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Japanese Fans Go On A Bidding War For SM Town Tickets


How does $4,000 sound for one ticket?

With the increasing demand for Korean artists in Japan, when SM TOWN comes to town things can get a little crazy. This time being in their January 25th and 26th “SM Town 10 Tokyo” stop.

With thousands of fans left out from entering the already packed arena, many are turning to online bidding sites to spend thousands on tickets.

Take for instance one case, where a simple $300 ticket in end became a $3,000 ticket at the end of the bid, nearly 10x its original price!

With the immense popularity Girls’ Generation has achieved in Japan and with the future arrival of more SM artists in Japan, can anyone blame them?

Source: sportschosun


43 Comments on “Japanese Fans Go On A Bidding War For SM Town Tickets”

  1. babyface101 says:

    wooooooo thats a lot but i mean i would but it cuz i love sm family a lot yaya Fighting<3

  2. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    I heard that a lot of Japanese fans are crazy about K-Pop.
    There’s even this Japanese old man who’s a fan of SNSD and he’s like 50 or 60 LOL

  3. milagros says:

    I’d totally paid for that show!!


    • Watermelon says:

      Of course you would. That’s because you’d buy anything associated with K-pop because you’re one of those filipino or vietnamese K-strokers who koreans keep as pets.

  4. Aya says:

    what? that’s insane for just a concert…well unless it’s michael jackson…but if he has one right now that’ll be cree-pi-ay..well i still go for him though…

  5. Henry says:

    Well I think that only shows that the Japanese are open to friendship with Korea. I guess this is about time that Korea should end the long-time hatred to Japan. (Which is in my opinion is already on its way).

    • Johno says:

      It’s on it’s way, which is why they banned the Udon advert? Do you ever think logically?

      • Henry says:

        What you are talking about doesn’t have anything to do with Korean on its way to end its long-time hatred to Japan. It’s you who doesn’t think logically.

        • Johno says:

          Korea isn’t on the long trip to not hating Japan. Korean men, when they’re not being a ladyboy, typically suffer from ‘small man syndrome’ mainly because their american owners treat them like pets, and take their women as brides all the time. This leaves them to only be able to import filipinas who worship koreans.

          Because Koreans aren’t allowed to be angry at their american owners, they typically redirect this hatred onto the japanese who through the centuries have won pretty much every war they’ve had with korea.

  6. pammiej85 says:

    I hope people realize that most of the Japanese people buying tickets are from BigEast (TVXQ’s Japanese fanclub which has over 300,000 members). They miss HoMin and will probably be chanting Tohoshinki when they see them after all this time.

  7. MILI says:

    The majority of the assistants have been bigeast, because they love to tohoshinki much

  8. yipee says:

    SM is truly loved! lol

  9. cdnpoint says:

    Unreal the money that people will part with for a ticket. Wait for the DVD-it will be cheaper or the Youtube uploads from fans at the show.

  10. OOOOKaaayy! says:

    4,000 dollars? i love kpop but Forever21 and Candies is something i would spend that on.yep, they lost their mind when they said that.

  11. Puppylova says:

    $ 4000 is enough for 1 trip to europe..
    Sometimes I wonder how did those fangirls get such a lot of money

  12. Valerie Thao says:

    If it means seeing all of them live. then yeah i would. but sadly i cant. LOL

  13. ProudlyPinoy says:

    $4000 for SM Town?
    nah, i’d pay for B2ST or MBLAQ thoughXD
    and please.. leave Filipinos or any other fans alone.
    its our money, not yours.

    • ProudlyPinoy says:

      wait, i take it back. XDDD
      i am willing to spend $4000 on SM Town. :PP
      … if i had that money. BAHAHAHAHA XD

      • Potato says:

        Normally politicians spend more than $4000 on S&M.

      • courgette says:

        You’re a prime example of who Korean entertainment companies love, someone who hates their own culture and worships their culture, who they can just bleed dry out of all their hard earned savings in exchange for talentless pop.

        Good for you. Hahahah

  14. […] the Hallyu Wave picking up speed more than ever, and Japanese fans going  head to head in a bidding war for tickets, SM Town will take full advantage with a second SM Town concert in […]

  15. Sweetsmilez says:

    wow..jux cant believe tat spend so much money jux foe 1 ticket….
    well…if foe meh Koreanz…i would also…
    i hella wanna go but no money no ride….
    never get to go…..

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