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KARA climbs Oricon charts amid controversy

As the saying goes, “controversy sells”.

Falling into an ugly battle between their company DSP over unpaid wages, KARA‘s popularity in Japan has grown among the controversy.

On January 18 their 1st album “Girl’s Talk” ranked 10th on the Japanese Oricon Daily Rankings, but by January 21st the album quickly climbed to the no.2 spot only  2 days after their lawsuit was announced.

Also rising in the charts was their best of album which ranked 45th on January 18th and later climbed to no.18 on the 21st.  Their debut single “Mister” reached #3 seven months after its release.

Coincidence? Maybe not, but clearly all eyes on KARA‘s next move in this sticky situation.

Source:Nikkan Sports


68 Comments on “KARA climbs Oricon charts amid controversy”

  1. Henry says:

    It is because in my opinion Koreans have gained Japanese sympathy over the years. Japan has realized the cruelty Korea have experienced during Japan’s invasion that’s why Japanese of the present try to make up for their past mistakes. This sympathy has even been enhanced when they heard the unfortunate situation KARA got into. Thus seems to explain their sudden climb into the Oricon Chart.

    • Toilet says:

      I think it’s more that Japanese realise that Korean men are just whining little toads who suffer from ‘small man’s syndrome’ screaming about non-issues like ‘the sea of we love korea’ and colonised japanese territory / dokdo.

      Ask any japanese and they couldn’t give a flying fook about what Korean people think, they just don’t mind listening to their music and eyeballing their women.

      It’s got nothing to do with a war which ended 60 years ago.. you imbecile.

      • Henry says:

        Your reasoning is full of shit and so is your puny brain. This is just a simple issue but you can’t seem to make a sensible explanation of why things are going as they are.

        • Toilet says:

          My explanation seems better than yours, given that You’ve clearly never been to japan and spoken to japanese people so you think they are somehow upset about something which happened 60 years ago?

          They’re not, most of them weren’t alive 60 years ago, so why would they be upset about it? You imbecile, go and get an education and travel more.

          • Henry says:

            You really are an idiot. How can the dead person make amends to the living? Did you even understand what I was saying on my first statement? It’s the Japanese of the present that are making up for the past mistakes of their predecessors. It is commonly known to everyone that they are showing those nations they have colonized in the past that they are not anymore the Japanese that aims to conquer territories. How pathetic. Don’t tell me you’re not even aware of that.

            • Toilet says:

              Well don’t pretend they are grovelling around and that the mistakes of the past have any influence on the fact Kara as a group have entered the Oricon charts.

              You can think everything about japanese do is somehow about them making amends for WW2, but that just makes me think you’re a small minded Korean who just sits at home hating and being jealous of the japanese and their american owners.

            • Mark says:

              “they are showing those nations they have colonized in the past that they are not anymore the Japanese that aims to conquer territories”

              If you knew ANYTHING about Japan you’d realize Japan CAN’T attack anyone even if they wanted to because they’d get their ass bombed to hell and back. All the military Japan has is for self defense, it’s written in their constitution. Japanese are not showing sympathy towards Koreans by buying their CDs, Tiolet’s explanation is much more understandable. Korean women are hot, Korean women sell music, Japanese people think Korean women are hot, Japanese people buy Korean music.

              • Toilet says:

                Just to clarify, being a european, I personally don’t think they are hot.

                I was just suggesting the japanese think they are worth eyeballing

              • Henry says:

                That’s the point. They have this new constitution and they are people with word of honor. So if they say that they are not to start fight unless provoked they will honor it as long as they live.

                And it is true that they view the Koreans as lower beings than they are. And at the same time a lot of them also view Korean as people to be pitied upon. That’s why you’ll notice that Korean’s didn’t only penetrated the music indusries of Japan but also other industries such as electronics, cars and gaming.

      • bd2 says:

        More like the other way around – w/ the Japanese women thinking Korean men are taller, stronger and better-looking due to Hallyu.

        And uh, the Japanese whine just as much about Dokdo – gee, Japanese academics, writers, politicans, sports figures, etc. have taken out full page ads in the Washington Post and other US papers about Dokdo.

        And let’s not forget all the whining about the US Military when a sub accidently hit a Japanese fishing vessel.

        Talk about being an imbecile!

        • bd2 says:

          And the Japanese press is all upset that President Obama mentioned Korea, China, India and Russia and NOT Japan during his State of the Union speech.

          • Portcullis says:

            Not getting a mention is absolutely nothing!!!

            At least they’re not the people of the UK who Obama and his wife openly hate, as per his biography. Obama then brought Rahm Emanuel into his cabinet whose father was a much applauded israeli international terrorist who killed lots of innocent (mainly British) people in a hotel bombing, and we all know how much Americans love hate international terror.

            Not getting a mention is nothing in comparison to being the figure of the man’s long borne hatred.

