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Son Ye-jin appears as a cameo…

… in the last episode of the SBS drama “Secret Garden“.

On the last episode of the drama which aired on January 16, 2011, Son Ye-jin appeared as a special cameo. She starred as a top actress like herself, who shows interest in Director Im (Lee Philip)’s movie. Son Ye-jin asks to be cast in his movie, which couldn’t start filming for six months due to casting issues.

Son Ye-jin showed off her charisma in the short scene that she was in, proving that she is, indeed, hailed as a top actress for a reason.

The SBS drama “Secret Garden” ended on a good note, with Kim Ju-won and Gil Ra-im married happily with three children and with Oska proposing to Yoon Seul.

On January 22, 2011, a “Secret Garden” special will be aired.


19 Comments on “Son Ye-jin appears as a cameo…”

  1. lian95 says:

    nice article…. FIGHTING!!

  2. judy says:

    ACK! i didn’t want to know the ending! i was going to watch it this week!

  3. lay says:

    she’ so so pwettyyyyy.

  4. yourmother says:

    Is it called Secret Garden for a reason or did they just use it to take one of my favorite movies and books as a child and completely bastardize it?

  5. comet says:

    I think you shouldn’t have revealed the ending. Maybe you should have hidden the ending as spoiler alert.

  6. […] On January 22, 2011, a “ Secret Garden ” unique will probably be aired. [Via source] […]

  7. Raquel davis says:

    The title should have spoiler alert!!!!

  8. dee says: i wont enjoying the last episode.not fun anymore

  9. k-pop says:

    she’ so so pretty

  10. hannah says:

    yea Son Ye Jin is Gorgeous.

    and ahhkkk Secret Garden is now among the list of my all time favorite romantic korean dramas. ^^

    Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won’s chemistry was amazing. ^^

  11. bd says:

    SYJ was about the best thing in SC, a rather mediocre drama.

  12. […] untold stories about the filming and experience of “Secret Garden,” which recently wrapped up last weekend. All in all, you’ll still be able to see the “real” Hyun Bin on […]

  13. REGIE says:

    SON YE JIN the best and the most beautiful actress in south korea.. ur biggest fan here in the phil..

    • Toilet says:

      I can guarantee you’re not her biggest fan in the Phils, given that Filipino people deify Korean people and hate their own culture. Regardless, I won’t take up any more of your time and let you get back to licking korean people’s shoes clean.

  14. FawkU says:

    what a fawk up remark.

  15. janine says:

    i really love son ye jin… whatever role she will portray.. still she can carry it !! love her

  16. anonymous says:

    u forgot they didnt get married. they couldnt because of grandma’s denial of giving them her blessing

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