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Will Shannon Williams be the next big thing?

The name “Shannon Williams,” doesnt sound very Korean, but that hasn’t stopped the half-Korean tween from being snapped up by a Korean entertainment company.

Baffling audiences with her angelic voice on the popular variety show “Star King”, the 13 year old was plucked by Core Content Media, signing a deal with half-Korean and half-British girl on the 21st.

The young star has performed in numerous musicals since the young age of 7, and she has already received  acting lessons in a drama school in London.

There is no word yet on when we can expect Shannon’s debut,  but take a look at her acting + singing below

Looks like we can certainly expect some big things to come from this young star.


122 Comments on “Will Shannon Williams be the next big thing?”

  1. Kasey says:

    she is going to be great…love her already

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  3. chii says:

    she’s really great^^

  4. Toilet says:

    WTF!!! Half-british.. half-korean? How on earth did that happen??

    • Johnson says:

      She must be half-josunjuk.

      • Potato says:

        Well, it’s either one of those North Korean swimmers or her Korean father probably thought he was marrying an american lady rather than a european.

        Besides she seems to have more talent than any of those full Korean people put together. Let’s be fair.

        • Johnson says:

          The mother is korean, she’s the one which is called ‘엄마’ and has a very soft voice at 07:47

        • asdf;klj says:

          “Besides she seems to have more talent than any of those full Korean people put together. Let’s be fair.”

          That’s just rude.
          Seriously, I get that you’re trying to defend her, but you shouldn’t insult other people in the process.

    • Ran says:

      Well…a korean person and a british person, then..never heard about procreation ? ………..

      • Toilet says:

        It’s just very very uncommon for a European and a Korean to ‘get it on’… unless it’s Germans. There were some Korean nurses sent to Germany after the Korean War. They typically either moved to USA or married the locals. But otherwise you don’t hear of half-korean europeans, because Koreans hate europe so much, and normally end up being sent on to the USA.

        Half-Japanese – lots of them, Half-Chinese – lots and lots of them, Half-Koreans – Very Very Few.

  5. claire says:

    wow, she’s beautiful. I love her already too.

  6. Ketchupsaurus says:

    Surely they mean ‘half-american’ right?

    • IdiotsOnline says:

      WTF is wrong with you? If she were half-american, she’d be the most wasted talent in the world–being American isn’t something you should be proud of–I’m not even proud of being American–I don’t like mentioning that I’m American!!!! But sadly I am…at least I’m an American-born Hispanic rather than a full-on American…It’s still not that great…

  7. Donald says:

    Get her back to the UK as soon as possible, she’ll be wasted on those USA-loving philistines and preyed on by filthy ajhussis. She’s got too much talent to waste on Koreans and their S.E. Asian mind-slaves and would be better going on the stage in London than joining in the charade that is K-poop.

    • nikki says:

      gotta agree with Donald, if she’s got the talent….why waste it on Kpop scene. Once again, that company that signed her is NOT signing her because of her talent, but rather the fact that she looks “foreign” (and cute as a button to boot) more than she does Korean. They hope she will be their cash cow or should I say calf hehe
      She’s actually what most of these Korean girls wished they looked like AFTER their plastic surgeries lol.

      • Donald says:

        She’d be better if she just went to the Royal College of Music or the Royal Academy of Dance if she has got any talent. Signing yourself off on a 20 year contract to be singing bland bland bland pop to korean people who clearly don’t understand what talent is at such a young age is the talent equivalent of watching a car crash.

    • Droider says:

      Well, She’s here because she can’t make in her own country. It’s a simple as that. It’s much easier to get into Kpop especially if you’re a halfie.

  8. Puppylova says:

    That girl is awesome. But what’s with korea and europe anyway?

    • Ketchup says:

      Well, there is nothing between europe and korea. Europeans don’t know where korea is or what they do and Koreans sit around hating japanese people, loving themselves and americans and generally being a breeding colony for american brides.

      There isn’t much these two have in common.

  9. dee says:

    oh i remember her! how big is she now..and very beautiful. no doubts she will make it big.she has beauty, feature and talent..i appreciate that.good luck

    • Toilet says:

      ‘Making it big’ in Korea.. isn’t making it big. If she wanted to make it big, she would still be in UK rather than signing herself into a slave contract with some korean entertainment company who will inevitably pimp her off to seedy CEO-ajhussis and after 10 years of the slave contract, she’ll still be poor, and only famous in Phils/Korea, probably have a breakdown .. then end up returning to UK where no one will know who she is.

