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After School To Kick Things Off Tokyo Style In 2011

Just when Japan couldn’t couldn’t get enough of the new Hallyu Wave of female idol domination, After School will be joining the ranks of groups debut in 2011.

Their label Pledis Entertainment, hasn’t revealed which Japanese label After School will be joining but regardless after winning this year’s Billboard Japan Awards, After School is expected by many to succeed.

With so many popular groups debuting in Japan though, 2011 is looking to be a bit lonely in the Korean industry.

Source: Nate


26 Comments on “After School To Kick Things Off Tokyo Style In 2011”

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  2. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    Aaahh everyone is going to Japan…

  3. myra elf says:

    really miss AS! hope they will success!

  4. nikki says:

    Japan is where the money is.

  5. ScrewJaps says:

    don’t understand all this korean buzz over in jap land given that the japs think so highly of themselves and talk shit about koreans. there are countless examples of this fucked up attitude and conduct towards koreans. don’t forget the bullshit claims the japs pulled with Dokdo.

    • Johno says:

      By bs. do you mean the ‘secret’ Taft-Katsura where the current owner and protector of south korea, USA let Japan invade and annex their country?

      By Dokdo, do you mean where Korea/ Yi Seungman stole Takeshima from the Japanese after WW2 in one of the most shameless land-grabs in history, going against international rulings and historical precedents and then tried to retcon their entire history to make it look like takeshima was once on a map? Is the bs you’re talking about?

      Or are you talking about how koreans rounded up poor and infirm women as comfort women for American troops in WW2 and the Korean War? They then protested about Japanese being so evil as to have comfort women. You mean this BS?

      Or do you mean when USA sent Korean special forces, rather than policemen, to shoot lots of unarmed pro-democracy demonstrators in Gwangju? and USA/Korea called them communists while they begged for democracy and died?

      Do you mean where Koreans banned a tv advert because it said ‘udon’ on it and not the word ‘noodles’ which their american owners like them to use?

      I’m failing to see which bs. you’re talking about.

      • Johno says:

        *Taft-Katsura AGREEMENT.

        Gosh, I forgot that word.

      • blah says:

        Taft-Katsura = BS
        Gwangju massacre = BS
        Banned *SONG* (not advert) due to use of Japanese term Udon = BS


        Dokdo = Read the following link *thoroughly*…. may save you some embarrassment in the future when discussing this topic –>

        Comfort women = ummm…. now exactly *where* did you dig up the info that Koreans rounded up the sick & inform for GI use during WWII and Korean war? … next time, save urself the embarrassment and make sure u have all ur facts straight before discussing this issue… and FYI, it was the post-WWII Japanese gov’t who created “comfort stations” using poor Japanese women, for the benefit of American GI troops occuping post-war Japan

        • Johno says:

          You clearly know nothing about history. I guess you learned the rewritten twaddle that the South Korean government created after the war and now forces on people.

          Interesting that you see the Taft-Katsura agreement between USA and Japan, the Gwangju Pro-democracy Massacre, and the widespread use of comfort women by ROK in order to appease the GIs in Korea during WW2 and the Korean war as b.s.

          That’s called ignorant of your own country and it’s also called psychological distortion.

          FYI. Japan didn’t have the infrastructure to create these so called ‘comfort stations’ after WW2 which is why the GIs just resorted to raping the locals. It got so bad that a newspaper blackout was placed on the 40 per day stories on GI-on-local rapes.

          • blah says:

            if only you can read as well as you write… I agreed with you on 3 of your 5 points:
            1) Taft-Katsura –> BS
            2) Gwanju Massacre –> BS
            3) Udon *SONG* –> BS

            and my use of *BS* was to be taken with the same dose of heaping sarcasm you used in response to Screw.Japs.

            I *did NOT*… repeat… did *NOT*… say that the use of comfort women by ROK was BS… What I DID say was along the lines of… where the hell did you dig up that piece of ludicrous information? also.. interesting you say that the Japanese lacked the infrastructure post-war to create “comfort stations”… reveals just how lost you are in your own “psychological distortion”.. read the following link and the Dokdo link I sent you earlier *thoroughly*… will spare you much future embarassment when you discuss these topics in the future.. may even help to make you look like you actually have more than mere surface knowledge of these events, gathered most likely from pro-Japanese / anti-Korean websites!