    • Eunice says:

      I gotta agree with Toilet about this. I understand your sentiments, but I have to say they’re a little naive. The Japanese really couldn’t care less about Korea’s “history with Japan”, just that they colonized them in the past. That being said, they’ll always think Koreans in general are “lower” than them; they really do just like their catchy music and seeing pretty eye candy. Sad, but true.

      • Henry says:

        You got a point there but since they are thinking low of the Koreans, it is apparent that many (if not most) of them, who are good-hearted Japanese sympathize with Koreans. Otherwise they wouldn’t be patronizing any of them.

      • Potato says:

        The fact is, Korean guys choose to act lower than Japanese when they adopt this small man syndrome mannerism by barking on about the sea of japan, dokdo and comfort women, when they don’t even understand their own history.

        If I was japanese I’d be bored of the Koreans whining on and sulking about nonsense too. I guess I’d also look down on them for it too.

        • bd2 says:

          Funny – the Japanese WHINE just as much about a few kidnappings done by the North Korean – which totally PALES in comparison to what the Japanese had done to the Koreans.

          Talk about “small man syndrome” (that’s not only figuratively, but literally as well).

          • Portcullis says:

            In comparison to the koreans with their small man syndrome, the Japanese are really really tall.

            At least the Japanese don’t go on and on and on and on about how awesome their culture is and then at the first opportunity fock off to the USA and abandon their culture. Koreans are hilarious with this regard.

    • QUINCY says:

      Wait, are you actually living in Japan to draw that conclusion?

  2. marie kilbane says:

    they have to fighting climb up the charts

  3. miley says:

    I hope the CEO will be smart in dealing with the girls unlike SM Lee Man So.

    • LadyIgraine says:

      actually, lee soo man got away without a harm from it all. he step down as CEO in order to not get indicted when the time comes and the other 3 goes to court. korean laws won’t be able to go after lee sooman because he’s on longer CEO, instead he’ll put the burden on the current CEO and the company. and besides, SM doesn’t want to compromise unlike DSP which is the reason why SM’s lawsuit is taking this long to be solve.

  4. queenbqty says:

    Kara was doing very well in Japan before this controversy even started. The controversy was probably sparked by the fact that Kara was doing so well and DSP was taking most of the money and giving Kara peanuts.
    They were doing better than plastic girl’s generation, but nobody was talking about that because they were too busy reporting stupid stories about what color shoes yoona or jessica had on and other planted stupid stories about snsd.
    Popseoul hasn’t even been reporting on the Kara controversy, but now that something great is happening despite the controversy, you’re trying to make it appear that Kara is poppin’ in Japan because of the controversy.
    You guys need to stop sucking sm ent.’s d*ck and report the news without the plastic bimbo band bias!

    • ohwell says:

      Awwww, don’t be so butthurt!

    • ashley says:

      @queenbqty,so true popseoul never said anything about Kara’s problems with their company, they were to busy posting unimportant news.

    • hgrt says:

      @queenbqty. thats nothing much news bout SNSD except that unimportant news. they only just paste it here to make their site full.

    • LadyIgraine says:

      i dare you say all this on Allkpop site…i’m sure your ass will get blasted, especially with all these recent allegations against kara coming up, and frankly, its not looking good for them. they are actually loosing some fans in korea because of this current allegations popping out. open your eyes and stop being bias, you’re bitter because this is happening to your idol, but did you ever think about that in reality, maybe kara members aren’t that close from what they led you to believe? otherwise, they wouldn’t have left gyuri in the dust after the first 4 decided to file the lawsuit. and fyi: there’s a whole lot of shit going on right now that can potentially ruin kara for good. either way, no matter what the outcome of this situation ends up on…its not going to be the same kara we all know. even if they reach an agreement with their company, their working relationship will be tarnished not just with the company but with each other.

      • queenbqty says:

        You are a total insane, so what you have to say about Kara means nothing because all you care about is worshipping and defending snsd’s smelly plastic no talent twats. The fact that you are mentioning Allkcrap is complete proof that you are a delusional sone who is only reading this because it says something negative about Kara, who is stomping on the plastics in Japan. Allkcrap is swarming with delusional idiotic lunatic sones who can’t do anything but defend the indefensible and attack everybody who is a threat to their precious plastic bimbos. Allkcrap is a sushiroller fansite, why would I go there? snsd sucks!
        Go back to the nuthouse, you might lose your place in the snsd ass sniffing line!

  5. Meg says:

    There’s a simple reason why k-pop female groups are becoming more popular in Japan and it has nothing to do with a war either. The simple explanation is how many female groups do you see in Japan? Korean’s foreseen this and took advantage of it to get into the Japanese music market. However, if more Japanese female groups form then the competition for k-pop will start to decline.

