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Lee Min-jung for “High Cut” magazine

Lee Min-jung recently shot a photo spread for “High Cut” magazine.

The theme of the photo spread was “She Was Pretty”. Lee Min-jung participated in the long photo shoot with minimum make-up on and natural long hair. She showed off her chic and sexy side rather than her usual feminine and lovely style. Lee Min-jung wore around ten outfits for the shoot including a black Micheal Kors tube dress and a white Dior trenchcoat.

If you want to see more of Lee Min-jung, make sure to get a look at the upcoming issue of “High Cut” magazine!


43 Comments on “Lee Min-jung for “High Cut” magazine”

  1. Pretty girl even in rollers !

  2. okay says:

    Pretty but I’m not a big fan. 😉

  3. CLM says:

    she look different

  4. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    she looks tan in these photos……

  5. Nigar says:

    she looks so beautiful

  6. LMJ says:

    I like her.. she’s pretty, but is it me or does it look like she has hair extensions …If all that is her real hair…she needs to get a touch up lol

  7. Darth says:

    Duplo headband is duplo.

    (erratum: it’s probably not duplo but a ‘korean original invention’ called ‘dooplo’)

  8. kingka says:

    haha…i’m a ceo-ajhussi and i’m offended by this statement.

  9. Aya says:

    hmm? why they didn’t trim her eyebrow nicely?

  10. Julie Mason says:

    I love Lee Min-jun black dress she’s wearing. It’s so beautiful.
    Julie from Mobile Hairdresser

  11. HyeRin says:

    she was pretty…pale there!!

  12. Sydney says:

    She looks pale and oily face in black dress

  13. jUniooOr says:

    wow she looks sooo different here… Sooo pretty♥♥♥

  14. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Benton Pang, Phd, BIL. BIL said: Lee Min-jung for “High Cut” magazine: Lee Min-jung recently shot a photo spread for “High Cut” magazine. The the… […]

  15. crazyworld says:

    looks cute i think 🙂

  16. marie kilbane says:

    she’s sexy in black dress

  17. marie kilbane says:

    Hey darth, I kick your butt outta of world!! yeah right, thank you for calling me grandma! I love it 😛

    • Hey Marie – Why don’t we flip him the “Jersey Salute” on the count of three – ready – Hana ! Tul ! Set ! There – I know I feel better !! (:-)

      • Tyranosaurus Rocks says:

        Jersey is an island near the French coast.. they don’t have a salute. Just so you know and don’t look really ignorant tosser.

        They do have cows.

      • marie kilbane says:

        LOL! David.. yep !! Oh Tyranosaurus is jealous of amercia.. that why he ( dinoaurs) talks too much about his own cultures…

        • Tyranosaurus Rocks says:

          No one is jealous of USA. Americans are basically prozac-numbed retards who basically go around doing whatever Israel tells you to do like pets, while they grab land off Palestinian families and running a new apartheid with the $3’000’000’000 in aid you give them every year.

          That’s not jealousy, it’s just you doing what you’re told.. now roll over because israel tells you to…come on.. roll over…. you are a well trained pet aren’t you.

          *pats you on the head*

          • marie kilbane says:

            hey dinosaurs.. who do you think you are better than anyone? NO! you are not!

            • Watermelon says:

              So you just suggested that everyone wants to live in USA and is jealous of USA and now you found out no one is jealous of USA you’re now crying and saying “you’re not better than me”? USA delusion of grandeur?

  18. sweetgirl1990 says:

    She’s pretty and all but her eyes always have the same expression. like What am i?

  19. kAlicHinkA says:

    Idk. I don’t like her pictures. I have nothing against her but all her pictures have no expressions. Her outfits looked great on her. But I didn’t like face expressions. Kind of like reading a boring book.

  20. PhayeG21 says:

    Her look inspires me to make a headband out of Legos!

  21. ilaicute says:

    she’s really beautiful ……….no doubt!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Eunice says:

    Wow. What a boring, uninspired editorial… her modeling and facial expressions are horrible. And the styling and photos are really bad. That’s too bad, I’m sure she could’ve turned out some excellent photos with a different stylist and photographer.

  23. Orange_Fun says:

    She obviously is beautiful, but her modeling looks very stiff.

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