      Her mother is so short-sighted it’s unbelievable.

  10. marie kilbane says:

    I love it she is the best young singer for her age.. she is beautiful young lady and she is very lucky meeting and sing or dancing with good looking guys..I love her name shannon williams great name.. Doesn’t matter where she came from..I am proud of her! GO SHANNON!

  11. Baptong says:


    • Toilet says:

      You’re comparing Koreans to pureblood magicians.. which they aren’t. They couldn’t magic any attention out of the americans if they tried.

  12. Meg says:

    I think she has talent but, I also feel kinda sorry for her. Because, I think her mother is blinded by fame and money. Furthermore, I believe her mother thought it would be easier for her to launch her career in Korea than in England. On the other hand, I wish her luck and I hope she does not have to endure too many hardships while in Korea. In other words I hope she does not loose her innocence too soon.

  13. Dood says:

    She’s one of those “hit or miss” halfies…She’s a miss.

    • Toilet says:

      You mean because she’s not half-american like utterly talentless duo daniel henney and dennis oh?

      Hmm, I guess that’s because Koreans love Americans more than air, and when you bring in a European, the koreans immediately react against her because she’s not from their colonial owners, hence she’s never going to make it and should return to mother england and get a proper education at the RCM or RAD.

      Glad we all agree that she’s wasted in Korea then.

      • dwilliams says:

        damn i was hoping someone would recognize daniel and dennis as being overhyped why others can’t see it is sad indeed.

        • Potato says:

          It’s because they’re delusional, and the koreans are trained to love anything vaguely american. The filipinos and malaysians are trained to like anything vaguely korean. So the hierarchy prevents anyone saying that they’re talentless.

          • zzz says:

            not all of filipinos or malaysians are trained to like everything or vaguely about korean.i know because there are a lot of people i know hate them or just okay with them

      • snooki says:

        Wow, guess I’m not the only one who doesn’t see their talents.

  14. Gs23 says:

    This girl is too precious and way too TALENTED to be sucked into the k pop scene. Good luck to her though :).

  15. ohwell says:

    WTH?! Why Korea? She could do so much better in England or the US! I say come to the states! Love her!

    • OOOOKaaayy! says:


      • Droider says:

        disagree. How many asians are mainstream in the west?

        • Portcullis says:

          Halfie wise .. Mylene Klass.. but she gave up her pop career for presenting on the telescreen. Vanessa Mae is asian and occasionally mainstream… David Jordan is some dude from pleb-o’vision ‘pop idol’ he’s half asian.

          They are few and far between, but they do exist.

    • :3 says:

      cause korea has goodlooking boys and the usa does not. 😛

    • IdiotsOnline says:

      Okay, first of all, you’re all idiots for thinking that America is “such a great place!” It’s F-ing trash and should be sent to the bottom of the list as the stupidest country in the entire world–AND I’M FROM HERE!!!! Honestly, living here all of my life and seeing what South Korea has to offer, although I do agree that she should debut in England, bringing her to America would be THE WORST POSSIBLE IDEA IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD! Her talent would be wasted here and she would be eaten alive!!!!! She is great for her age, but she made a better choice in going to Korea and not to America. America isn’t what everyone makes it out to be–I’d rather live in South Korea, no matter HOW bad people say it is, than stay in this dump of a country!!!! This is just a place that is attached to money and fame…no one give a rat’s a** about what you people think–she wants to debut in Korea, she will debut in Korea, that’s FINAL!!!! So shut up and stop setting America on a pedestal. This coming from a person who has lived in America all of her life!!!!

    • IdiotsOnline says:

      You’re an idiot for choosing US!

  16. OOOOKaaayy! says:

    oh i remember her. okay, lets see how this will turn out.

  17. Jluv says:

    She’s a gorgeous little girl with big talent! Hearing this new was a bit of a letdown, but I still wish her all the best of luck!

  18. hannah kim says:

    her name is shannon williams therefore its most likely her mom’s korean and her father’s british

  19. erica says:

    couldn’t ever make it in the UK, so go to Korea to cash in on her Eurasian-ness…

    • Potato says:

      She’s not american though and she’s a girl. Koreans would have absolutely no interest because they prefer the fantasy of the american hero who will marry and rescue them before taking them to LA to live forever.

      Why don’t they just sign one of the million half-american Koreans in this world?