    • queenbqty says:

      What are you talking about, there’s Morning Musume and AKB48, that’s at least 50 plus female singers to compete with right there. I think there are plenty of female girl groups in Japan, they are not lacking in girl groups.
      I don’t know the exact reason that Japan is interested in kpop groups, male or female but it certainly isn’t because they don’t have enough jpop groups, male or female.

      • OOOOKaaayy! says:

        i thought dbsk/tvxq that has made korean girl groups more popular in japan theyre just there to represent kpop. i dont know how you got the idea that japan needs girl groups meg. japans music has been kicking ass in music ever sincee ever. just sayin’.

      • ara says:

        em.. yeah. more than 50 girls.. but only in two group. (and several sub groups).

  6. theZEUSluv13 says:

    that’s good that they made it this far! i did not know that they were having a lawsuit against DSP! hopefully they can return to normal and stay as the awesome KARA!

  7. hannah says:

    Great publicity!

  8. Jluv says:

    What’s this?! I feel like this is going to lead to another disbandment for DSP……oh well this group never really stood out much from the competition. At least they’ve still got Rainbow for now…….

  9. snooki says:

    If you’ve got crap that no one wants, just bring it to asia (or more specifically korea+japan). It will sell like hotcakes. Oh no I didn’t…

    • Toilet says:

      Harsh, but true.

    • jay says:

      its funny how u’ve decided for urself what the enite western civilization wants all by urself. ur so smart.
      as for ‘unwanted’ music ….* justin beiber* and the fact that kanye outsold 50 cent are all wrong by nature, but then again thats my personal opinion. im not arrogant enough and neither am i an angsty teen trying really hard to be cool( like urself) to judge what people should and shldnt listen to.

      • Potato says:

        That just tells you that Consumers aren’t rational and that modern capitalist and economic theory is just based on incorrect assumptions.

      • snooki says:

        Yes I’m an arrogant bitch, and I AM cool. I know that for a fact. You should be happy that I’m talking to you right now.
        Oh wait maybe you were that bitch from last saturday in the club who gave me the evil eye. Because I was totally hot, and I made people move you to another place in the club. Yeah I’m so sorry but I want no fugly people in and around my area.

      • Cassull says:

        Kanye sh*ts all over 50 cent. Though you get a point for Bieber.

  10. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    i hope they don’t break up…

  11. nikki says:

    The world of KPOP is a front for legalized whoring and perviness in public.

    • LadyIgraine says:

      kpop is actually a lot more tone down than jpop. have you seen what they do in japan to celebrate a girl group member’s coming of age? they make them post for playboy…

    • Mark says:

      meanwhile Japan makes their girl bands perform soft core lesbian porn and they call it a music video. Oh you’re a smart one.

      • Toilet says:

        So they’re both as bad as each other.

        • Mark says:

          I would say Japan is 10x worse.

          Go to YouTube and search AKB48 Heavy Rotation and tell me what pillow fights in lingerie, girls kissing, girls bathing together in a bathtub, girls feeding each other food erotically, and jerking off a microphone stand have to do with music.

          Every music industry in the world uses skin to sell music, so Korea is the same as everywhere else. Japan is in a league all it’s own.

    • jay says:

      the french dip live birds in alcohol and eat them. (fact)
      nordic people believe they carry superior genes ( mostly true)
      indians pray to a man with an elephants head ( fact.)

      dont judge based on what U find odd..that just makes u a petty human being with no more than 3(or 4) functional brain cells.

  12. QUINCY says:

    LOL the people who lately bought KARA’s releases probably were afraid that they would disband anytime soon 😀

  13. dk says:

    Its pretty sad that their moms had to step in to deal with it. Yes, they are young and everything and they should be giving their earnings to their parents, but aren’t they old enough to handle the situation along with lawyers etc? I’m a guy and I love kara but “woman” up and handle the situation. Don’t let your mom become the spokesperson about the whole situation..I’m same age as han seungyeon and I feel pretty mature enough to how to handle the ordeal..if anything, it would have been better handled privately rather than the mothers going at it in the public. Kinda feel good your mom will “step up” but at the same time embarrassing too. Go Kara!

  14. Blogs and forums are two places where you can find real informations and real stories. Nowadays blogging is as common as watching TV. I’m happy to be here and I like your post. I do some blogging myself and I am always pleased to check out other blogs.

  15. j3shika says:

    Ah…. idiots arguing over history and politics that they don’t quite fully understand.

    • Henry says:

      Mine is just a simple opinion based on what I observe. It is unjustly criticized with offensive languages so it is just natural to get defensive. It doesn’t prove that I’m an idiot.

    • Watermelon says:

      I think you’ll find they do understand it. That’s because they weren’t educated in USA like you, where the only schooling you get is in a movie theatre.

  16. Sweetsmilez says:

    seem to be tat theres so much problem wif alot of k-pop pplz….
    well…looks like gotta solve it….
    they look awesome…

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