            • Johno says:

              Wow, biased websites written by korean nationalists who work for VANK. It’s all part of the south korean rewriting of korean history.

              Basically Dokdo was used by the USA as a gunning range target after the WW2 precisely because it was a part of japanese territory, the international community classed it as a part of japanese territory and this was never challenged because it was never under question. THEN korea under Yi Seungman decided to go against international law and international rulings and drew a big line through japanese territory saying that most of it was korean. So you’re just upset that Korea invaded Japan using military force, and annexed Japanese land. Basically, makes them no better than the Japanese before WW2.

              Because the american language was outlawed in japanese territories, you’ll find most of the photos that koreans use for ‘japanese comfort women’ have american script on the walls, because they were usually comfort women that the Koreans had rounded up for american soldiers. Here is an example.

              I’m pretty sure you’ll dismiss it all because you have learned the ‘revisionist’ korean history, where USA doesn’t run korean through it’s OPCON control of Korea during wartime…… no wait, yes, USA still runs korea.

    • seoultokyobeats says:


      watashitachi wa after school desuu ~ ❤

  6. love says:

    it’s funny how korea worries about artist’s lyrics when shouldn’t they worry about these girl groups wardrobe?? the top is fine but the skirts…eh?.

  7. blah says:

    LOL~~ Johno…. this is the last time I’m gonna respond to you, since the more you post the more I realize just how little you truly know about the whole Dokdo issue, as well as the “comfort women” issue… and perhaps other facets of the Korean – Japanese history… anyhow, for *YOUR* benefit, not mine… read the previous links I sent you *CAREFULLY*, as well as what I’m writing below…

    Point 1:
    The US used Dokdo as a bombing range *NOT* in recognition of Japan’s sovereignty over the island, but because of the fact that at the time, Dokdo’s territorial status had yet to be determined by a peace treaty between Japan and the Allied powers.

    Point 2:
    Familiarize yourself with this term: Supreme Commander of the Allied Powers (SCAP). Under US military occupation (1949-1952), SCAP was the highest governmental authority in Japan that also delimited Japan’s adminstrative territory. Now commit this date to memory: January 29, 1946. That was when SCAP ordered (via SCAPIN #677) that territories disputed between Korea and Japan (included Dokdo) were to be *excluded* from Japan’s administrative authority. The San Francisco Peace Treaty at the end of US occupation of Japan never retroceded Dokdo back to Japan. On top of this, the US began growing antsy once they realized that they’d be forced to choose sides in this little territorial dispute unless they distanced themselves from the entire situation… which they did, and are still doing to this day.. in order to further their own strategic political designs with both nations.. but let’s not get started down *that* road, as I could probably write a gazillion pages on US bloopers in foreign relations.

    anyhow, point is that the SF Peace Treaty failed to resolve ownership of Dokdo, the USA and majority of other foreign gov’ts don’t give a rat’s ass about this issue…. hence, Japan and Korea’s argument over the Island and surrounding waters. Personally, I believe Korea has full rights to the island based on all the facts I’ve come across for both sides. BUT you know what they say… in cases like these, possession is 9/10’s of the law, and Korea’s all over Dokdo!

    So… if you made it this far through this post.. do me and yourself a favor… get a LOT more indepth on Asian history / foreign relations before you throw yourself into discussions like this! btw…. I guess I shouldn’t be too harsh with you, since you are going up against a k-pop loving PhD in Asian Studies currently writing my final thesis in need of a little break… ha, thanks bud~

    • Johno says:

      Wow a k-stroker PhD candidate, probably at an american university making your PhD not worth the paper it’s written on. I would give you a list of biases by which your recent rant just suffered, but I’m sure you understand them already.

      You didn’t mention the raping and comfort women collected for the US troops in your breeding colony for GI brides. I’m also pretty sure you didn’t read anything I said. I guess because it’s all been proven. I guess you didn’t know about the reintroduction of ‘censored’ korean history in the south.

      You’re up against someone who knows far more about these issues that you do with your university of pheonix online PhD. But I want to see how befuddled with desire for a male korean mate you get before you realise you’re up to your eyes in rationalisation.

      Dokdo outlines the tinyness of the korean mind.

