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Min from MissA is in her undergarments?

A scandalous picture of Min from MissA was revealed on an online message board on January 17, 2011.

In the picture, she looks like she is only in her bra and underwear, posing with a pillow. However, a representative of Min stated that she is actually wearing a slim dress. The slim dress is a nude color, making Min appear to be not wearing anything.

What do you think?


60 Comments on “Min from MissA is in her undergarments?”

  1. lane says:

    ~it does seem like a dress……bc if it wasn’t then that bra strap is too high up

  2. Pinaycutie says:

    it doesn’t look like a bra because the top of the banding is too far up for it in my opinion. i feel like it would have to be a wider, longer, and farther down in position to even function as a bra. But oh well, this is just my opinion from what i can see in the picture

  3. hannah kim says:

    what is the pillow for then?

  4. hannah says:

    haha i dont think it’s a “nude colored” dress.. but then again so what if she’s in bra and panties..?? You cant see anything because of the pillow.

    This looks like a candid and innocent pic someone took of her and i dont think it’s a big deal other than the fact that she is super cute as always ^_^

  5. marie kilbane says:

    Get out of town!

  6. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    i find this picture really really disturbing…
    I don’t think she has a good body…

  7. Sara says:

    Lies. She has no clothes on.

  8. Sahar says:

    i think the strap for her bra is too high up, but if it was a nude color she should have been careful in the way that she posed. It’s photos like these that ppl can mistake 4 something their not.

  9. pisey says:

    I think she is sexy and cute, it doesn’t matter that she ware like this coz she comes from u.s, so it’s normal for waring that at home. I think she was in her house.

  10. aha says:

    what’s the big deal?

  11. LadyIgraine says:

    its an invisible dress…

  12. chaimoon says:


    • Lucius says:

      it was probably posted by her entertainment company to garner more interest during a quiet period. They have a communications plan and they stick to it. It’s hardly a scandalous picture….

      .. besides, she’s too old for the K-CEO Ajhussis.

  13. GRRRR !!!!! says:

    so ugly

  14. Erika says:

    You would be able to see the bra cup underneath her armpit if it was a bra.
    It’s definitely a slim dress.

  15. WTH is this?! says:

    A pillow covering her boobs..? Really, like really? She’s wearing a damn dress? WTF are you serious, why would she cover her top if she was wearing a damn dress..this is ridiculous..let’s just say the girl is too shy for the camera before she gets laid.

    • Suzy says:

      Lets just say, she might have been holding the pillow before the photo was taken and she just decided to hug it. She is a K-Pop star not a porn star

  16. leah says:

    As a girl, I can’t see bra straps being so unnaturally high. LOL I can see the reflection of the person who took the photo, another girl, wearing a short singlet.

    • Kevin says:

      As a European and not a S.E. Asian, I would just like to say europeans have no interest in Korean women, or men .. or korean culture in any way or form, so why do they insist on showing the less good looking koreans in this group…who clearly are more plasticky than a 1980s star wars figurine.

      .. we’d much rather see Fei, because at least she’s hot and Chinese which is a good place, or even Jia who at least has the ability to dance and sing, unlike those koreans in the group.

      • Kaybee says:

        This is a Korean Entertainment portal!!!
        Go back to your European sites….
        BTW the entertainment industries in Europe is just so artsy not interesting enough and hasn’t created any mass fan following like K-Pop/ Hallyu Wave!!!
        No doubt your are sulking here!

        • Kaybee says:

          * you are

        • Kevin says:

          no, i’m here laughing at how you suggest a mass following is something which people like in pretty much south korea, philippines, vietnam and the self-hating malaysians.

          I think the spice girls never created a mass fan following, which is why one of the worst groups in the history of european music managed to break into the US market… whereas the utterly talentless k-pop acts cannot.

          wonderlacklustre girls are still in USA failing and the 2ne1asian-spicegirls-tribute-act are going to go there.

          guess that’s you sulking, not I.

