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Girls Generation of the Past, Who Are You?

How easily things are forgotten… Netizens are looking into Girls Generation (SNSD)’s past and with what they find, they’re asking, is this really them?

Going strong since 2007, netizens are saying the girls have changed so much (in style) it’s hard to believe this used to be them.

Early in their career, SNSD shot a photo spread for Elle Girl in Korea, casual clothing, “un-dyed” hair (at least natural-ish colors), and less-than-now make up. These photos have resurfaced on the Internet will a variety of reactions, ranging from, “Ah, they were so cute back then,” to “Wow, they changed so much beyond recognition.” More “sensible” netizens are saying that this was before the girls fully matured, so of course they seem awkward looking back.

The mangnae Seohyun seems to be getting the most attention with comments like, “Ah, it’s Seohyun! I thought they got a foreign model to pose with,” and “I was most surprised when I saw that person next to Taeyeon!”

Do you think SNSD had a big change or they’re still just the same?


136 Comments on “Girls Generation of the Past, Who Are You?”

  1. Erika says:

    Has anybody else notice that Tiffany’s nose is different compared to her current pictures?!

    • chloe says:

      yah I was thinking the same thing. she was darker before but whitening cream to care of that not to mention lack of the cali sun, but her nose was somewhat wider, bigger before….could be just that she was a little heavier(by korean standards of course) predebut, but I highly doubt her nose change is due to weight loss. Perhaps…..????

    • SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

      yeah… that’s what i was thinking too…
      There are rumors that say she got it done after Oh! or somthing like that…
      But who knows…

  2. marie kilbane says:

    Who Are You? We are just the fans.. that who we are!

    • Kevin says:

      Get back to licking korean people’s shoes, grandma.

      • marie kilbane says:

        Really Kevin, why don’t you licking amercian people shoes?

        • Toilet says:

          Because I’m not a Korean. Only koreans and taiwanese lick american people’s shoes, and I’m neither of those.

          • queenbqty says:

            What! You mean I could of had someone licking my shoes and I’ve missed out! Where do you sign up for this fabulous service? Is it free or can I pay by Visa or Mastercard? Since I’m a fat, lazy American, this service can come in handy, especially on rainy days!

            • marie kilbane says:


            • Tyranosaurus Rocks says:

              You have to go to Korea, or USA and find some koreans to get them to lick your shoes. you can use Visa and Mastercard to pay for Race hate groups and international terror so i’m pretty sure you can use it for shoe licking.

  3. OOOOKaaayy! says:

    snsd. i dont care just as long as jessica, hyoyeon,tiffany,and sooyoung r still there. i love SNSD!

  4. Julie Mason says:

    I love this group.
    Julie from Mobile Hairdresser

  5. Raaaeet says:

    Aww their legs are sooo short. It’s adorable n.n
    They’re so incredibly average looking that you can relate to them 🙂
    It’s nice that Kpop celebrates such plain looking girls. Maybe Kpop isn’t so shallow after all 😀

  6. nana says:

    They look so cute and yes maknae Seohyun has changed the most! I never treally noticed her back then, but now with better style, she’s stunning!

  7. miley says:

    Yuri is so pretty. Y they always make Hyoyeon ugly. I think Yoona is the ugliest and 2nd is Kystal cos of her teeth 🙂

    • SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

      They don’t make Hyoyeon ugly, she just already is…

        • SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

          I’m sorry, but that’s the truth…

          • yureeee says:

            everyone have their own preferance..for me i think shindong and eeteuk the ugliest in sj

            • Mocks says:

              you can say shindong ugly if you can dance better than him! he may be not your white horse prince but as far as I know he didn’t make fun of anyone else like you did!
              eeteuk???? OMG!!
              have you go to the doctor??? maybe you have an eye cancer of something,,, I’m worried honestly,,,

              • yureeee says:

                calm down girl…i’m cool when he/she said hyo yeon ugly in snsd cuz what he/she said that he/she telling the truth (i’m prefer what super junior666 comment), so u hav cool when i say comment they r ugliest in sj.everyone has their own preference right…so who do you think the ugliest in snsd?

