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Do you recognize her?

It’s Woo Eun-mi from Season 2 of Mnet “Superstar K“. (She also appeared as a contestant on Season 1, but got further in Season 2 when she auditioned again.)

Woo Eun-mi recently released her first EP album “You are a Bad Man“. Her voice has always been amazing, but what grabbed the attention of the netizens was her physical transformation. She looks significantly different after undergoing cosmetic surgery. The make-up also enhances the effects of surgery.

Woo Eun-mi definitely looks different from her auditioning days on “Superstar K“. Do you like the new Woo Eun-mi?

Below is the MV for her single “You are a Bad Man“.



87 Comments on “Do you recognize her?”

  1. Wow says:

    She looks… soo.. DIFFERENT! Woo first!

  2. mshizzle says:

    idk her but does this mean she got surgery?…it looks like it…not everything is about looks… if you got a voice then damn… show them your voice but dont change your looks…you can upgrade with make up but goin through surgery is too much…oh well…she prolly got the money for anyways…sorry if i offended ya if you guys are her fan…shes got a BEAUTIFUL VOICE…and she had her own beauty before all that happened…

    • Muchacha says:

      The most popular explanation given by Kpop fanbase in such threads is that one has lost a baby fat and that’s why looks different.
      Let’s stick to that.

      • Flippetyflip says:

        Yes, let’s say she’s lost her baby fat and not mention the huge amount of plastic surgery because that will prevent me from falling into a state of cognitive shock, rather than deal with the fact my korean neo-god isn’t natural and perfect.

  3. GRRRR !!!!! says:

    shes not even pretty after make up or surgery.

  4. dan says:

    1.EYES- done
    2.CHIN- done

  5. nikki says:

    …uh, that’s the best they could do???

  6. marie kilbane says:

    She’s beautiful sad

  7. Darth says:

    Is it one of those dancing skeletons out of SNSD?

  8. Toilet says:

    She’s got massive teeth, a big round moon face, little eyes, a fringe and no boobs so she must be ….. your typical korean?

    Oh wait, she’s had plastic surgery and now looks like a chinese person.

  9. Alice says:

    people who comment bad and insult are just plain funny. whats wrong with surgery? people have rights to be preety, theres nothing wrong about it. there’s one thing about human, if the persons ugly, we human talk how ugly she is, when the person became preety people will 100% said owh she have a surgery, owh shes so plastic. deal with it man. hello human right man, remember? it does exist.

    • Toilet says:

      hmm, the human right to be pretty… that’s a fun one.

      It’s funny how you malaysian mind-slaves will bend over backwards cognitively in order to explain away the failings of your korean neo-gods. Overseas chinese hating being chinese is funny.

    • Aya says:

      ahahahahaha i find your comment is really funny….and i cracked in the “100%” and “human right”

      please learn something about human right and while you’re at it please learn also about social-culture and women empowerment and you will know why i laughed

      ahahhahaha you’re funny….

      • OOOOKaaayy! says:

        i didnt quite understand your wording alice but i kno wut ur saying.just dont use human right.

        • Michellee says:

          LOL at ‘the right to be pretty’.
          What chuu tryna say Alice? Yes, there’s nothing wrong with being pretty but if you’re going to change yourself just to gain other people’s approval then it’s stupid and dumb.

          • eru says:

            Yes that would be stupid and dumb. But even so, it IS a human right to make your own choice about plastic surgery. Not a human right to be pretty though, but I trust that you understand the difference. I think it is totally possible to go through plastic surgery and then feel way better about yourself, thus, for some, become more happy. Not because of how others look at you, but how you look at yourself. Of course, this is not the reality for most people. Most people go through plastic surgery for the sake of others, and because of pressure from others. Thats a bad thing. Does not mean that you can bash anyone who might have gone through surgery based on a good and well reflected choice.

            You guys obviously make a lot of fuss about how important looks is when making plastic surgery into such a big deal, giving her a lot of pressure about it, especially when pointing out the very simple and inadequate point that beauty will always only be for the sake of others, never for one self. And then making a big deal out of how ugly she looks now? Oh man….

            Beauty is not that important. So stop fussing about it in this naive and simple manner making it into such a big deal.

