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G.NA released “Black & White” MV and BTS

Talented singer G.NA just made her comeback a couple of days ago. She just released her MV with behind the scenes video.

Before she made a video with B2ST’s Doojoon and Junghyun, and now she is back with 2AM’s member Jinwoon.

Her previous MV was a sad one, but she came back with a smile and a cute face. She also changed her hair color to brown now rather than blonde. Check out the MV and the behind the scenes to judge.

Her new song is titles “Black & White”. Check it out behind the scenes:

So did you guys think? Want to see the MV already? Then check it out below:

What did you guys think of the MV and G.NA’s new look?


23 Comments on “G.NA released “Black & White” MV and BTS”

  1. hi-D says:

    G.Na is so cute! i love this concept and the music video was so cute! 🙂

  2. Shane says: is pretty in this mv too…

  3. marie kilbane says:

    wow! that was amazing video.. I love it.. she has great personality, beautiful young woman. I bet alot of guys would go for her because she has so much fun.. this guy has great attitude too.. they both look great couples.. this is awsome video!!

  4. Pretty girl – great song !

    • Johno says:

      Get back to your support of your israeli-owners apartheid / ethnic cleansing of palestinians in the middle east and shut up.

      No one wants any more of your two-faced american comments.

  5. kim ji soo says:

    lol it is been out for like 2.5 weeks lol

  6. dee;) says:

    i like her!!!

  7. marie kilbane says:

    Hey Johno, Who wants you? None of us do…. 😛

  8. marie kilbane says:

    NO Johno, you shutt it with other people

  9. dsas says:

    how about black n yellow lol

    • Toilet says:

      Korean chicks love black and yellow based action, you just need to go to Myeungdong, Gangnam or Itaewon and you’ll see what I mean.

  10. OOOOKaaayy! says:

    jinwoon ur so awesome! *slow moment*

  11. […] triumphed with her new single “Black & White“ this week on the music charts. I wonder if 2PM‘s CF will enjoy the same amount […]

  12. […] However, something tells me…we have seen her in mini-shorts before. Will her comeback really be any different from “Super Solo” or “Black And White”? […]

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