          • Mari says:

            The “truth” according to you, right? There are a lot of people who disagree with you, but since you think Hyoyeon is ugly it *must* be the truth, right? *rolls eyes*

            • Mari says:

              ^^Above comment was for SuperJuniorLover6666666666.

            • SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

              Yes i know u were commenting on me.

              I love SNSD, but the only thing i dislike about them is Hyoyeon…
              But that’s just my opinion of thinking that she’s ugly.

              • Mari says:

                It may be your opinion, and that’s fine, but your earlier comment about Hyoyeon being ugly was, “It’s the truth.” That comment made it seem like you were stating an absolute fact, when in reality, it was just your opinion. Being as there are a lot of people on this site that don’t agree with you, you should really clarify your comments as being your opinion…just saying.

                • SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

                  I was saying “It’s the truth” to me. And for the people who do agree with me.

                  • Mari says:

                    And I’m saying you should really clarify that point because it sounds like you’re stating fact. Adding the words “In my opinion…” really makes a BIG difference.

                  • Darth says:

                    In my opinion K-pop is full of talentless skeletons and ladyboys and you’re all deluded mind-slaves who hate your own cultures. (in my opinion)

      • the kpop loverzzzz says:’re so bad 😡

    • kay says:

      Krystal? You mean Jessica? since Krystals teeth DONT make her look like an skeletal horse.

      • Toilet says:

        They all look like skeletal horses.So I don’t know which one you mean.

        • nicole says:

          no, not all look like skeletal horses,2 look like pigs, one looks like a lizard, another looks like a rat…

          • Toilet says:

            What are the two from USA who have Korean people clinging to their shoes like Chewing gum, saying ‘please take me to the USA, please take me to the USA, ’tis shyte here in Korea’.. what do those two look like?

  8. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    Whoa, they do look different… Especially with their clothing and hairstyles…
    Now, they look very mature…
    GO SNSD!

  9. Kevin says:

    … and this is what they looked like midway through their plastic surgery adventure…

    move along.. no news here.

    • allright says:

      do you know how long they have been training??
      maybe the training is just a cover for their overall plastic surgery!!
      but I love yuri though,,

  10. WTH is this?! says:

    Sigh..perhaps I may be a little rough but let’s be honest here, most of these girls can’t even sing..what’s the point of referring to these girls as singers? If they have been trained for years on their vocal, did it make any difference? Most of them can’t sing for shit.

    • yureeee says:

      do some research first b4 saying/judging anything…i personally advise u to look at some video especially when they r singing live/solo during radio appearance or video MR..

      • Toilet says:

        Yes, watch the videos and then you’ll see that they really cannot sing. All they can do is dance like a 1920s dance troupe) they mainly just walk up and down catwalks in their videos) but you’ll feel happy that you wrote the first comment because it’s a fact, they can’t sing.

        • yureeee says:

          which video u see?please list it for me so i can trust ur words

          • yureeee says:

            which video u see?please list it for me so i can trust ur word cuz so far they r good in singing live.mostly i see MR video,radio live,etc…

            • queenbqty says:

              I don’t know what videos you a watch, it would be easier for you to show what videos you watch, where their live singing is good, there’s probably only one of those. Do you know the difference between lip sync and live or are you just hard of hearing. Those plastic bimbos cannot sing!

              • yureeee says:

                that’s why i request u 2 list out the name of the video and sepecific date or whatever so i can search the video easily….mostly i like the video they do some eng cover other artist song because that the only language i understand…

    • queenbqty says:

      You don’t need the specific name of any video, just watch any snsd video and if you are not deaf or delusional, you will realize they can’t sing. snsd is so untalented that they can’t even sing when its pre-recorded.
      It doesn’t matter what language you understand, I don’t really know Korean or Japanese, but I can hear when someone can’t sing, its not the words its the sound.
      snsd and singing have nothing to do with each other, its about ahjusshis loving 18 chicken legs kicking, and flat asses in booty shorts swiveling around like a bunch of bad exotic dancers. Take it like that and you’ll be happy, too!