            • Aristotle says:

              What about the rights of those young children who are getting brainwashed by these korean celebrities having plastic surgery? You know such young kids don’t have the right moral mindset yet to understand the implications of having surgery, these celebrities getting surgery should not only think about themselves, they should think about the young vulnerable kids that worship them. They are idols for a reason, they are there to teach kids about morality, about life, about core human values, not selfish goals. You say that celebrities have a human right to look good, but what about these young children, don’t they have a right to not be brainwashed? We should not promote a society where plastic surgery is normalised, it is immoral, and that’s what we should be teaching our kids. Plastic surgery is only for people who have severe burns, severe deformities.

    • elle says:

      So technically feet binding wearing corsets and starving yourself are forms of rights people have to make themselves pretty. What’s the difference, both are physically mutilating their normal physical appearance to look and fit in to the ideals of beauty at the time. Plastic surgery is not a human right, you can’t just get it because you want to, you need to be assessed by a plastic surgeon to determine whether it’s safe and suitable for you. Though in most cases in Korea, they’ll let you do it and suggest even more so they can make more money. Just fueling for more bodily insecurities.
      Don’t throw around “human right” like you actually know what it means. Non medical plastic surgery is no more than being a slave to conformity.

      • Kevin says:

        Look, let’s be fair, half of all americans have had systematic and ritualistic non-consentual neo-natal plastic surgery. Because americans don’t have soap or showers they engage in the cultural practise of male genital mutilation (MGM) at birth, which goes against the internationally accept right to the bodily integrity of a child. This is for aesthetic, lack of soap, and incapability washing reasons, so you can at least say that most male americans have had plastic surgery.

        Besides all the rich americans need the by-products for their ‘Oprah’ foreskin facecream.

        • paula says:

          you always bring up that circumcision thing. I worry for you, were you snipped as a baby without consent? Indeed it’s wrong not to have the child grow older before letting get their own opinions, but that’s the way religion works in it’s sad twisted way.

          • Handcart says:

            I think you’ll find he brought it up because it’s a case of where widespread non-consentual plastic surgery is accepted by society and forced on people, in the same way that it is in Korea.

            In USA they actively work to prevent females have this happen in africa, and yet in a contradictory fashion, work towards promoting it in men, this is because rich americans need the stem cells for their face cream so they harvest it from poor americans through manipulation.

        • ana says:

          Lol, your comments/observations about Americans never fail to make me laugh! 😉

  10. Muchacha says:

    But the girl on the photos above and the one in the video isn’t the same person? Or is she?

  11. Rocky says:

    Not only the make-up help her get pretty,she has plastic done all over.You must be blind or stupid if you say that she didn’t.Now she looks like Park Bom(of course she go to the same surgeon)

  12. lina says:

    she does lok better but it’s sad that even when having a good voice she couldn’t get further becfause of her looks. Talent is what should be apreciatted here.

  13. sweetgirl1990 says:

    She was quoted saying she got plastic surgery for her fans. Yes for her fans instead of herself….just weird oh well I personally don’t think it helped her much on looks..yeah her guys got bigger but her looks in terms of prettiness is the same from her old self

  14. peace says:

    I think Asian entertainment industry, specially Korean’s focus too much on looks rather than the talent. I know there are good looking talented singers and actors out there but every time i see those girl bands and boy bands, I see a lot of posers. sad

    • Eeeekkk says:

      what’s even more sad is them ‘posers’ are what keeps Korea’s music industry alive LOL. Without crappy Kpop, their music industry would never see outside of Korea, at least IMO.

  15. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    She looks sorta scary…
    anyway, i agree that she has changed a lot from when i saw her in Superstar K.

    i don’t like Superstar K… but i still watch it…

  16. lian95 says:

    Nice Article… the MV was kindv =S

  17. mk says:

    I think it was bad move getting the surgery, she still doesn’t look attractive.

  18. dee says:

    she looks like a’s not her fault, she has right to be pretty
    but her surrounding is force her to do the surgery

  19. nicole says:

    can you blame the stereotypes of Korean celebs all being plastic?

  20. Marco says:

    She’s unattractive before and after.

  21. elle says:

    she doesn’t look much better with the enlarged eyes. I would have at least respected her for staying natural but now, meh, just another plastic trying to get attention and love by changing their outta appearance.

  22. k-popfollower says:

    You guys fail to remember that this a REAL person here. I doubt she was influenced by her surroundings to get plastic surgery. She probably choose to on her own. I personally think it did improve her looks a little. It’s kinda hard to convince someone to get plastic surgery unless they already wanted it.

    • sweetgirl1990 says:

      Her company asked her to get it. At the beginning she used to refuse. She would get a lot of plastic surgery offers and turned them down. This time she accepted and according to her she did it for her fans. Which made no sense.

