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SS501’s Park Jung-Min says that he is “Not Alone”

Our handsome Park Jung-Min released his first solo MV just minutes ago. His MV is so popular now that you can see it in any kpop website now.

The song is such a catchy one, who should we thank?

His new dark looks shows a sexy/hot side of him. He is getting fans saying “He was so cute on SS501 and he is still so beautiful *—* Park Jung-Min♥ fighting ~ (:”  and something also like “I like the song, but with that hair and make-up Jung-Min looks like he’s about to go hunt a gumiho like No Min-woo”.

Check out the MV below, and you decide:

So what do you guys think of his new looks? Charismatic, cute, or super hot?



39 Comments on “SS501’s Park Jung-Min says that he is “Not Alone””

  1. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    I love his black coat.
    I have something similar too that except it’s gray.

    i love his new hairstyle.
    But i wish SS501 can make a debut soon…

  2. ywidjaja says:

    He looks cool… 🙂 what’s the meaning of gumiho anyway 🙂

  3. HUH?? says:

    Fail as a singer

  4. marie kilbane says:

    He singing without SS501 groups.. I don’t know.. I don’t like the video

    • Glamorous Sky says:

      he is doing his solo debut as Park Jung Min SS501. and the rest members also doing the same. but SS501 still exist.

  5. OOOOKaaayy! says:

    dude that was punk i like it.

  6. Isabella says:

    wow! o.O amazing video! i wait for it too long ^^
    Park Jung Min! Fighting! ❤

  7. HyeRin says:

    the song is not bad although the mv is kinda boring (at least for me!!!) and you’re right about Jungminnie here looks a bit like the hot gumiho hunter No Min Woo…but JungMin is absolutely hotter…Well, my sexy charisma FIGHTINGG!!!! ^_^

    • czak says:

      agree with you. I was feeling the teaser of the MV but when the full MV got out I just closed my eyes cause the MV was just platonic.. i felt like there was no continuity with all the clips, it has an unharmonious feel to it…
      But i still love the song…

  8. KpopSyok says:

    How come im not first to comment??? T.T
    the mv is great 😀 yay Park Jung-Min <3333
    thankies for the post Lian…..(leKey ;D )

  9. k-pop says:

    amazing video! good job dude

  10. klaulegaspi8 says:

    He was hot before, now he is HOTTER :”>

  11. queenbqty says:

    The song is great. The MV is awesome. Park Jung Min was always hot, but his new look is scorching! Buy his album!
    Go Jung Minnie!!!!
    SS501 Fighting!!!!

    • Toilet says:

      you just liked the ‘f******ck” sunglasses and the homosexual policemen dancing around him at 01:43.

      • queenbqty says:

        Lol, Johnson/toilet, what the hell are you talking about? You just had to have something to say to me!
        You will never change my mind about Park Jung Min or any other member of SS501, they are my passion, so I hope you are not taking these intermittent interludes we are sharing too seriously, because I’m sure not. I just like to argue and see who I can irritate.

        • Glamorous Sky says:

          thanks Toilet.. i know u love Jung Min so much. thanks for your concern.
          ur comments just make me love Jung Min more & more & more….

  12. shereena says:

    From a Boy Become A Man…But The Makeup To Over

  13. kimmi says:

    i love this song!!! >.< park jung-min FIGHTING!!!! ❤

  14. crazyMAL says:

    Omo~! I think i’m too late ! My sexy charisma PARK JUNG MIN mr. CEO ‘ u’r even hot before but now u’r totally HOTTER and even more HOTTER ! Haha .. I hope i’m the gumiho u’r hunting (if then)… Haha!

    Can’t wait for your comeback SS501 fighting ^,^

  15. Janice says:

    I’m am officially addicted to this song!! >_< So are my friends! I have to listen to this everyday!!

  16. Ka Yang says:

    Omgah So Awesome!

  17. rosylove says:

    his song is very good
    his hair is not look like no min woo.

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