bd says:


      It’s just as bad in Japan, China/Taiwan and even worse in South/Latin America.

      Plus, NYC, LA, Miami, Vegas and Houston/Dallas are filled w/ plastic people.

      • TheIndestructible says:

        It’s not as bad in Japan, China, or Taiwan. There was an article in TIME magazine about the differences between Korean and the rest of Asia. It’s still on their website if you don’t believe me.

        Koreans are so into plastic surgery, they don’t even consider eye lid surgery cosmetic surgery. They took a poll of Koreans and compared it to doctors file, if you go by the poll, Koreans get the LEAST plastic surgery. If you go by the doctors file, they get the MOST. Why? Because Koreans don’t consider eye lid surgery (the most popular surgery in Korea) “real plastic surgery.”

        Koreans should just accept it. :/ In my school (I live in Cali), I know 3 kids in my class that got plastic surgery (and admit it). They were all Korean and got it from their very own parents as “graduation presents.”

        • Torch says:

          Koreans love plastic surgery, and the sooner the k-slaves from indovietmalaypinayland get used to it, the better life will be for them.

          It’s just their ‘cult of koreans’ doesn’t let them question anything about korean people.

    • Sausages says:

      It’s just a part of their culture to have plastic surgery. They usually get it at 15 or 16 and then don’t stop getting it until they check out. You should accept it as a part of their culture and just nod when they say it’s perfectly normal.

  3. annie says:

    beuatiful!! 🙂

  4. Johnson says:


  5. yourmother says:

    Whoa, the surgeons did a fantastic job! You could hardly see the little pro-surgery scars.

  6. KatRogs says:

    She fixed her nose!

  7. comet says:

    This article has been brought up so many times!

  8. wow…she’s so beautiful!! I FREAKING love My Princess !!!^___^So, I have been studing korean in this site.

  9. Pops says:

    Yup, she looks beautiful…

  10. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    She is pretty, but in a natural way.
    I don’t think she’s the most prettiest person in the world, but she’s pretty for a natural.

  11. Henry says:

    I honestly say she looks natural in those series of photos. But then again a few photos are not reliable because of the possibility of photo manipulation. (I’m not judging that these are photoshoped but merely say it is a possibility)

  12. Shane says:

    ya…just can use the word”pretty”to describe…

  13. chaimoon says:


  14. jennie says:

    i think she did something to her teeth. They just dont look natural. except for that i think she is a true beauty.

    • mjkrocks says:

      Well, who doesn’t have braces these days?

      • jenna says:

        she’s had veneers. which is not braces.

      • Lucius says:

        I don’t think there are any Americans without braces, because as a group they all have massively bright white teeth, like the surface of a fluorescent light bulb and perfectly straight teeth for when they go to use their food stamps.

      • nadia says:

        she had veneers- you know, that’s when you file away you’re less than desirable teeth and stick on fake bright pieces over the top of your damaged old ones. Braces are technically good for you since they correct the position of you’re teeth, reducing wearing away of enamel and chances of gum disease and cavities. Veneers on the other hand is like the “plastic surgery” of teeth. It looks good, but it ain’t so good for your teeth.

  15. rai says:

    is it such a big deal to be a natural???
    i mean, in korea, is it really rare to be natural??really?

  16. jenna says:

    Why does Korean media keep bringing her and a FEW other Korean’s past photo’s up over and over again? Are they trying to confirm that Korean female celebs don’t do much plastic surgery or has natural uncut faces become so rare that this is like some sort of national phenomenon?

    • Lucius says:

      it’s just failed propaganda. They want everyone to think it’s all natural, but the horse has bolted the gate … there is no going back.

  17. Pops says:

    Veneers, an interesting dental option. Fairly good explanation of veneers purpose, benefits, considerations, etc. at:

  18. hannah says:

    it’s so funny how the jealousy just oooozes into all these websites about korean actresses.

    Yes many korean stars have gotten small or major surgeries but there ARE natural beauties like Kim Tae Hee, Han Ga In, Han He Jin, Kim Ha Neul etc.

    many other stars and people in the entertainment industry of other countries get surgeries as well. so stop griping and belittling them.

    I bet most of those who criticize korean actresses are the ones who avidly download korean dramas and watch all the popular dramas and movies out there.

    tone the jealousy down ppl.

    • bd says:

      The list is a lot bigger than people think w/ female celebs like Jeon Ji hyun, Shin Mina, Son Ye jin, Song Hye gyo, Lee Yeon hee, Lee Hyori, Yoon Eun hye, Han Hyo joo, Goo Hye sun, Kim Hee sun (well, I don’t she’s really that attractive), Moon Geun young, Nam Sang mi, Park Gyu ri, Seo Hyun, Lee Min jung, Kim So eun, Han Ye seul, etc.

      And then you have the male celebs, most of whom are natural (but then again, there aren’t as many attractive male celebs).

      And female celebs like Go Ara and Goo Hara only got their eyelid creases redone – which was a mistake (esp. for Go Ara) since they looked better before.

      • whoa says:

        If there was sooo many natural celebs in Korea, people wouldn’t be so freakin obsessed with childhood photos and gushing over them if they even vaguely looked alike and going ohhhhh “she’s natural” Face it, it’s not common.

        • Sausages says:

          There are no natural beauties in South Korea. FACT.

          They all live in Yanbian and North Korea. There are some fatties in USA if you like fat korean chicks.

    • Kevin says:

      I don’t download any korean dramas and I’m not jealous. I just think it’s funny how you people worship koreans and lick the soles of their shoes.

      It’s quite funny to watch.

  19. paula says:

    Kim Tae Hee is pretty, but why do Koreans make such a freaken big deal out of the fact that she’s natural? If natural celebs were so common, people wouldn’t care about this whole “olala she’s natural” thing.

  20. kelly says:

    Why is this worth an article?

    • Johnson says:

      because the response is always the same. It’s a popularist topic for all sides, and all the K-poop mind-slaves like to argue that their idol-gods haven’t had plastic surgery in the face of overwhelming evidence that they have.

      People like myself come here to see how weak-minded humanity has become. It’s like a allegory to the Time Machine by H.G. Wells. The S.E. Asians are like the Eloi who have no brains, and the Koreans are like the Morlocks, manipulating the S.E. Asians to bleed them of every penny they have.

      • LuckyLinda says:

        way off the wall johnson

        • Johnson says:

          It’s true though.

          • bd says:

            More dumbarsery.

            What – did a Korean kid beat you up and steal your lunch money?

            Seriously, get a life.

            • nicole says:

              I’ve only ever had a Korean kid come up to me doing the chinky eyes and chant “ching chong ching” at me. it was ironic considering he had small single eyelids (though is mother’s eyes were freakishly huge and her nose was like a vultures)

              • Kevin says:

                Most korean kids are taught to be hateful towards chinese because china invented Confucius and owns most of mount baitou (baekdu)

              • whoa says:

                many Korean ahjumma look like vultures due to going to a cheap plastic surgeon and asking for a high nose and big eyes without considering if it’s proportionate to their faces. The fact that their children (my classmates) were all tiny eyed and flat nosed, and in some cases had pancake faces. amused me.

  21. kabuki says:

    she looked prettier after every picture!

  22. LoL i love how there are so many Japanese troll-monkeys here! TROLOLOL

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