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Jewelry reveals its fourth member!

The brand new Jewelry revealed its hidden fourth member in a very unique and special way.

Jewelry used a puzzle game to reveal the fourth member, Kim Ye-won. Kim Ye-won was born in 1989 and has been a trainee for a total of four years. She is said to be a talented performer.

The “Jewelry puzzle game” has been spreading rapidly among various online sites. While one is playing the puzzle, he or she can hear twenty seconds of their new single, “Back It Up“. Many netizens are raving about the unique idea of revealing their hidden fourth member through a puzzle game. Some have stated that they are excited since they are becoming addicted to both the game and the song.

Back It Up” will be revealed on January 27, 2011 on various online music sites.


24 Comments on “Jewelry reveals its fourth member!”

  1. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    Joo Yeon looks scary…
    She usually doesn’t look like that…

  2. jasd says:

    joo yeon looks like a horse HAHAH
    why the h*ll does she looks so ugly in that picture?!

    • ashley says:

      I remember when Baby J first joined the group people keep calling her the horse face girl lol, but I think she has a unique look.

  3. GRRRR !!!!! says:

    i just saw Jay park from 2pm
    a boy with jessica’s hair.
    hyelim from wondergirls.

    • didie says:

      lol…. why korean idols/artists looks the same? did they went to a same surgeon?

      • Toilet says:

        It’s because Korea is based upon three families… the kims, the lees and the parks. This gives them a spectacularly small gene pool and a similar ‘why do they look the same’ look

        • ara says:

          oh, i’ve heard about that ! the kim, lee, and park.. so is that true? the same all the way? where can i find authentic and reliable source for this? really really interesting. 😀 and i want to know more about it.

          • ashley says:

            that’s not true, that’s just the most popular family names there are a lot more like Choi, Shim, Jung, and Han just to name a few of many family names.

          • Toilet says:

            Ignore the other people, it’s not true. They have three family names who are allowed to have children ‘kim, lee and park’ but because the gene pool in korea is so small and centuries of inbreeding has led to incredibly featureless round flat faces, little legs, no boobs and a propensity to violence actions and screaming.

  4. Serina says:

    omg…the top two look like men

  5. loomz says:

    i got scraed then i thought it was a joke and that u put some ugly photo” joo youn’s” as the forth member just for fun !!

    but its true and now i am more scared !!
    Jooshhi do some sergries that ok , i mean u have to .. plz

  6. OOOOKaaayy! says:

    y is joo yeons face that long? is her lips closed with her mouth open or is ti just like that. sne still cool tho.

  7. ajstew says:

    Yeah, she really is a horse face and difficult to look at without feeling sick to the stomach.

  8. helio says:

    They need to get rid of Joo Yeon! Her rapping sucks!

  9. shinee grl says:

    thank goodness i wasnt the only one that thought joo yeon looked like a female version of jay park! good luck to these girls anyway!

  10. Julie Mason says:

    lol @ Serina
    Julie from Mobile Hairdresser

  11. Aiashine says:

    Aww. Jewerly is back~ Baby J yo~ Its time to shine!

  12. dee says:

    oh my goodness..wth happend to that joo yeon lady’s face?
    sorry, but i cant stop laughing LOL

  13. hithar says:

    I see Jay Park, IU & Hye Lim the other girl looks familiar too but I can’t ID her.

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