      • Tyranosaurus Rocks says:

        I don’t like korean chicks, I’m from europe. I’d rather have some french girl who knows how to act.

      • yureeee says:

        woah, did u watch alots their video?u sound like u know them better..think logically, i think u promote snsd as untalented singer on this site (cuz i’m newbie on this k-pop industry)…u sound like u dont like them so much, but that’s ok i will not judge them just 2 or 3 video i see…needs 2 see alots of video 2 judge them, personally what kind of music u like?american o european?sometimes i kinda sick with this kind of music that why i found this k-pop music..totally new on my ears..

        • queenbqty says:

          If you are new to kpop, then I suggest you listen to someone besides snsd, the majority of kpop groups have talent. Do some research on snsd and you will find that they are not just untalented, skinny and mostly ugly, but they are rude and disrespectful and win rigged up awards that other people who have talent deserve. Check out, BEG, 2NE1, Wonder Girls, MissA, Super Junior, Big Bang, SS501, 2AM, JYJ etc., if you want to hear the best of Kpop.
          snsd is the worst, they are a joke, if you are gonna be a fan of snsd, then you might as well leave kpop alone because they are destroying it.

          • Tyranosaurus Rocks says:

            2ne1?? are you kidding?? They cannot dance or sing.

            wondergirls are in USA swimming in the river of failure.

            Your examples are hilarious.

            • queenbqty says:

              I am so pleased that you are amused. I guess I should amuse you in return for the many times you amused me with your continuous nonsense and lack of knowledge about kpop and pretty much everything else. Is everyone in Europe as dense as you are?

              • Kevin says:

                You’re just angry because Europeans don’t find K-pop interesting and is basically devoid of any talent. We find Koreans annoying versions of Japanese who have to have plastic surgery to look Chinese.

                Don’t worry, it’s accepted that you would dislike us for it.

                • ACT says:

                  u are so right queenbqty!!

                • queenbqty says:

                  I don’t dislike Europeans, I don’t even dislike you. Why would I expend my emotional time on random Eurotrash who think they are superior to everyone, you are delusional, I pity the mentally handicapped, not dislike them, that would be mean. Poor thing!

  11. didie says:

    seriously… WHO ARE THEY???

  12. yureeee says:

    2007 photoshoot..that means maknae seohyun is 16 in this picture..what happened to her pics..they put thick make-up that makes her looks mature than actual age..and tiffany still with her short hair and blonde hyo yeon

  13. Henry says:

    The only thing I noticed that changed is that they’ve all matured. I was honestly looking for evidences of plastic surgery from the pictures all over the net but couldn’t clearly pin on anyone of them until I finally gave up. Anyways just as before I personally think they are still as awesome right now. SNSD rulez! (well obviously)

  14. Cassiopiea says:

    Woahh ! I think they look better now and they look like more more more mature . Congrats ! Let’s go SoShi , Let’s go ! Let’s go SoShi , Let’s go !

  15. HappyLyn says:

    They all look beautiful & amazing in that 2007 picture especially now, their individual natural beauty is still there, fresh & elegant. Also, with their continuous training in personality development, they are still the prim and proper individuals in the entertainment industry.

    I am so happy for adorable Seohyun, she is rally really beautiful inside & out. She will still be a stand out even after so many years bec. of her good character.

    • Toilet says:

      That’s an interesting denial structure you’re using to persuade yourself that they are ‘natural beauties’ regardless of the statistical fact that most koreans experience plastic surgery and this is especially the case with K-pop Idols.

      You then use Idealisation when you say Seohyun is ‘beautiful inside and out’ because, let’s face it, you don’t know her.

      Interesting though.

      • yureeee says:

        is PS crime for celebrity in korea?

        • Toilet says:

          no, it’s a prerequisite.

          • pammiej85 says:


            @Toilet : I love your comments.^^

            Oh what wonders PS can do…. But honestly, I have other reasons not to like SNSD and it has nothing to do with plastic surgery.

            I kinda wish I never knew them in 2008 so that maybe I could like them now. But its hard to forget their offenses.

            • Toilet says:

              They are offensive in their 1920s style dance trouping.

