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Kim Tae-hee failed the princess test?

After “Secret Garden” drama ended, “My Princess” drama is getting all the attention now.

Recently on MBC’s official website for only “My Princess” drama, there was a picture posted saying “First Assignment for the princess”.

Check out the test below:

Did you notice that she got a ZERO in the test? She stated “Aigoo, so embarrassing, zero on a test, but from Seoul University.”

This test is for the upcoming episode for the drama that will air tomorrow. It will show that she has to learn a lot just to get to the position to be an official princess.

Look forward for upcoming news on “My Princess” drama.

So if you would have to take that test, do you think you would pass it?


31 Comments on “Kim Tae-hee failed the princess test?”

  1. Hi-D says:

    Kim Tae-Hee is so pretty! who cares if she didnt pass the test! 🙂

  2. bummiie says:

    agree ^^

  3. marie kilbane says:

    I love her dress and feel like in 1950’s

  4. ara says:

    the dress is beautiful, but the necklace is too much. a simple diamond that match the crown will look better… hem….
    but really really love the dress. perhaps if it’s bone white, it will look even more great.

    • Kevin says:

      She’s probably not a virgin and so shouldn’t get married in white.

      • bd says:

        You think Kate Middleton is, much less 85% of the women who marry?

        • kay says:

          There’s no way Waity Katy could have scored Prince William by staying a virgin. Royalty these days are pretty vulgar anyway.

          • Kevin says:

            She does look like she’s filthy. But to be fair, if it wasn’t for all the gold and gems, I think Prince William would be punching far above his weight.

            He’s a bit geeky looking.

            • ara says:

              er.. i was just commenting about the dress.. and neck piece…. i thought it was better bone white than the pale pink salmon. nothing else.
              sorry for the person who’s the subject of this article. and *i don’t know how it could be related to* HRH Prince William and Ms. Middleton.

              so… er.. peace? everyone?

  5. Dovey says:

    Well, what is on that test anyway? I’d probably get 0 on it, too. >_>

  6. Chicken says:

    She must retake the test, for she shall fulfill her destiny of being the top politician in Korea!

  7. dehbak says:

    oh come on…in reality, she’s an SNU grad!

  8. k-pop says:

    awww..shes so piti with that dress

  9. springmelody says:

    I like her fashion and she is so

  10. sevenaza says:

    ahhh..i dont care she fail or not dat exam..wat important thing is the exam just in drama not reality. I know Kim tae hee is really clever lorr..fighting for MY PRINCESS drama 🙂

  11. song min ah says:

    these guys wouldn’t know about these universities since it’s obvious in their words that they never did graduate and truly learn from a university. what a pity.

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