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MBLAQ for “Vogue” magazine

MBLAQ recently shot a photo spread for “Vogue” magazine.

The group, who released their first official album a year and two months after their debut, is currently promoting the title tracks “Stay” and “Cry“. Before the comeback stages started taking place, they shot a photo spread for “Vogue” magazine. The photo spread showed off their natural young looks. A representative from “Vogue” magazine stated, “Of all the idol groups, MBLAQ especially has good body proportions. The group was very playful during the shoot, but was serious during the interview sessions.”

If you want to see more of MBLAQ, make sure to get a look at the February issue of
Vogue” magazine!


37 Comments on “MBLAQ for “Vogue” magazine”

  1. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    Is Thunder the blonde guy?

  2. Kevin says:

    Vogue in Korea is clearly full of shiite stylists who are either having a joke or just have no idea about fashion.

    It’s hard enough to work with ladyboys, but they could have at least made some effort. The blonde emaciated ladyboy is wearing thermal underwear under some cut off trousers!! like seriously.

    as a side not, i’m sure you’ll all love it, because you’re all mind slaves.

  3. jnyarcalas says:

    This is Vogue. Not everything they wear is going to look good on them, like we want it.
    Idols just put on the clothes that the designers want. And what the designer wants the designers get.
    EVERYTHING they wear in pubic, has a designer. So however they wear things, is how the designer wants it to be.
    They look good, in the eyes of the designers.

  4. IvY says:

    ok the top two looks a lil weird…but the bottom pic with the 3 of them..well their clothes look wear-able…those two on the left..=)

  5. miley says:

    If they get big muscle, they will be really hot

  6. OOOOKaaayy! says:

    look at G.O!!! that boy is very sessy! lolz.

  7. hi-D says:

    woahhh our little chundong has grown up! He looks really hot… no, they all do! 🙂

  8. pisey says:

    I really love them. I’m so happy that they appear in Vogue. I want to buy the magazine now!

  9. cdnpoint says:

    No mention if they wore Rain’s Six to Five line of gear??

  10. 이준기 says:


  11. 이준기 says:

    its funny how people who are blind to the situation always butt in….but then….those people are idiots so I guess thats why^^

    • Darth says:

      It’s funny how you people think a guy wearing leggings and shorts with a really tight bill-cosby sweater and ladies’ hair is great fashion.

  12. 이준기 says:

    i never said that “a guy wearing leggings and shorts with a really tight bill-cosby sweater and ladies’ hair is great fashion” LOL

    • Toilet says:

      I’m glad you didn’t because it just looks sh!te… however the weak-minded brand-slaves (WMBS) will no doubt say he looks fantastic and how they want to mate with him, even though he seriously fits with the aerosmith song ‘dude looks like a lady’

  13. […] When you wish to see extra of MBLAQ , make sure to get a take a look at the February problem of “ Vogue ” magazine! [Via source] […]

  14. ILuvBunnies says:

    Whenever I see their name I think “Mmmm?NotBlaq” LOL But I love MIr and Joon.

  15. Orange_Fun says:

    I love how Thunder looks in the secound picture, not his clothes, but his face. He kind of looks like he stepped out of an anime. The outfit is weird, but thats not his fault and besides it’s Vogue, high end fashions are becoming weird anyways.

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