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Song Ji-hyo cuts her long hair off…

… for her next project.It has been a long four years since Song Ji-hyo last starred in a television drama. She is coming back as Jo Min-joo in the KBS drama “Crime Squad“. Her haircut shows her dedication to the work.

Song Ji-hyo stated, “At first it was very awkward because I haven’t received a haircut in such a long time. I think it will be a hair style fitting to Jo Min-joo. Min-joo is a bright and positive character and I thought a light and playful hairstyle will suit her more. I feel like I come upon a new conclusion after a haircut. I will try my best to dedicate time and effort to the KBS drama “Crime Squad“.

What do you think of Song Ji-hyo‘s new haircut?


83 Comments on “Song Ji-hyo cuts her long hair off…”

  1. GRRRR !!!!! says:

    awww so cute!!

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  3. dan says:

    she kicks ass. she would look good even if bald.

  4. OOOOKaaayy! says:

    shes still super pretty

  5. Raluca says:

    I want her hair longerrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  6. marie kilbane says:

    Long hair is hard work to brush hair and Now she had her hair cut was alot of easier while she brush her hair.. I think she’s real pretty

  7. okay says:

    I really find her pretty. I was even rooting for her in Goong drama. Haha.

  8. Flower says:

    I prefer Yoon Eun Hye!!!

  9. Flippetyflip says:

    is this one of those korean boyband members? which boyband is he in? Shinee or super junior??

    • lol says:

      I guess you need a glasses badly. But it’s fine, I believe aside from eyesight failure, single digit IQ humanoids are often blabbering shit as a form of hiding their inferiority complex of the horror they are subjected to daily, when they look into the mirror. Sigh.

      • Tyranosaurus Rocks says:

        Wow, such anger from someone who spends all their life updating their facelonelybook status to see if anyone out there responds.

        • lol says:

          It’s okay if you do not have any friends in real and have to go on Facebook all day long. You may refer to a plastic surgeon who may aid you in finding some friends and a life out there, after if dismantled you effed-up face and fix it back up again. Good luck. πŸ™‚

          • Tyranosaurus Rocks says:

            So what if I’m ugly? Just because the koreans you’re a pet to love plastic surgery doesn’t mean I do.

            Did your korean owners get you a new collar for christmas? Do they pat you on the head?

            • lol says:

              Hmm, maybe you did not receive a pat on your head (because you’re a slave that is :D) does not mean everyone have to live through pathetic lives like you. πŸ™‚ Now get a life out there instead of typing non-stop over here and to your god-damn Facebook again. Life’s not all about online, online AND online. So get a friggin life out there before you lie in the coffin, that’d be too late. But in my opinion, I’d rather just die if I don’t have a life. Awww.

          • marie kilbane says:

            I like my facebook and I spendt time on whenevr I can, NOT ALL DAY! Popseoul is far worse than facebook in my e-mail, I get them too many everyday, non-stop the comments!! I do have social life with friends on weekends.. I work during week!
            That’s Life!!!

            • Tyranosaurus Rocks says:

              You’re just lonely, so you spend all your time filling out some company’s psychological and behavioural marketing database and in return they tell you that you’ve got 100’000 friends..

              that’s how your life is.

  10. Tyranosaurus Rocks says:

    I think the person in this photo is Hunter, the brother of that untalented not-singer in 2ne1.

    • lol says:

      you are talking crap and making no sense. Get back to your rhinoceros momma’s womb and re-think on how’d you want to re-live your life.

      • Tyranosaurus Rocks says:

        Wow, just because you think korean men look masculine in their sequined dresses and ladies’ bras, doesn’t mean we care about your anger issues.

        Get back to licking korean people’s shoes, pinay.

        • lol says:

          I sniff loneliness in the air… Oh my just get a life out there instead of posing with different nicks every now and then thinking that people are single digit IQ like YOU and do not know. Perhaps, you could blame your momma for borning you with such low sense of substance that’s been reflected in your speech and actions. I pity you… Come on don’t just cry like that, be a man, won’t ya? πŸ˜€

          • Tyranosaurus Rocks says:

            So, you’re one of those imbeciles who reads what the person comments and then repeats it back to them as if you thought of it.

            Then you accuse me of having low IQ. hahahahahahaahha *breath* hahahahahahah

            • lol says:

              If replying more of my comments give you a sense of satisfaction and replacement of what you’ve been deprived off from the outside world, by all means do. My parents taught me not to bully the weak, beggars and low-lifes. *Pats Tyranosaurus Rocks’s head*

              • Tyranosaurus Rocks says:

                I get it, I say something original, and because you’re a mind-slave with no sense of originality, you repeat what I just said. I see how your mind works now.

                • yuck says:

                  you’re just crying cause you obviously met your match. haha it’s clear that lol here is funnier and wittier than you. loser. yay for lol!