      • Suzy says:

        I would just like to say, GTFO since this is a Korean website.

  17. johnson says:

    celebs without make-up… just like the rest of us!

  18. zoe says:

    its a dress for heaven sake…isn’t it too obvious??????????

  19. sweetgirl1990 says:

    It is a dress. At first I was wondering why the heck is her bra so high up and realized it’s a dress

  20. smith says:

    you fan girls are funny. there is no dress, No illusion, just min in plan bra & underwear.
    Meh… Fan girls

    • Moni says:

      Meh, stuck up boy. If you look closely the strap is too high. It looks more like a singlet than a dress though

  21. daracanela says:

    I don’t think she’s wearing a dress, the way her skin looks makes you know she’s just wearing underwear

  22. beaniez says:

    hahaha yea she is so in bra and undies you can see the bra cup on the side closest to the window. And the reflection in the mirror shows a girl taking the picture so im pretty sure this was done on purpose. and the reason why the strap is so high is because she’s slouching

    • Moni says:

      just wondering, have you worn a bra? Even if she was slouching it wouldn’t be that high. Use your common sense please.

  23. OOOOKaaayy! says:

    who cares MIN!!! YOU R STILL AWESOME!!!

  24. marie kilbane says:

    I don’t know about her but I would cover my eyes

  25. oy oy oyy says:

    lmao. what a fail cover up, shes obviously just in bra + panties. and a BIG SMH to those who give her the slightest credibility in even possibly believing it with the slightest chance, that she does in fact have a “dress” on; there is no ‘looks’ or ‘seems’ like shes not, she plainly is not wearing a dress (and in undergarments). but this honestly doesnt surprise me. not bashing on min or anything, and im not saying shes..hmm slutty? but if you knew about her from before miss a, youd know that she is a bit promiscuous? which pretty much all teens are like so yea

    • Moni says:

      Hey but look at it. The black band running around her back it to high to be a bra strap. TBH its looks like a singlet to me. And if she was in her panties why would someone upload it, knowing it could cost her position in miss A?

  26. lukewarm.oasis says:

    In this picture Min reminds of Mexican actress Angelique Boyer

    Both women have chipmunck-looking cheeks~

  27. PT says:


  28. Serina says:

    to be honest i find her slutty but in this picture shes obviously wearing a slim dress “shapewear” this is a pic before she debut. (Seriously? if you think its lingerie, then your tits are up way too high) She had to wear it, because her body isn’t as toned as it is now.

  29. blanznist says:

    Clearly you can see the collar lining dur. =)

  30. Jie Woei says:

    You all see really carefully it’s not here bra strap too high. is a shirt with black outline at the top

  31. Delroy says:

    I can see her black-american bf taking the photo in the window. I didn’t know she dated black-american dudes.

    • Toilet says:

      Are you sure her bf is black? Maybe she likes guys who are african-american. I’m looking for him in the window but can only see his eyes.

  32. ohpls says:

    That is defo not a bra strap…its too high and not attached to a cup at the side but it looks like there is a pattern at the front part of the dress! At first I thought but upon further inspection it is not so…leave the girl alone.

  33. wth´? says:

    well i think it’s not a dress but i’m not sure..but if it’s underwear then why the hell do people have to take pictures like this and show it to the whole world?

  34. ChuuChuu says:

    Wait wait wait, hold up.

    They’re ACTUALLY trying to put it off that she’s wearing a nude dress? They’re ACTUALLY TRYING THAT?



  35. Tutty says:

    Nowdays,all the korean girlsgroup only wear lingeries!

  36. Kaybee says:

    Who would want to wear a nude dress which is just so uncomplimentary and has no purpose…
    Bad cover up….
    I always had a feeling that Min is very outgoing and daring…Look at her on different TV shows…She doesn’t act cutesy or fake…so I guess it is okay….

  37. krishel says:

    omg!! whoever representative said that she’s wearing dress in this photo is crazy!! to think she can fool us! people are not dumb to believe that!!

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