      • Potato says:

        Here’s a book on exactly that subject:

        Sex among allies: Military prostitution in US-Korea relations
        KHS Moon – 1997 – Columbia Univ Press.

        Here’s another book supporting your argument:

        Japan’s comfort women: sexual slavery and prostitution during World War II and the US occupation, T Tanaka – 2002 – Psychology Press

        There are plenty of books on the brutalisation of women by americans in Asia post WW2. The South Korean government generally tries to hide this though because it takes the emphasis off their weak anti-japanese small mindedness.

        Blah has a yellow fetish right? American Chubster who likes thin korean guys?

        • Johno says:

          Yes, and Yes.

        • blah says:

          hehe, you two are rather funny~~ 🙂
          hmmm… don’t recall ever mentioning my gender, interesting how you *assume* I’m an Americal female “chubster”, hahaha~~~
          hey, in America they have this saying about assumptions… don’t do it, cuz it makes and ASS of you and me, but then that seems to be both of your respective specialties~ 🙂

          Also, Potato…. before you throw yourself into this rather dead-end (though somewhat dead-pan? :P) discussion thread, I really do hope you read everything I wrote in my earlier posts… YOu’ll find that no where have I ever denied the atrocities of US GI’s against asian women..

          *IN FACT*…. I never even addressed brutalization of women by US troops, because that was not the focus of this discussion thread, Rather, I was addressing Johnno’s biased commentary concerning Dokdo and far-fetched statements of how Korea had rounded up comfort women in the exact same manner of Japan, for the use of American GI’s *during* WWII and the Korean War…. hahahaha, rrriiiidddicccullllooouuuss…

          ALSO… as a litte wee reminder to both of ya’ll knuckle-heads… I *did* write in my last post (read it *carefully*)
          that I could probably write quite at length on America’s many botched “foreign relations” attempts in Asia… and this includes the rape and brutalization of not just Asian women, but of Asian politics, countries, and resources… BUT like I said before, won’t get into that *HERE*… man, I’m getting really tired of repeating myself to folks who like to jab mindlessly at a keyboard instead of taking the time to actually read the comments….

          hmmm, and this is something I really do want to know about both of you… if you guys are so determined to villify Korea, what the heck are you guys even *doing* on a a k-pop web-site?

          • Johnson says:

            Thanks for the great biased propaganda about how Korea stole Takeshima, I find them quite funny and manipulative to laugh at.

            I’m here thinking about the cult of celebrity by looking at people like you who worship-koreans like gods. I want to understand your belief structure. Why? what brings you here?

            Actually we know you’ve got yellow-fever, so you don’t need to answer.

            • blah says:

              hmmm, a new addition to this discussion thread~
              based on ur horrible grammer and lack of ability to frame coherent thoughts, I’m assuming English isn’t ur native language and therefore you probably didn’t understand half of what I wrote…

              And… WHY… is everyone assuming I’m not Asian? I’m really disturbed by the implications of this, since it seems that ya’ll are implying Asian’s can’t possess more than passable command of the English language.

              as to why I’m here… hey, I’m an Asian who loves K-pop and the Korean culture… ain’t nothing wrong with that, so cool ur heels Johnson~~

              • Toilet says:

                Y’all saying Y’all another S.E.Asian K-stroker? Y’all be using american english?

                All this implies you’re either another american heritage-leech, or you’re some pinay-malay or taiwanese whatever who is just here to find another korean farmer to marry because you hate your own culture so.

                Either way, my grammar is fine. My ability to put my thoughts into literary form is fine. You will have to try harder to show otherwise.

                • blah says:

                  my my my… English really *isn’t* ur native language, otherwise you’d have recognized a little someting called *slang* embedded in my little post… haha… anyways, TOILET… or Johnson.. or whatever you want to call yourself… COOL IT! and stop being so racist. As to my nationality, I’m KOREAN you little douche-bag, and I really do hope you can get yourself checked into a mental ward ASAP… you need someone to help you cure your xenophobia dude…

  8. OOOOKaaayy! says:

    WOOOOOO!!!!! GO AFTER SCHOOL!!!! they will succeed, no doubt about it.

  9. ara says:

    the performance of Korean girl groups that i probably like the most, is After School’s “Bang”.

    so good luck anyway.

  10. MyFavorite2 says:

    Their taller than any korean stars.
    Well some of them

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