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4Minute Gayoon Apologizes for Flipping the Bird

4Minute‘s Gayoon was due for some apologizing, and she did just that for this photo, containing her giving the finger to all who view it.

Though Korean people don’t take as much offense to the finger as in some Western countries, many Koreans still know what it means, and they know it isn’t good.

On the 16th, the 4Minute member offered up her apologies on their official online cafe, “Because of a thoughtless act, I caused many people concern. For that, I am truly sorry.”

Netizens are responding, “After looking, she just played a joke without really thinking, but it isn’t an act representative of her personal principles,” and “It just seems like she isn’t showing discretion for each and every little thing.”

The photo was posted on fellow member Jiyun‘s Twitter account (@4M_Jiyunit) on January 15th, quickly garnering the attentions of netizens. Jiyun didn’t seem to know the power of Twitter, as she is still new to the website. The photo has been removed from her account.


40 Comments on “4Minute Gayoon Apologizes for Flipping the Bird”

  1. Muchacha says:

    It was still better than Japanese “peace sign” on every photo.

  2. marie kilbane says:

    I don’t like the middle figure.. She should know better before picture taken.. i was not happy about that.. it was wrong!

    • Roberta says:

      Do you like all the other fingers?

      In the UK, Australia, NZ, South Africa, Ireland…and all the other good countries. Sticking your fingers up like a V with your palm facing you (opposite of peace) means F*** off, and it doesn’t stop Koreans doing it all the time. So I wouldn’t really worry about it just because it’s offensive in your country.

      • RyanHan says:

        really? wow idk that . . kinda hesitating to use V(Pease) sign on photos now . . lmao . .

        mehh . . but im asian . . im doin V(peace) style still =p

        • Roberta says:

          It’s because the french used to cut off those little bow shooting fingers in battles like agincourt so the sign is to show them that they can still shoot arrows at them .. and to feck off.

  3. B3ger says:

    That’s what you expect from shitty wannabe musicians

    • Kevin says:

      You expect things from sh!tty wannabe musicians? You shouldn’t, as they normally fail to deliver.

      • DIA says:

        Haha true! I’m hoping these girls and Wonder Girls bust up just like Kara! Take sucky ass groups down! Or bring down the ones polluting groups like Yoona, Tiffany, G-Dragon, Seungri or Dara. I mean have those faggots seen how retarded they look trying to sing? Please pour concrete down their throats!

        • haverine says:

          wat do you mean yoona, Tiffany, GD, Seungri or Dara can’t/or look retarded when singing? r u insane? don’t u ever heard yoona, tiffany , GD n seungri solo? u must be a guy/girl that love to bash people without seeing their ability first.. you don’t have right to say something like that.. i don’t wanna ask you to compare urself with them.. asking u whether u r better than them.. cuz i’m sure you’ll say that u were 1000% better than them… my advice is.. STOP DREAMING n STOP BASHING PEOPLE that u don’t even know their ability!!!!!

          • Kevin says:

            I do know their ability, and it’s terrible… and I don’t have be good at singing or dancing to know that they cannot sing or dance, I just have to have eyes and ears.

            Still terrible… but you’re a malaysian or a pinay so you’re not allowed to say anything bad about koreans.

            • Anna says:

              I am Korean, and I can deem other koreans of being horrible when they say something like what you just said. Racist pig. I would only like to defend GD because I admire him- he has unique singing/rapping talent, writes his own songs and music, and starts fashion trends. Believe what you want, but he must be popular for good reason.

  4. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    This is late…

  5. WTH is this?! says:

    Shitty celebrities..PLEASE PLEASE, i beg you to not throw any finger up, you’re just making a fool out of yourself. You don’t look pretty/cute/sexy, you just look pathetic.

  6. KhunToria says:

    Roberta , thanks for the info about the sign . I really don’t know and I always do the sign when I’m take a picture . Thank you , I’m asian so , I really don’t know about that . Thanks 😀

  7. Baask says:

    I don’t think its that big a deal. I mean, she was just being cute. Maybe its cuz i’m american….

  8. Here in NJ It’s referred to as the “Jersey Salute” and the “luckey” recipient is told by the “saluter” that he/she is number 1 in his book.
    Some recipients are dumb enough to believe it.

