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Yoona’s Look-a-Like

In the past, Yoona‘s looks were compared to Chinese actress Nora Miao (“Way of the Dragon”), but now she has another look-a-like: a 12-year-old model (Korean age).

While busy with activities in Japan, it was revealed that there is a (very) young Japanese model, named MONA, who looks a lot like the Girls Generation mascot, Yoona. Even their names are the similar.

Fans from both countries are pointing out the similar facial features as the main reason for their similarity. Wow. On top of that, they’re both quite lean skinny and but pretty nonetheless.

Korean fans are finding it hard to believe that MONA is only 12, considering that Yoona is 22 years old. Others are getting into a quarrel over who’s better looking, but is it really worth comparing an elementary school student to a girl in her 20’s?

Anyway, do you think these two look similar? What do you think of that 10 year age gap?


98 Comments on “Yoona’s Look-a-Like”

  1. kim Dung I says:

    me first!!

    • Muchacha says:

      “But many who are first will be last, and many who are last will be first.”

    • dan says:

      you realize your name translated is: SHIT KIM

      • Roberta says:

        ..and this comment a lot.

      • colie says:

        you do realize that shit in korean is DDONG not dung. dung already means shit in english

      • 지용 says:

        you realize his name is DUNGI, not DUNG. Learn to read.

        • Toilet says:

          No one cares. So just get back to trying to be Korean like all you Americans in here.

          • 지용 says:

            clearly you know very little about anything. I have constantly proven I am Korean by posting my speed tests showing that I am indeed living in Korea, get a life dirty American.

            • Toilet says:

              Well, we all know koreans desperately want to be american, so even if you’re a real korean, I can still watch you grovelling on the floor while your american masters tell you to beg and roll over like a well trained pet.

              It’s fun for me to watch, and it’s probably fun for you to do.

              Now, beg for another dog biscuit… come on korean.. beg for it.

    • sulli91 says:

      MONA might be prettier in 10 yrs but right now yoona is prettier. But if u compared Yoona as age 12… MONA hands down is prettier obviously.

      • Kevin says:

        They’re both pretty uggles. Let’s be fair.

        But I’m sure the Korean CEO ajhussis love the younger one, you know how the Korean CEO Ajhussis are about young girls.

        • bd says:

          More like loser white guys who troll for underaged girls and boys in SE Asia.

          • Kevin says:

            No, more like korean and japanese guys who like young girls, like the CEO Ajhussis

            • 지용 says:

              WTF is an ajhussis? That’s not even proper romanization. That’s like saying “yeah orld whyteh men like young girls”

              • Toilet says:

                I don’t care what the romanisation is, because no one knows Korean, It’s better to spend your time learning a good language, like Japanese or Spanish.

                • 지용 says:

                  Spanish is useful if you fail at life and live in the USA. Japanese is no more useful than Korean.

                • Toilet says:

                  That’s not entirely true. Because spain is a good country and you can use spanish in lots of fun places in south america, like peru or mexico.

                  However, Korean is only useful if you’re a filipino, malaysian-chinese or vietnamese who was imported from a catalogue to be a bride to a korean farmer or you’re an american GI who wants to talk to his bride.

                  Where i’m from in Europe, there are only 2 universities who study anything vaguely korean, and about 100+ which study japanese studies, so you’re wrong in so many ways.

        • WTH is this?! says:

          They’re not even pretty..Yoona is an average little teenager..I don’t quite understand why fans think she is the sexy and shit. Damn..those shitty fans need know what the term sexy is. And WTF is wrong with make money by training little kids to become singers and next thing you know they debut and most of them cant sing. The only reason why these entertainment companies are making money is because they’ve been training these poor kids how to be cute and how to throw little gay piece signs in every goddamn picture. & also, screw all the douchebags out there who tries to get rookie celebs to sleep with them to enhance their “celebrity” status..what kind of business is this, that’s sick!

    • azacana says:

      To c0mPaRe ThEm 2 i ThInK iLl cHo0sE y0oNa

  2. Blehbleh says:

    Haha no…. The 12 year old is prettier by far.

    • didie says:

      yeah, so true. beside being a 12 y.o in Japan means you’re not allowed to get any plastic surgery yet, so yes, she’s totally natural. and yoona? only heaven knows she’s a real human being or just another plastic barbie

      • Kevin says:

        In Korea they positively encourage plastic surgery, so if she was in Korea she would have at least had her eyelids done.

