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A New Jewelry is ready to come back!

A brand new Jewelry, with two new members replacing Park Jung-ah and Seo In-young, recently revealed their promo picture.

In the picture, Park Se-mi and the not yet revealed member seem to fit in right into the places of Park Jung-ah and Seo In-young. The picture is very similar to the promo picture of “Variety“, the last album that Park Jung-ah and Seo In-young participated in. In white dress coats and sunglasses, the girls look chic and charismatic.

Jewelry‘s new album will be revealed online on January 27, 2011.

Are you excited?

Below is part 1 of their comeback teaser!


12 Comments on “A New Jewelry is ready to come back!”

  1. Jeannie says:

    Hmmmm…I think if one wants to show that the new us better than old, do something new, not copy the old. : / good luck on them, though.

  2. wella says:

    Good luck for them…

  3. lilyrose says:

    I’m not loving the bug-eyed sunglasses photoshoot.
    and their “comeback” is anything but original.


  4. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    i love all the white dresses. except for 2 of them… the girl on the right in both pics.

  5. Julie Mason says:

    Wow……they look promising. I am based in U.K and they are 200% way better than people here.
    Julie from Mobile Hairdresser

    • Muchacha says:

      What do you mean that they are 200% way better than people in UK? Better looking? Better dressed? Better singing?

      • Roberta says:

        She is talking nonsense, and , like most of the UK plebs, is probably a Chav who likes football, reads the daily mail, and TV Quick or Hello magazine, prescribes to Sky-fox tv/news.. and explains why predatory animals should be reintroduced into shopping centres.

  6. marie kilbane says:

    I like the white dresses.. hey, I look at the video, look like they share the clothes.. might be same size to wear

  7. benny says:

    they look cool in the photos, can’t say the same about the video

  8. Fez says:

    New jewelry looks more plastic than old jewelry! lol
    They should just rename this group all together since NONE of the original members are there anymore! It’ll never be the same with out Park Jung Ah!

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