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Jang Geun-suk Releases Japanese Debut Album

Young drama prince Jang Geun-suk will show what he’s got in his first album.

Bringing on the producers who helped create some of his tracks for last drama “Mary Stayed Out All Night“, the 23 year old talent will release his debut album in Japan on March 23rd.

Jang Geun Suk, known for both singing and acting, has captured the hearts of his audience with such hit dramas as “You’re Beautiful” and “Beethoven Virus” to which he has contributed to OST.

To celebrate the album’s release, Jang Geun Suk will be holding a showcase on the 27th, coming only months after his previous tour.

Looks like Japan is the go place for everyone these days, lets just hope its an actual album and not some compilation of all his previous works translated to Japanese.

Source: Pony Canyon


17 Comments on “Jang Geun-suk Releases Japanese Debut Album”

  1. Johnson says:

    blah blah .. japanese album.. blah blah…

    anyone who isn’t putting out a japanese album, put your hand up!

  2. iperera30 says:

    Does this mean he is releasing Korean album in Japan? or releasing a Japanese Album in Japan? If its d latter what the hell???
    Anywy best f luck 2 you JGS …..I’m sure with his voice he’ll be a sucess…

  3. HeRo YOJA says:

    guen-suk oppa…hwaitay ^^

  4. jezz says:

    i luv him..He got look and talent

  5. nicole says:

    love him so much…..

  6. nicole says:

    i wish i could meet him in person..dying to see him ,.,,

  7. nicole says:

    can you marry me tae kyung?????

  8. mrs moon says:


  9. pooja says:

    he iz soo cute

  10. shuva says:

    all the best >>jang geun suk alwaz rocks!! fighting!!

  11. Sweetsmilez says:

    wow..he’s comin out a new album??…
    gotta luv it..gotta enjoy it…
    hope to knoe more….

  12. sukyei says:

    wuah so great.ilike u whatever his singit good luck sweet sweet

  13. […] jang Geun Seok a beaucoup de succès au Japon et vient par ailleurs de sortir son premier single, Let me Cry […]

  14. SMM says:

    Please go on , I’ll be you’re real fun.

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