                • slamdunk says:

                  someone has obviously met his/her match and betcha’ he/she is crying under the blanket now, and lonely as he/she is with no one comforting, i suppose he/she is starting to wet the bed. HAHAHAHAHHAHHAHAH

                • Tyranosaurus Rocks says:

                  If you think this ‘lol’ k-stroker is my match, you’re clearly an imbecile.

  11. kpop says:

    It’s ok to look cute but I see no boobies. What is she.. 12?

  12. nicky says:

    She still looks good!! Her was super loong too it must feel so much lighter getting all the weight of her hair off her shoulders!! I can’t wait to see her new drama!!

    Loooove song ji hyo!! Hwaiting

    • Tyranosaurus Rocks says:

      you like chicks who look really young and have no boobs. You should tell your therapist.

      • Annoyed says:

        Hoooly!! all i see ur name in ppl responces do u really have to say something. yeah why are u looking at the post in the first place??

  13. hana says:

    look so fresh!

  14. koreasparkle says:

    omo!!! u look so cute….

  15. lol's supporter says:

    is Tyranosaurus Rocks hanging himself from his bedroom yet?

    • Tyranosaurus Rocks says:

      No, he’s just laughing at you K-strokers and your cultural self-hatred, because that’s what you filipinos, malaysians and overseas chinese do.. you hang about all day wishing you were korean, when even koreans hate being korean.

      So keep pretending.. keep pretending..

      • IDC about ur issues says:

        well the last two words u said was true ,

        but the fact is … YOU ARE ACTULLY IN A KPOP WEBSITE

        • Tyranosaurus Rocks says:

          Do you mean comfortable or ‘comfertable’. It’s hard to tell through all your cultural self-hatred and korean stroking.

          Maybe you should spend some time not being like chewing-gum on korean people’s shoes.

          • ara says:

            maybe you should just stop. really.
            i didn’t mean to comment on yours, but scroll down and you’re all the way write everything except kindness.

            seriously. do you have any problem in being polite? are you some kind of under-developed personality disorder people? why do you have to be so evil , and this is just writings. I wonder how you act in your real life.

            are you some kind of… er.. 15 y.o who thinks that the world is against you all the time so that you need to act bad to everyone?

          • ara says:

            oh, and you kept on writing same things… lack of any improvement, eh?

  16. Dovey says:

    Dedication from cutting one’s hair? lol

    I don’t understand why so many girls hate cutting their hair short, but as for me I don’t mind one bit. It feels quite liberating actually, once you’ve gone from long to short.

  17. Meg says:

    I do not understand what the big deal is b/c the cut is simple and easy to maintain. In my opinion any hair style that is low maintenance is a good hair style.

  18. Tyranosaurus Rocks says:

    Why did this guy get his hair cut short?

  19. lol FTW! says:

    i’d gladly see ‘lol’ and loser ‘tyranosaurus rocks’ have a showdown, well, though the winner and loser is already obvious… the one who spend his whole life because of failed relationship, has to dedicate 100% full-time to be a keyboard warrior, for no one would befriend nor give that person a chance in the society. i mean, no one would befriend a loser, would anyone of you here do? surely not for me. okay enough said, i’m just afraid by now, the loser is already crying under ITS bed, after trying so hard and typing sooo many profound english, IT is a loser as IT already is. okay, i’ll stop before someone commits suicide =O hais, the world needs to be a better place. i feel very indignant living in a word amongst losers, thinking they would “stand out” while typing some profound english, thinking that in that way, they would be accepted in their society when it’s definitely not the case, and have to spent its whole life over here venting its frustrations. okay, that’s about all. i won’t be coming back here, i think writing once and for all would be good, though it’s a long one. well, it beats being a loser typing profound english, refreshing the page every second to see anyone have replied its comment. 1 word – LOSER. no, 2 words – LOSER-SHIT. bye everybadee!

  20. Tyranosaurus Rocks says:

    Sorry, my bad.

    It’s true that I don’t have much of a life in the outside world, in fact none, what I do daily would be buying my all-time favorite Camerons BBQ Chips from Walmart, get back home infront of my portable laptop (I do not know why do I have to get a ‘portable’ laptop when I’m spending 24 hours at home) and typing like a professional, when the fact is no one even wants to hire me. I’ve been rejected 49 times and I do not want a 50th time so please kind souls out there, pardon me for wasting my time here. It’s better than facing a 50th rejection, and by the time I do, reporters would be coming to my place and Law Enforcement Officials (cops I mean, pardon me, I love writing in philosophical and weighty English to garner attention) to collect my corpse.

    I know all of you have a life, as much as you love your Korean idols. I do not admire them, but I am inevitably envious of them. How can they make such a huge impact, while I, all I could do is staying at home doing nothing, and that’s all about how me and my life’s worth.