        • winwoot says:

          that mean , korean’s fake(for idol mostly)

        • WTH is this says:

          Majority of everyone in Korea is made full of plastic. The only people you see that are good looking are celebs which turns out they went under the knife. You hardly see anyone that’s decent looking once you’re in Korea.

          • Kevin says:

            Are you suggesting that korean-pop isn’t representative of true korea, and that when these S.E. Asians commenting are imported from their catalogue into korea they will be horrified to see that their new korean farmer husband doesn’t look like a k-pop star? Is that what you’re suggesting?

  3. marie kilbane says:

    wow!! Both girls age differents and they are real pretty young ladies

  4. Kay says:

    Nora looks real good in this photo. They really look alike here. But Yoona is waay more charismatic. So sorry bt hands down, its Yoona 4 me

  5. Chicken says:

    Mona looked old for her age!!

  6. theZEUSluv13 says:

    “MONA” is not that pretty…

  7. miley says:

    Another ugly donky

  8. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    I think Yoona is prettier.

  9. Anh says:

    Mona definitely. Yoona looks plain and boring to me.

  10. james says:

    I still don’t get why people find Yoona pretty. she’s skinny to the point of skeletal it’s painful to look at her. And her mouth…her lower jaw sticks out while her upper teeth/ lip hollows in. I wouldn’t even glance at her twice if she walked past on the street. Seohyun is way prettier.

    • Kevin says:

      Because Korean guys love skeletons with no boobs?

      • winwoot says:

        hahah . agree . so maybe korean guys can even fall for a skeleton , who knows .

      • kingka says:

        i like skeletons with boobs

      • SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

        It’s better than a really fat girl who weighs over 250 kg…

        • Tyra says:

          And there you go with the “fat=unworthy person” mentality again! God, your shallow-mindedness is so annoying! I truly hope you find someone who loves you despite your faults because frankly, all your comments make you come across as such an unlikable snob!

          • SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

            Yeah? Ur point is…. what?

            • Tyra says:

              Lol, if I have to explain my point (which should be obvious!) then you’re even more of a pathetic person than originally thought! But, oh well! People like you are simply annoying and I cringe when I think of what precious time I’ve already wasted on you. Fortunately, I’ve learned my lesson, so whatever!

              • Kevin says:

                Last time she was saying she didn’t like black people marrying koreans.. now it’s about debasing fat people. where does it end?

                • SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

                  i never said anything like that. I just said that “I MYSELF” wouldn’t like to marry a black person or others except koreans.

                  I never said koreans can’t date black people.

                  Jeez, get ur facts straight…

                • Darth says:

                  If you were really a korean girl from korea, you’d love dating black african guys who pretend to be from USA. Korean women love dating them. They normally date one, and then find out he’s not really from USA and they cry.

  11. GRRRR !!!!! says:

    Yoona is more cute!
    nora miao dont look good when she smiles.
    but the serious face looks pretty

  12. Henry says:

    Well they are not that closely look alike but I admit there are still some resemblances. Same thing with Nora Miao. (I’m quite familiar with her because I’m a Bruce Lee fan. But I think Manny Pacquiao is a better fighter) Anyways regarding Yoona’s look-a-like I have a neighbhor that resembles her more closely than those ladies mentioned. Haven’t attempted courting her yet because she’s only 16.

  13. Aya says:

    i think it’s kinda creepy *in some kind of way which i cant tell why* that Mona *with that face* only 12 yo

    • Toilet says:

      K-pop is and will always be creepy.

      • GRRRR !!!!! says:

        shes chinese that namo girl

      • ihpwaaf says:

        alright. you need to fucking calm your fucking balls. i literally see you comment on every single goddamn post and its fucking pissing me off.

        congratulations that you live in fucking europe and that no one there gives a fucking shit about the korean language. whoop de fucking do.

        and also. why the hell are you on a korean site if your trashing this fucking site with your damn comments? okay. if youre going to do that, why not make your own fucking antikpop site and bitch about korea all you fucking want? i get that you want to voice your fucking opinion about kpop articles, but i think every single one isnt neccessary.

        get off your fucking european ass from the computer screen, get off this fucking site, and get a fucking life. you ignorant bastard.

        ps. im korean and i dont really like kpop either, but you just piss me off.

        • Toilet says:

          First thing: You’re not korean. You’re an american heritage-leech and you have an american passport which makes you cry.

          Second thing: This is good sport.

          Third thing: Your cultural-parasitism is just going to get you rejected from the american mainstream tribe.