  20. justmega says:

    Dimwits. She has an English accent. And why in the world would she sign with a Korean agency? So she can be indentured for countless years? She seems to actually have talent unlike some perhaps most Koreans.

  21. Potato says:

    Her mother ruined her daughter’s career buy signing this contract, I fear. There is no one in Korea who could voice coach this girl to any level of greatness, so her career is basically at an end before it’s begun.

  22. krnzzang05 says:

    doesnt she resemble lee min jung a tad bit?

  23. snooki says:

    Ask Lifecoach Snooki Polizzi

    Q: What should you do when you live in europe or america and you’re a failure. You have no friends, no money, no talent and no career.
    A: You should go to asia, they’ll love you. Not sure why, but they do. You can teach english, it really doesn’t matter if you can speak it or not as long as you look caucasian. Or you can act as an important business person in dramas, it doesn’t matter if you speak english with an east-european accent. Nobody will notice. And if your modelling career never took of, you can always be the next it girl in asian magazines.

  24. xox says:

    That is the tendency. I mean even in Hong Kong, most TVB actresses are from Canada or the United States, won a beauty pagent and lauched an entertainment career in Hong Kong. They wouldn’t make it in Canada or the US.
    She’s pretty much doing the same thing. And her singing is sorry, nothing special. She still sounds like a child.

    But I do think her crying abilitiy is really good.

    • Potato says:

      that’s because HKese just wish they were Americans just like koreans do

      • kelly says:

        no no HKies like to think they’re British with “refined manners” and accent.

        • Cottage Pie says:

          Maybe in the 1980s. But these days they all live in USA like Jackie Chan and have ‘gangland LA’ accents. It all went downhill when the British left to go to Singapore and the Americans moved in.

          You won’t find many British accents in HK these days, more like LA.

  25. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    This is late…. But she’s pretty and good at singing.

  26. IvY says:

    Why is she in KOREA?? xD her voice is great…she should go back to the UK and debut there…why korea??

  27. L224 says:

    Shes so cute

  28. ara says:

    she’s so gorgeous! and that dress suit her well ! XD whoa..

    but really, heels at 12 y.o ? isn’t that a little bit too much? wear sneakers, go out and play !

    and please don’t get involved in slavery contract. you deserve bigger opportunities out there. I really reaaaaalllyyy hope they don’t push you to work so hard that you lost your child hood (like that heels , for example).

    oh, and I know that she’s beautiful, but for Korean girls out there, please don’t go under knife just to be as beautiful as her. it’s not worth it.

  29. Dan says:

    Her singing is honestly nothing to go crazy about….and the only reason they are gushing over her is because she is a mixed-blood and they all wish they could look like her…without painful surgery, that is. Koreans love their share of Eurasian kids…just look at how the Moon brothers are being exploited by their Korean mother and White dad. Those kids have all the features they dream about having (wide double eyelid eyes, narrow nose with high bridge, fair skin, skinny face, etc).
    Back to the girl– her acting just annoyed me to no ends.
    But it doesn’t matter that she has no talent. She could still make it big in Korea just by her looks alone.

    • HUH?? says:

      Her vocals aren’t really that special….but we’re talking about Korea.

      About the Moon brothers, they are totally being exploited by their own parents in my opinion.

      • Potato says:

        I know a song about that.. it’s called ‘Exploit your kids in order to get fame for yourself’ do you want to hear it?

        There is another one I wrote called ‘why don’t you send your kids to a musical school rather than pimping them off on a stage at a young age’.

        They’ve got a good tune.

  30. K says:

    Poor girl! So young and already signed! They say youth is wasted on the young, and if she looks back on her life 50 years from now, will she regret it not having spent it attending school but instead working under a “slave” contract/company?

  31. DIA says:

    Everyone making rude comments about Shannon should burn in hell. God this isn’t the Stone Age its the 21st Century. Let’s not be racist or rude here

  32. tania says:

    to make money…have a Eurasian baby and take it to Asia to exploit.

  33. lilas says:

    come on!
    there aren’t a lot of great voices cuz they really care abt appearance…..but some of them are really good as boa, park hyo shin…and have an amazing voice.