    • marie kilbane says:

      LOL.. yeah David

    • Kevin says:

      Jersey isn’t in USA, it’s off the coast of France. They don’t salute there.

      • It’s okay Kevin. Not many people understand that my screen name is “David in New Jersey. The state I live in ia named after the Isle of Jersey. And yes we have a “salute.” Most New Jerseyans, when talking about their state will drop the “New” and just refer to it as Jersey. Now the “Jersey Salute” is recognized in all 50 states as a form of greeting to those considered unworthy of a 5 fingered wave. Hence some try to soften the effect by telling the person getting the salute that “they are number one in our book.” In the above photo,Gayoon has just delivered the salute to someone she believed was a worthy recipient. Here, however, Once delivered there is no apology required – unless the person who was saluted apologizes for the activity or statement that caused the salute in the first place.
        There are a number of people who make very ignorant and hurtful comments in Popseoul – I’m sure you’ve seen them. Those, Kevin ,are some prime examples of people who should get saluted.
        Having grown up in New Jersey and living there for many decades – I too have been saluted a number of times – we view it as a learning experience because it teaches us to recognize who deserves this form of recognition and the reasons for its delivery/

        • Kevin says:

          Just checking that you are aware that it wasn’t the Bailiwick of Jersey.

          Besides if you include South Korea, then it’s 51 states.

          • If Puerto Rico decides to accept statehood it will become the 51st. I would consider having South Korea as the 52nd state because I believe the Korean people would bring a positive social and cultural element to our lives. From what I see in k-dramas I would welcome them – we would learn a great deal from them. They would definitely “civilize” us. In fact, it would probably do more harm to South Korea because the nation would lose its identity in this mixing bowl.
            I do find it funny that everyone wants to insult us “yanks” (at least until a disaster hits or some invading army starts banging at the gate). Bear in mind that the US is also a conglomerate of people from all over the world – it isn’t a homogenous country.. So pick any ethnic, cultural, or religious groups and you’ll find them here. Insult us and you insult yourself – why do they come here today? What happened in your country that made the US so desirable? All I know is that my children are glad that their Scots, Irish, Italian, German, Danish, and English ancestors decided to come. It’s not always easy – but it seems to be worth the effort.
            So Kevin, thanks for getting me started. I think you’re one of the “Good Guys>”

            • Kevin says:

              South korea doesn’t have an identity, even it’s pop is basically american pop. It’s women are all moving to the USA and it’s men are all marrying vietnamese and pinays.

              In Europe the USA isn’t so desirable, because you’re basically full of israel’s pets, and when AIPAC says jump, you americans say ‘how high?’. You seem to be so smacked up on prozac that they forget that they think it’s acceptable to go around the world spreading democracy for sale where lobby groups basically own you. In addition, when talking about plastic surgery, that includes post-natal genital mutilation, which your parents are so happy to engage in because the rich people there are so in need of poor people’s fresh stem cells for their face creams.

              Historically, I hope you’re not talking about WW2, because you should remember that the USA joined WW2 at the end of the show in Europe, because a) it wanted to protect it’s debts of the old ships it sold to UK b) the Russians were beating the Germans in the eastern front and going to get the technology and also, as per usual, the USA wanted to have it’s stake in rebuilding a broken region and charge a premium for it using it’s tried and tested invade, destroy, build, charge (IDBC) model.

              Add to that you americans supporting international terrorists in ireland, spain and ultimately afghanistan and colombia, and I’d say it’s not very desirable at all. It must be hard to eat your burger with that much blood on your hands.

              I’ll let you get back to pretending you’re european.

              • Anna says:

                I thought this was just lightheartedly talking about kpop, but aren’t you being a bit elitist and racist? All the koreans I know (my family included) are very ethnocentric and do not marry outside of their race (although that is elitist too).

                Furthermore, the US is reveled for more of the freedom its citizens are entitled to but being a country with people of many backgrounds and beliefs, there is great instability that people can’t really see from an outside perspective. And please don’t insult a people’s culture about their use of plastic surgery. I don’t believe it is good for any culture, but girls in korea and japan do it so often to be beautiful– and people either hate it or sympathize. People over time in many countries have mutilated themselves for the sake of beauty.