    You people may loathe, detest and even despise me, but let me tell you, that’s what I could do to feel a sense of belonging, because aside from not having a life, I do not have a job, friends, kins or anyone or even anything for me to look forward to in life, when I galvanize up in the morning, shock and petrified by what a loser have I become, after spending my life at home eating and sitting down infront of my laptop, for more than half a decade, now.

    If I could get a life out there, I would not be here. But I can’t. No one would want to even take a second glance at me, shake hands with me, and much less, hire me.

    I would be very happy if someone were to hire me as a critic blogger, then at least, I won’t be scorn at even though I’d be facing my laptop again, 24 hours a a day. For it’s a job.

    This if my life story. Now after you’ve read what a pathetic and sad life am I leading, and what a loner am I, please antagonize with me and stop rubbing salt to my wound.

    Just leave me as I am and I promise, when I’ve either gotten a job, or perhaps, a life out there, friends who are concerned for me and I’m not all alone by myself with no one, no money, no job and no kin… Believe me, I’ll be a different person.

    For now, I just want to sincerely apologize for what I have done to you K-pop lovers out there. i wouldn’t call you guys K-strokers any longer, I’ll just call you K-pop lovers so please stop calling me a loser. I really hurts from within.


    • Handcart says:

      I think you did a good job about the ghost writing for ‘Tyro’ but sadly he lives in europe and europe doesn’t have walmart, it doesn’t have Camerons BBQ Chips because it calls ‘chips’ .. crisps. Finally europeans call them policemen and women.. not cops.

      Other than that, you did a great job.

      • K-pop Potato says:

        My-bad is also american english, so it’s unlikely to have been written by the true ‘tyranosaurus rocks’

        It was probably penned by some butt-hurt pinay who is getting beaten by her korean farmer hubby all the time and wishes he looked more like a ladyboy, while the hubby treats her like a pet.

    • ol' brownie says:

      we forgive you , may eave prevail !!!

    • zee says:


      so now, find a life and don’t have personality disorder!! like what’s with being emotional, gaining sympathy and apologizing just the day before yet tries to act all tough again the very next day? -_- split personality much? XD

      • Johno says:

        Zee, We all think that you just wrote some nonsense and are attributing it to tyro. That means you’re showing signs of a sociological/pathological need to manipulate people.

        You should look at getting that diagnosed.

  21. Dona A. says:

    Was she the girl that played YEH’s rival in Goong? She’s does kinda look like a guy but i guess she looks pretty. lol.

    @Tyro*blahblahblah* YOU HAVE A SAD LIFE. I feel sorry for you. LOL!

    • Dona A. says:

      So i just read Tyro’s comment. I gotta apologize too. I don’t mean to laugh but i just wanna point out one thing to you, Tyro… you live a lonely life but don’t use it as an excuse to trash talk people online. That’s just plain wrong.

  22. Rusk says:

    just finish reading ‘tyro’ ‘s comment and yes, it’s true what @Dona A. says.. you live a sad life, that’s your life.. you shouldn’t use your misfortune to bash people online. since apologies are made, i will leave this comment as it is and since peace was initiated, i won’t make this comment further hurtful. let’s just enjoy peace and read popseoul like what it’ve always been πŸ™‚

    • Ketchupsaurus Rocks says:

      Nothing sad about laughing while you own-culture-hating fools get led around by koreans like you are their dogs…

      anyways.. roll over.. jump through the hoop.. take the bone… now buy some record.

      I’ll let you get back to praying to your korean gods like the idolators that you are.

  23. zee says:

    tyranosauras rocks,
    we’ve read your degrading life-story and have forgiven you. please do not act tough after you went all emotional… just go and find the life out there like what you’ve said, it’s just pathetic and sinful to devote 24/7 doing no shit… this is not what your parents bore you to be ;D

    popseoul readers,
    we need not given to flying f’s to a loser… by ignoring him/her, it actually indirectly allow him to find a life out there like what he/she is searching for! XD

    • Johnson says:

      Sorry we cannot hear anything you said over the sound of you stroking korean people. Can you stop it so we can hear what you’re saying?

  24. racecaracecar says:

    Seems “tyran”osauraus is no “tyran” gives its pathetic life. Sad story … Be happy “tyran”, we’ve forgiven you & we wouldn’t call you loser if you stop acting hero … I apologize too as you also did & peace out ^^v

    • Toilet says:

      Tyran didn’t apologise, just some butt-hurt pinay-malaysian korean-pet wrote something a bit rubbish, and it was probably you.