  34. anon says:

    Good luck to her, I hope she does succeed and not succumb in the process to the negative influences around her. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and tastes in music and entertainment, let’s make this a civil, NON-RACIST and constructive forum! We are all entitled to our own opinions, but that doesn’t mean you have the right to thrust your views on others using ethnocentric, nationalistic and derogatory terms (come on really.. josun-juk!?!??). You can be a hater, but you can’t deny the fact that Korean popular culture (music, t.v., etc) is extremely popular throughout all of Asia, and many prominent American artists are beginning to collaborate with Korean artists as well. If you don’t like it, than do something more productive with your time instead of trolling kpop websites spewing vitriolic and hateful anti-Korean rants!

    • Watermelon says:

      FYI. Josunjuk isn’t derogatory, it’s just the Korean version of what chinese use as ChaoXianZu one of their 56 nationalities, which they are proud of.

      And no one is denying the fact that indovietmalaypinays hate their own cultures and love Korean culture, because they see Korean culture as better. This is why all the ‘Asia’ awards on this website only have Popstars from the ‘Korean’ uberclass in them and not people from the indovietmalaypinay underclass.

      • Anon says:

        Watermelon, the term itself (josun-juk) is not derogatory. As you explained, it refers to those ethnic Chinese who are racially Korean. Rather, it’s the context in which that term is applied that determines whether it’s insulting or being merely descriptive. For a person who is both ethnically and racially Korean, that term is considered politically incorrect at best and insultingly derogatory at worst. As a Korean, I want to be called “Korean”, and *not* Josun-juk which implies that I am not ethnically Korean.

        Also, the way that you describe indovietmalaypinays is appallingly narrow-minded. How can you equate appreciating and enthusiastically embracing cultural exports from another country, with completely hating your own? Such a statement speaks volumes of ignorance and racism. Also, it’s not just S.E. Asia, but Japan & China who appreciate Korean popular culture. Does this also mean that the Japanese and Chinese hate their own culture?

        Lastly, the name of this website is “PopSEOUL”… it’s dedicated to KOREAN popular entertainment, and THAT is why there is no mention of other Asian popular entertainment here. If you want something more generalized to the Asian pop scene, I’d suggest you find another website.

        • Watermelon says:

          Look, you’re clearly becoming guilty of a huge amount of faggotry, which I assume is because you live in the USA and you’re not actually a korean citizen at all, regardless of your expected protestations.

          Josunjuk/chaoxianzu is something the chinese people who I refer to are proud of, being generations descended from the people of Balhae which were a Korean people living outside of today’s ‘Korea’. If you find it offensive then it’s because you have no knowledge of these people and you’re showing your ignorance to them who are proud to be ethnically Korean and also Chinese, and don’t sit around begging their American masters for scraps of attention like South Koreans do. Plastic surgery isn’t even that common in Yanbian, and do you know why? That’s because they actually like to look Korean. It’s not a derogatory phrase, it’s just you being ignorant and it’s quite likely you abandoned Korea to live in USA and are now in a pool of self disgust that your culture was so dreadful you abandoned it to live in fatland.

          Secondly, there is a clear difference between liking cultural products from another country and the level of worship that the indovietmalaypinays put into this activity. They constantly denigrate their own cultures by accepting that Koreans look better than any, for example, Pinay folk. And personally I find it very interesting that they do this. Most of them call themselves Christian and then hypocritically worship K-pop idols. They are the people being racist, by putting Koreans on pedestals, and the Koreans are being racist by openly belittling the indovietmalaypinays. This dynamic has nothing to do with me, so don’t blame me for it.

          If you’re truly korean, which I suspect you’re actually an american cultural parasite, then you probably came here to get your ego stroked and worshipped by S.E. Asians, so don’t accuse me of being cynical.

          • Anon says:

            Once again your comments just leave me astounded by the amount of blatant racism, hatred, ignorance, and yes, reeking cynicism.

            As I mentioned before, Josunjuk in and of itself is not a derogatory term, it is the *context* in which it’s used that can make it either a descriptor or politicaly incorrect term (and at worst an insult!)

            And you need to make sure you understand the difference between ethnicity and race, b/c your comments clearly indicate you need some enlightenment here. As far as the josunjuk are concerned, they view themselves very much as ethnically CHINESE, regardless of racial heritage… far more so than kainichi view themselves as ethnically Japanese or Korean-Americans view themselves as ethnically Americans. Let me reiterate here that there is NOTHING wrong with being ethnically Chinese and racially Korean, and the history of this people group is nothing to be ashamed of. However, if I am not of this people group, than don’t call me by their name. IT’s as SIMPLE as that!

