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Seung-Ri says “What Can I Do” MV & BTS

Famous singer Seung-Ri released his MV and behind the scence pictures.

His new MV “What Can I Do?” got more than 1,000,000 views in less than a week. The MV is pretty intresting when he shows his bad boy side. In the MV there are some sports car which get most of the attention.

Check out the MV below:

Here is some pictures behind the scences:

So what did you guys think of Seung-Ri’s new look in the MV?


20 Comments on “Seung-Ri says “What Can I Do” MV & BTS”

  1. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    Haha the captions on the pic is cute.
    But this is sorta late… The MV came out like, a week ago…
    i really like the song

  2. Ned. says:

    you spelled scenes and interesting incorrectly.

  3. ara says:

    cars look great.

    but cars posed under dramatic lights are too common. Perhaps it would be better if he drive it on highway… hem….

    and about being late, does means that you love to keep in tune with so 10 years ago things (like k-pop) eh, potato?

    • Potato says:

      No, I just like laughing at you people with your obsessions for stroking anything vaguely korean.

      • anti-stupid says:

        why are you even here?! stop being a meaniiiie dummy!

      • heenim95 says:

        you think that’s funny? hah)) you should look at what you’re doing. You come to POPSeoul, and leave these idiotic comments. Do you feel better after you write it? You must be a very cruel person if you did.

        • Potato says:

          What’s cruel about it? You people worship koreans like gods…and I think it’s hilarious.

          • ara says:

            so let us be. what’s difficult with it? it didn’t hurt you at all. in opposite with what you wrote.
            don’t you even realize that you’re being a bastard? oh i bet you do, and you like it, don’t you?

            get a life, potato. if you have any.

          • heenim95 says:

            Are you asking because you really don’t know or because you are retarded? It’s cruel. You wouldn’t want someone talking like that about wherever you are from. We love their music, so what? You like famous people too, and we like them too. What’s so wrong about it?

            • Cottage Pie says:

              There’s nothing wrong with you choosing to worship them like gods. That’s your personal belief system and no one can argue with the choice you made to worship them. The fact that you doing this is supporting another person’s culture outside your own and shows that you dislike your own culture and country and don’t want to support them, that may be seen as wrong.

            • Cottage Pie says:

              and I’m not a participant in the cult of celebrity so I don’t like famous people. I find the whole fame thing a bit disturbing and is used to manipulate desperate plebs.

              • heenim95 says:

                Sorry, but I think you misunderstood. I love my own culture more then anything. And I do not think Koreans are Gods. I love their music, is that wrong? If you don’t like famous people, you decide to waste your time on a site that is based on KoreanPop? I don’t know why you do this. I feel very sorry for you. You might have psychological issues, or you are just plain retarded. I believe you are both. I know my comment will not stop you from criticising KoreanPop, but I just want to point out that you are really weird. Why would you want to hurt people and say that their idols are stupid, talentless and so on? I really don’t understand.

                • Sausages says:

                  You’re just angry because you worship koreans and anyone saying anything negative about koreans makes you angry. It’s hard to be an idolater and have your idols questioned. Funny how you think I have a psychological issue when it’s you deifying people of another culture to yourself.

  4. fuck youu says:

    this song sounds like DJ got us falling in love by Usher
    what the hell!

  5. […] Seung-ri was apart of.. the Take 7 nominees. His singles “VVIP” and “What Can I Do“ were in the running. When you have two singles on the chart…what are your chances of losing? […]

  6. Why do ppl freak out when sum1 lyks an artist from korea or japan or sumthing of the like? Why is that weird? I mean they like american music along wit the rest of the world and we dont thnk its weird! Im an american i luv my culture more than anythng n im black so pop,hip hop and music in general is my culture!

  7. Sweetsmilez says:

    so..tis ish his new solo????….
    gotta luv him….

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