      But you can roll over and bark for your korean owners anytime you want… bark bark

      • cameliaSJluv says:

        she looks pretty ! anyway, tyranosauras… we’ll leave u if u leave us alone. we will not curse at u since u live some sad lives . even u dont say, we know .. people who got life wont be at here at every single second .. once someone reply , u reply back like u refreshing page every second .. its not healthy. find a outside life . not hatin’ , just sayin’ πŸ™‚

  25. TyranMyFoot says:

    Haha . Tyran`s quite a loser . Alright , shhh … I don`t want to make people`s lives sadder than it already is . Heh . But if I`m really so pathetic , maybe I`ll work on how to make a life out there . Not being a bitch/asshole and then reveal her/his animal story after being attach by so many people and nothing`s left to say . Alot of people I`ve came across like this ; act tough ; talk big ; but when nothing`s left to say or someone overspoken you ; cry like a dog and tries to gain sympathy . Hais , sadded lehs .

    • Tyranosaurus Rocks says:

      Sorry, it’s my fault.

      I’ve already apologized, just read my long text above which is carefully phrased and expressed. I want to sincerely say sorry for what have I done to you K-strokers, sorry, I mean K-pop lovers and I wouldn’t do it again..

      Should you see another imbecile with the same nick as me, let me assure you that certainly isn’t me. It’s someone trying to be me and not giving me a chance to look like a good person, thus tarnishing my image and reputation by all means. There are always someone out there who’d pull you down when you want to change over a new leaf but rest assured, I wouldn’t waver over such trivial sh*t, absolutely not.

      Now, I’ve already went for my 50th job interview, and they would be calling me within 3 working days and I hope good news will be coming my way. I really want to clinch this job offer, so I’m being a good-two-shoes over here and I definitely hope it does help.

      I sincerely apologize once again and I hope peace may return. Do not allow the fake ‘Tyranosaurus Rocks’ to blacken my name when I’m trying me best to change over a new leaf, unlike the past me with totally no life and spend 24 hours online being a detestable keyboard warrior.

      Kind souls out there, please see the difference in me and give me a chance. At the same time, if you could, pray for the job interview’s results which I’m waiting for. If I’ve successfully gotten the job, I would never ever forget what you kind souls have done for me.

      Thank you and have a nice day ahead.

      • Cottage Pie says:

        Why oh why would I still be using that old chestnut of an ID? You’re still here, and I moved on. But, I do have a job, so don’t worry about me. Thanks.

        • cocochanel says:

          well, if you are the real ‘tyro’ and you can finally reply this way instead of the 3-year-old method you used to, i’m proud of you. just don’t go back to your old ways and cheers.

          • Cottage Pie says:


            I’ve learnt to love the Korean culture and that reflected in my change.

            Yes, I’ve gotten through my 50th job interview and I’m really thankful and I’d want to show my gratitude my changing over a new leaf.

            But I do hope to sustain in this job for long, as I don’t wish to be idle and return to the previous me.

            I’d have to rush through the documents my boss has been persuading me to complete by tonight.

            I’m off.

            ( p/s: I’ve began to love Koreans, for I realized I did not hate them in the past, it’s just out of pure jealousy. Thus, I’ve come to admire them, so should you see someone criticizing them it certainly isn’t me. Besides, I’ve gotten a job to be busy with. And I hope to not get fired, because I do not want to return to the previous me. Pray for me that i won’t. Thank you. )

            • Portcullis says:

              Dear Fake Me,

              I will never worship koreans like you do dear. Just because you’re a butt-hurt indovietmalaypinay who is protecting their neo-god from korealand doesn’t mean I’m going to hate my own culture like you do and turn to idolatry of people from another country.

              Besides, I always had a job, Why would I need to interview?

              You seem to be projecting your own issues onto my facade-du-jour.


              • Cottage Pie says:

                Sorry people, it’s my new job that’s been bothering me.

                Till the extent I’m so stressed-up till I actually reply to my own self with different nicks.

                I don’t mean to say I love Koreans and then I don’t again, just that the newest project my boss have assigned me to is about different cultures’ industry of music and jealousy struck me again, that why up to this age, I’m still working under someone.

                Just some stress issues, nothing major, I’ve been under medication thus my condition is stabilizing, I’d never return to the past me hating Koreans when I’m just plain jealous of them, and spend 24 hours doing sh*t online.

                I’m coping with my new job, and alongside my medication, I’d certainly be fine. At the same time, pray for me. Thank you. i love you guys ad much as I love Koreans.

                • okay says:

                  stop if . youre gonna be more mad if you continue . im happy for you that youve got a job but pls dont talk to yrself cus thats the starting sign for schizophrenia . stay happy w yr job and smile ;))

                  • okay says:

                    once you find a life outside , you wont online whole day long anymore , trust me but youve gotta take the first step . i believe you did , and thats why you gotten yrself a job and the enxt step is to stop coming ack here ,i mean stop talking to yrself . talk to others is all right . i know cus ive learnt psychology and so yeahs . ;))

  26. czongy says:

    LOL one Ji Hyo photo can attract so many anger comments

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