              • yureeee says:

                which dancing of snsd that u called 1920 style dance trouping? i recently into k-pop n see alots of k-pop mv in youtube.BEG abracadabra, Miss A BGGG, kara butt dance..damn the dance is cool

              • queenbqty says:

                Johnson/Kevin/Toilet or whatever your name is today, although you called me a Transgender Lesbian, lazy fat American, I still have to give it to you, you are funny as hell! You make Popseoul, pop! LOL

                • Mocks says:

                  this is one more thing I hate about SNSD,, their fans are ridiculous,, head rock, blind as hell by the 18 kicking chicken leg like queenbqty said (you are rock!). argh,, to yureeeee do you realize that you are fighting for nothing?? you are the one who denying reality.

                • Kevin says:

                  It’s fine. I think you just love transgender folk, which is good for you. Some german guys cannot get enough of thai ladyboys.

  16. queenbqty says:

    You are talking about change and you don’t mention their plastic faces! The sad part is even after numerous plastic surgeries, most of them are still either plain or just fugly. Only yuri and sooyoung are pretty, the rest are plain or just hideous looking (sunny and jessica). All you hyoyeon bashers, she looks better than at least 6 of the other members, so I guess you must think those 6 are mega fugly ( though sunny and jessica actually look like monsters)! But none of them can sing, dance or act, so I am still mystified as to why they are famous. Only in S. Korea!

    • Kevin says:

      …and famous in the Philippines, Malaysia and Viet because those folks are banned from saying anything bad about their korean owners. It’s against the law.

      • Chicken says:

        So, what if SNSD criticizes the Philippines for having the sloppiest pop culture that ever existed?

        • Kevin says:

          I’d imagine if SNSD did criticise anything in the Phils, the Philippinos would apologize to their korean owners and denigrate themselves by saying ‘yes, our culture is so terrible in comparison to your wonderful korean culture, we love you korean people’ then they would drop to their knees in worship of SNSD.

          I don’t really get why S.E. Asians hate their own cultures so much, but that’s just life.

          • yureeee says:

            lol ur imagination..u went 2 far…..did something like this happened before?

          • Chicken says:

            I am actually expecting the Koreans to drop a nuke to the Philippines. For real, then World War 3 will start, Red Alert 3 style.

            • Darth says:

              That would be like when the Titans turned on the peoples of Greece.

              Besides, why would they destroy their main source of income and wives?

              • Chicken says:

                Because they will eventually realize that they were leeched by any Filipino actress who are much less talented than any Korean or East Asian, rather. Even the Japanese can piss the Philippines much more than what it did on World War 2. China, Korea and Japan should do that to the Philippines, because no Filipino “talent” is talented!

                • Darth says:

                  I’ll tell Lea Salonga that then. Besides I’m relatively sure that there are lots of talented Filipinos, it’s just hard to tell through that mist of Korean-deification leading to cultural self-loathing.

                  • Chicken says:

                    You tell Marian Rivera, not Lea Salonga. I sawalmost every Filipinolikingemomusicinsteadof heavy metal.Ifonlytheworldisheavy metal!! But also, East Asia(Koreaincluded) shouldfix theirsystemsintopro-heavy metal.They shouldgointoMetallicaor Slayer or something!!

                • EwKimchi says:

                  wait…I thought Koreans licks Charice Pempengco’s shoes after she put all those kpop idol(and great singer) to shame because of her awesomeness?

  17. blue says:

    If they got plastic surgery which I think they did I just hope they admit they got some help instead of lying and pretending its not like South Korea is not a capital of plastic surgery.
    By denying they didn’t is just like giving false hopes that people can get drastically beautiful through the years but then again I’m fooling myself the consequences of it is too bad for their image.

    I remembered Hara admitted she got some help though.

  18. Ami says:

    plastic bitches

  19. Muchacha says:

    Popseoul, you are so late with the news and, instead of catching up, you are publishing old photos of SNSD. Annoying. I think you only have visitors and comments because of that girl/guy of many nicknames (Johnson/Kevin/Toilet). The editors of this website should thank him.

