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[Who Pops It Best?] Kim Tae-Hee Vs. Park Ji-Yeon

Who do you think wears it best?

There have been several attentions for Kim Tae-Hee these days. With her new drama “My Princess” she is the spotlight.

Last week she was also noticed wearing a short cute red dress like Lydia Hearst.

This time it is a comparison between her and T-ara member Park Ji-Yeon.

Both are wearing the same head band.

So what do you guys think, Kim Tae-Hee or Park Ji-Yeon?


29 Comments on “[Who Pops It Best?] Kim Tae-Hee Vs. Park Ji-Yeon”

  1. kpopfollower says:

    Park Ji Yeon because I didn’t like what Kim Tae Hee wore with the head band plus the way she had her hairstyled with it also didn’t exactly look right or put together. Personally I love Kim Tae Hee but that headband on her looked like towels fold and wrapped and put on her head. But Kim Tae Hee is still SUPER cute~

  2. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    Kim Tae Hee
    Because the color and the hairstyle fits well with her.
    I love high buns, i do that hairstyle all the time.

  3. IvY says:

    Park Ji-yeon…the position of d headband is too side for Kim Tae-hee whereas for Park Ji-yeon..the position is just right..and the colour of their hairs too…it stands out more against the black hair..=)

  4. ara says:

    Miss Park looks like a Japanese, while Miss Kim looks very Korean. I don’t know. perhaps the ambiance at each style and photographs colors.

    both looks good .in a different way.

  5. Eunice says:

    Kim Tae-hee wears it better, but that doesn’t mean that hideous thing should be worn at all.

  6. ji yeon she is so cute………..

  7. shusam says:

    U’re soo preety ❤

  8. courgette says:

    Bored of K-pop.. bored of people with no attention span who cannot see they are recycling the same hair and dresses over and over and over.

  9. Shane says:

    Park Ji Yeon…she’s a singer anyway…so I think she’ll be better…

  10. dee;) says:

    ji yeon,,i totally love her

    they both look good,, kim tae hee look like a cute korean while jiyeon look dark and vampire like,,hehe

  11. haqikah says:

    Kim-Tae-Hee, wears it better.

  12. DIA says:

    Both are cute

  13. I am a BOTCH says:

    jiyeon b/c something about her hair that give the headband a lively feelings!

  14. jUniooOr says:


  15. I choose Kim Tae Hee because her haircolor and clothing maches the hairband.

  16. lan says:

    Princess KIM TAE HEE

  17. cup says:

    Neither thanks.

  18. i don’t want kim tae hee i like park ji yeon so i vote her

  19. kea says:

    what’s the name of her hair color?

  20. Oh Hana says:

    Kim Tae Hee is so cute cause she didn’t surgery too much, only her nose

  21. claudine says:

    For me is “Kim Tae-Hee”

    She’s simple yet beautiful and elegant 🙂

  22. Danny yoon says:

    ႈI live in singapore.I love t-ara.I like t-ara all memember.But I love ji yeon other t-ara tae hee is beautiful.park ji yeon is so cute.But I think kim tae hee
    is hot.j
    I love ji yeon.

  23. victoria says:

    kim tae hee…………………go..go..

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