            And you really need to stop making all of these tasteless and groundless assumptions about me and others, because it really is making you look like an incredibly racist xenophobe. Actually, what’s really tasteless are trolls like you who go around making these sweeping generalizations about entire people groups on a website dedicated to celebrating Korean popular culture.
            Stop spreading the hate!

            • Watermelon says:

              Yet again, you’re failing to comprehend what I was saying. So I’ll say it very clearly..

              The Collins Dictionary defines racism as “the belief that races have distinctive cultural characteristics determined by hereditary factors and that this endows some races with an intrinsic superiority over others “. The Koreans, as per their general assumption that Asian Pop = Korean Pop, feel that they are intrinsically superior to anyone else in S. E. Asia. Indovietmalaypinays believe they are lower than Koreans and so worship Koreans like gods because of some hereditary factor which Koreans have and they don’t.

              Basically I’m just and observer, and you shouldn’t abuse the observer just for observing. You should look at the situation and understand how racist it is, not shoot the messenger.

              I’m pretty sure you’ll not understand any of this, you seem a bit retarded to be honest.

      • zzz says:

        not all indovietmalaypinays hate their own cultures…for malaysia,most of them who hate their own cultures are obviously the chinese….its true because the chinese all criticise their own culture and speak high and almighty of the korean culture

  35. kenken says:

    sheee is sooo cute XD

  36. nath says:

    her sing perform of phantom of the opera in starking was amazing!!

  37. noi says:

    nice. however, i prefer charice and kyu’s “a honey world” duet rather than her and onew’s “a whole new world” duet. :p

    • IdiotsOnline says:

      To be honest, it’s not that I favor Onew (although I really do, but not for this), I believe Onew did a better job in the duet than she did. Her tone didn’t match the song or his, and their voices weren’t in sync. Just saying (I’m too obsessed with all types of music, and I play the flute, so I should know…)

  38. walastek says:

    Wow! She is very talented and very pretty. She’ll do great for sure!

  39. MyFavorite2 says:

    Yes! I like her voice and performance!

  40. shelovespurple says:

    amazing. she’s very talented 🙂 i’ve got goosebumps all over when she sang. 🙂

  41. cookie says:

    this was dumb -.- its nothing special i think shes gna end up hating singing and acting

  42. Sweetsmilez says:

    well…never knoes…(i say)…cuz maybe she might not last…
    wat i mean ish tat wat if somthin turns out bad foe her???…
    no…lets not talk bout tat…
    jux say tat she ish so lucky to be like tat….

  43. CeceliaS69 says:

    Asians like other asians but are amazed by mixed asians xD

  44. qijae says:

    what;s the name of the song?

  45. zzz says:

    i don’t really like the opera voice that she used while singing.most of the parts when she is hitting a high note or a low note,she used her opera voice,i mean yeah obviously when she is singing the phantom of the opera she needs to sing in her opera voice but then there is a song aside from tpoto and the whole new world,the korean song,she used the opera voice to hit a low note.she can sing well but her voice is not unique or anything special.and her acting especially when she is acting angry really makes me sick…but really do the koreans look at half koreans half european differently cause they’re few there?its just because in japan there a lot of halfies,in indonesia too and malaysia,there are a lot of half malay and half europeans
    anyway,no offend,just giving out my opinions

  46. hannah says:

    mannnnnn she’s damn gorgeous XD
    lolol did I get here late?
    so many ppl trashing korea! what’s up with that? hehe but speaking as a korean I can see where this is all coming from. I am a bit worried that she’s signed up with a Korean company. It will be both easier (cause if you’re pretty and skilled in Korea, you’ll go far quickly) and ultra hard (companies are very demanding of their stars. take a look at SNSD)
    But no need to for people to all start going “she’s wasted in Korea!” “Koreans go gaga over Americans!” Even if true it’s a little offensive D: yeahyeah a crapload of Kpop singers can’t sing. I’ll give you that. But take a look at K Will, or Yang pa, or Aiu (아이유) – they can sing man! and as far as I know, we like anyone who is bloody good looking. Maybe we might go “OMG” over foreigners, but it’s certainly not just Americans. We love Europeans, Australians, watevs! It’s like how anyone is fascinated and excited by a foreigner. In Australia, my non-Asian friends go gaga over Germans and French. so anyways, that’s my little rant.
    otherwise, I say good luck to this little girl. She’s going to need to be ultra strong!

    • marie says:

      I love all international singers.. they are all doing very well singing, no matter what they look like even old or younger peoples

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