    • Darth says:

      I should thank him too,

      Thank you Johnson/Kevin/Toilet

      • Tyranosaurus Rocks says:

        yes, thank you johnson/kevin/toilet from me too

        • queenbqty says:

          Be quiet, Tyranosaurus rocks, YOU are Johnson/Kevin/toilet and Darth, stop stroking yourself! Or are you turned on by all the ladyboys and skeletal plastic women you see in your kpop fantasies?

          • Tyranosaurus Rocks says:

            If I was turned on by the ladyboys then at least I’d be true to myself and say it, unlike you foiks who love the ladyboys and pretend they’re really masculine.

            I told you 50 times now, but let’s make it 51, I’m europe, so i don’t give a hoot about korean women, filipino women, korean men.. ad finitum. These people seem to be hating their own culture, loving USA or korean culture or what. I’d rather have a hot french chick who knows how to dress and act with decorum.

            Can you read it this time?

            • queenbqty says:

              I guess you are out of luck, all the French chicks are sleeping with the Black men who can’t get a Korean girl. A German ladyboy would be more your cup of tea, better hurry before a Black man who is better in bed than you, snatches them up too.
              Ya heard!

              • Kevin says:

                All the black dudes are in Korea getting ‘poooooontang’, and they are loved there for their ability to run when the girl is pregnant. But african culture is similar to Korean culture so they work together on it.

                French girls typically prefer to date guys who stick around and actually want a relationship.

                It’s all different culturally, so it’s hard to compare the two.

                Ya heard, Oprah!

                • queenbqty says:

                  Now, you’re gonna bash on the Brothas? Stop lying about French chicks, since you are obviously into Black men and Korean ladyboys, since you have such detailed info about both. You’re probably a half Black, half Korean ladyboy, exiled to Europe who hates himself.

  20. marie kilbane says:

    Muchaca and Darth.. I wouldn’t thank him (johnson/Kevin/Toilet) why? because he is means to people calling names and racist and others things.. he isn’t friendly.. That was soo rude!

    • Muchacha says:

      Most of comments on popseoul don’t refer to articles, but are replies to what Johnson&Johnson says about the South Korea, Koreans, Americans or ping pong shows. It’s because his comments are more interesting than dull and outdated news like “We found a tree that looks like Yoona” or “A photo of SNSD from three-year-old magazine”. That’s why popseoul’s team should thank him. Johnson&Johnson’s rudeness is a different matter.

  21. unachicaloca says:

    yuri and sooyoung were really pretty even then. the others, hmmm, so so.

  22. ImMysterio says:

    they grows well~~ ^-^

  23. Meg says:

    I have to admit that SNSD looks are average. They are not pretty women at all and it does not matter whether or not they had surgery or not b/c their looks are still plain. Additionally, if people were to try to find photo’s of them. I am sure no body could find them since they were probably removed b/c Korean Entertainment is an controlled environment. And if anyone is looking for proof then go to the sites in which Korean Entertainment controlls and you will find that if your opinion is not positive then it will be removed.

    • dsas says:

      well i semi-agree.. i think some are a little above average like yuri or seohyun but not gorgeous A class pretty like example kim tae hee or han ga in.

    • Tyranosaurus Rocks says:

      Why are you all so upset that SNSD prefer dating black guys rather than korean guys? The rumour is that they’re going to go on national tv and tell everyone about their love for black dudes, and all in the name of ethnic diversity.

      The two american ones probably love black dudes a little less because of the LA riots, but they still love african loving.

  24. ACT says:

    plastic bitches! plastic- im not referring to any plastic surgery, but their action is just so plastic bitches. and yes Sone is blind. lalala~

  25. bee says:

    They look so young and pretty here…unlike now, they’re all fake

  26. noi says:

    the best thing is, yoona isn’t overrated before….

  27. Chicken says:

    It will be better if we all just listen to Korean metal. Crash, Mahatma, Ares, Oathean, Vassline, they are a lot better than any K-Pop group(SNSD included, even though I am a Sone). Korean metal is what really made the world drip blood.

  28. yuri says:

    i like snsd really much

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