      • Eeeekkk says:

        its sad but these companies only look out for THEIR own interests and with her having plastic surgery(fail), it would mean more commercial offers, maybe even into acting not to mention guesting on variety shows. The fact that she is said to have the vocal talent does not mean squat to these people. We all know Kpop singers(and I use that word very lightly hehe) are a dime a dozen so, let’s just say her vocals is the bait to hook in the bigger prize which is endorsement deals, offers for acting, guesting on variety shows, etc.

        • Kevin says:

          what’s sad, is that you imbeciles support these companies by buying all this twaddle from them, making them force more people to have plastic surgery.

    • paula says:

      Hello? this is Korea we’re talking about. Do you know how common it is for even the PARENTS of Korean children to put down their own kid’s looks and pressure them to do plastic surgery so they’ll be presentable to society? They did it out of “love” but they probably don’t know how much they bashed their self confidence every time they told their child they have small eyes and that they should get it fixed.

    • didie says:

      i agree. she volunteered it. if not, how come she ended up doing selcas? she must have fallen in love with her new plastic face

    • Kevin says:

      We’re all influenced by our surroundings to make decisions. That’s how life is. Doubting she’s influenced by her environmental context just shows how deeply you are trying to use ‘distortion’ to make her life fit in with your needs.

  23. Meg says:

    In my opinion, too many Korean’s opt to have plastic surgery in order to appear more attractive to society. And I think that way of thinking is rejecting what set Korean’s apart from other Asian races. It is like they are denying who they are as a race and want to erase the Korean facial features. Furthermore, it seems like the problem is deeper than most people seem to realize. Because, everyday life in Korea influences people to change how they look through plastic surgery and that is a learned behavior.

    • ashley says:

      so true

    • Eeeekkk says:

      u forgot to mention something about them wanting to keep their country a “one race country”, but yet they keep “erasing” all their features trying to look ‘westernized’. They keep pushing their culture on everyone else like saying stuff about being proud to be korean, but at the same time they keep erasing their culture by getting rid of their cultures features…

      • Toilet says:

        They keep changing their looks so they look more ‘chinese’, and then they move to USA to be american because they hate their own culture.

        It’s nothing about looking more ‘western’ because in Korea lots of girls prefer to date black dudes from USA or africa.

        The weird thing is, if koreans dislike their culture so much that they prefer to move to USA in droves, then why do they go around forcing their culture down filipino and malaysian’s throats and then say their culture is the best.

        If they love their one race so much, then why do they marry black dudes so much?

  24. jezz says:

    my god..100% different..scary

  25. jo says:

    I’m so sad that she gave up to the pressure and went under the knife
    it’s the sad reality of kpop

  26. Dovey says:

    Plastic wh***, what else can I say? It’s sad though, that females especially are the ones who feel pressured to go under the knife to garner the attentions of men and women alike, not just with their awesome vocal talents, but with unnatural looks as well…

  27. OOOOKaaayy! says:

    they need to put news of jung joori up here i love her shes awesome.

  28. wonderballs says:

    have you seen her first music video???? so funny!!!! Go KPOP

  29. CeceliaS69 says:

    Her voice is good WTF emitting to PS to get accepted by society is though another story and NO GOOD!!!

  30. paula says:

    Just watch 200 pound beauty. the answer is plastic surgery. even where you don’t need it.

  31. miley says:

    This is true Korean beauty. I like korean eyes, esp., Ga-in, Sulli and Young Bae, so cute…

    • Handcart says:

      Their eyes are fake.

    • SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

      What the heck are “Korean eyes”?
      It’s called double or single eyelids.

      But there are actually real Korean beauties that has a pretty nose, small face, and double eyelids. Just saying…

      • Watermelon says:

        Korean genes are typically big round moon face, no boobs, tiny eyes, single eyelids and little legs. This girl in the photo looks like a typical korean, but she wanted to look more chinese, so she had surgery. that’s just how koreans re.


        • SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

          That’s not true. You’re just stereotyping.

          I have a small, v-line face and big eyes, double eyelids, and long but skinny legs.

          That’s not how koreans are. Maybe a few koreans, but most of them are just korean. even i don’t want to look chinese, and i don’t.

  32. noi says:

    … heck i even prefer her old face. i mean, she didn’t look pretty even after the cosmetic surgery. =,=’

  33. mariasocial says:

    did she has eyelid surgery?

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