          • ihpwaaf says:

            yeah okay bitch. shut the fuck up cuz i have a fucking korean passport.
            youre not korean, so sit your fucking european ass down, cunt.

            yeah. your name fits in amazingly with your retarded character. toliet, for “i eat shit and drink piss, or whatever comes out of an anus.”

            • Toilet says:

              Your ‘korean’ passport that you made out of card, sellotape and some printed paper, which you hold in the air and say ‘i’m a real korean now!!’ and then you cry, before going out to starbucks and then wallmart. Face facts, you abandoned korea to live in USA, and now you’re just another cultural parasite residing in USA trying to be ‘asian again’

              Yes, i’m not a korean, because i don’t dress like a ladyboy and cry about the fact they stole dokdo. I’m european, so i have absolutely no interest in korea or koreans. I call it the sea of japan.

              FYI. It’s arse not ass.

  14. queenbqty says:

    Yoona has hundreds of lookalikes, the majority of them are sitting in trees catching flies with their tongues. yoona learned to use her tongue for another thing, which is why she is famous, ask LSM or any other of the ahjusshis she provides fanservice to.

  15. kingka says:

    i’m a Ceo and i’m lovin it

  16. kpopobsess says:

    Hahah these comments makes me laugh^^
    why are you even on here if you’re going to sit there and criticize kpop like that? Oh wait, of course it’s because you people have no life.
    Some people are really pathetic lol Totally make my day

    Anyway, they really have a lot of resemblance in these pictures.
    But Mona looks really old for a 12 year old.

    • Darth says:

      Yes, you are pathetic. But that’s mainly because you’re obsessed with K-pop and are full of self loathing for your own culture.

      Should be easy to resolve though and bring you back into the light of normality.

      • Kpopobsess says:

        Uhmm first of all you don’t even kno me and for ur smarty a$$ information I happen to love my culture and where I come from, just becuz I’m obsessed with something doesn’t mean I’m not normal. Second of all, last time I checked I don’t see ur name on the news as being famous or anything, so stop dissing on the talented people of Kpop. But so even if they’re not talented, at least they can do something with their life unlike some losers.

        • Kevin says:

          Look I don’t measure personal success through ‘fame’, that’s what adherents to the ‘cult of celebrity’ like you do when you’re worshipping koreans. Just because you’re an uneducated pleb and the only way your children can get anywhere in this world is to have them be ‘famous’ on a talent show like pop idol or be a jester on a sports field, doesn’t mean it affects me.

          • Kpopobsess says:

            Ok, I wasn’t talking about personal success through fame dude. I was just making a point. Anyone can be successful with anything they do. And beside was I even talking to you. You just pop up from no where, unless ur Darth using a different name, then u Shuld mind ur own bussines

          • kpopobsess says:

            oh and two more things. Hell! I don’t care if it effects you or not! That’s your life, nothing to do with me. And keep thinking that you’re eduacated and calling other people uneducated when you don’t even know them. You might get somewhere after a few centuries…..oh wait you’ll be dead by then. Oops too late….
            haiz….what a poor life you have 😦
            you know I actually love people like you because I feel so bad for you. So I love you, thanks for making my day with these hilarious comments 🙂

            • Kevin says:

              It’s hardly difficult to know whether someone is educated or not by their responses.

              For example, the better educated people are, the less likely they are to assign ‘fame’ or ‘money’ as their success measures in life. The more a pleb and uneducated the person is the more likely they are to assign ‘money’ and ‘fame’ as their success measures, which is why uneducated plebs normally sit around watching tv, and force their kids to go on ‘fame-idol’ if they are a girl or ‘sports-team’ if they are a boy. That’s just how plebs work, so don’t think it’s difficult to spot.

  17. aaron78 says:

    of course yoona is prettier, cuter, and probably funnier..
    i detected the different.. their eyes! hehehe..
    i l0ve yoona’s eyes more, more, and more.. haha

  18. ImMysterio says:

    Yoona’s clon???
    i dont really like when people similarize her to another.. sorry..

  19. marie kilbane says:

    oh toliet that where you’re wrong about me for not liking europeans, you’re the one dislike everyone from all over world except your own countries.. you are very selfish person.. I like everybody , doesn’t matter where they are from.. you think like you FORGET IT.. you have potty mouth

  20. d1968leon says:

    The naughty princess Yoona’s eyes are definitely gorgeous. That’s what made her incomparable to others.

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