                And as an American citizen I hope you should know that the US government takes great lengths to rid terrorists from their sight, even using war as an excuse. A great deal of the population is not happy with it, and I do agree that too much blood has been shed of people who people of power deem different and dangerous.

                I hope you try not to insult others just because you are sitting on your ass on your computer thinking you can be egotistical and not expect others reading online to be hurt. I just turned to this page to get some girl-trash news. So, please.

        • marie kilbane says:

          Salute to USA NEW JERSEY!

          • Thanks Marie !
            Too bad that a “fun” site likr Popseoul tends to bring out the hate some people for everyone they disagree with, and for Koreans in particular.
            Some folks can’ t seem to be able keep themselves from insulting Korea.
            Slap 1 -Korea is the 51st state.
            Slap 2- Korea has no identitity
            What’s the problem with South Korea? Do they believe the South should have the same living conditions as the North?
            I’m an American who has the ability to go against my government and fight politically. Many of us who don’t like what’s going on can mount campaigns, run for office, use the press and internet, protest, and fight for change..Many of us protested the war in Vietnam, and pressure by the people forced Nixon to give up the presidency. These tactics really worked well in Tianiman(sp) Square.
            Yeah – there’s a lot of complaining here and some serious political “free-for-alls.” But no one goes to bed worrying about gestapo tactics by your own government to silence you. And like the majority of everyday Americans, I don’t find it necessary to cast stones at anyone’s culture.
            The hand of God won’t bring the world to an end – we’ll do it to ourselves. I can see by the the attitudes of some – their hate would fix the world by tearing it apart.
            Maybe the supernova that is reported in The Korea Times is God practicing for us. Keep the hate going and He can cancel humankind – His only error.
            Sorry Marie – for giving them more to bitch about – David

            • marie kilbane says:

              David.. Freedom of speech! smile!!!

            • Johno says:

              Tian’anmen square massacre is bad, but it’s no worse than when the Americans who had OPCON of the Korean forces okayed a lot of Special Forces planes to lay seige to basically unarmed pro-democracy demonstrators in Korea. That was not spreading democracy in the same way that Deng Xiao Ping was trying to keep his country from imploding and becoming a militarised fascist puppet state of the USA, like Marcos in the Phils, Suharto in Indonesia, Ngo Dinh Diem in Vietnam, Fujimori.. etc. Do you want to talk about the No Gun Ri Massacre in the Korean War?

              You don’t have the ability to go against your government, because even if the press go against the government they get assassination threats. Remember you live in a country where you can use Visa or Mastercard to pay for international terrorism, like the IRA who shot and killed 4000 innocent supposedly allies of yours through NORAID and you can pay for race hate groups like the KKK, but you cannot give money to a freedom of information group who show you to be two faced.

              By Gestapo tactics do you mean like the South Koreans who go missing or get locked up under the national security act? The two guys who had to hide in Germany from the ROK government come to mind, and all the other people who had ‘non-capitalist’ thoughts.

              And let’s be fair, the americans only let their korean colony vote in the late 1990’s after many years of painful militaristic fascist rule, so they can’t really talk. And if you want to talk about Libya shooting down a plane, we can just talk about Luis Posada Carriles who helped USA bring down lots of planes.

              How do you eat your burger with all that blood on your hands? It’s not ketchup you know.

              • Turkey says:

                Do you mean “Luis Posada Carriles”, or his name ‘Obama of South America’ who the USA pays to go around South America blowing up things, like planes? Cubana Flight 455 for example, then refuses to extradite him for trial unlike the Libyan who they demanded was put on trial for blowing up Pan Am 103. That’s not even talking about Iran Flight 655, which was shot down by missile and the captain who did it got a medal of honour.

                So USA supports and protects international terrorists who work for it, and then demand international terrorists who don’t work for it get put in prison?

                Can anyone else see the double standards in which marie and david live?

  9. Shane says:

    She felt sorry bout that already…So…just forget it…

  10. honey says:

    they covered the picture so it doesnt count as offensive 🙂

  11. Shadowlady86 says:

    hahaha i love her!! keep it up!

  12. lorni says:

    Back at you! hahaha

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