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Wonder Girl’s Manager tweets: comeback worth waiting for

Does Wonder Girls still have what it takes to take it all back?

Wonder Girl‘s manager recently tweeted about their upcoming comeback writing “the kids are now with me, the song sound so good that my heart is flying, everything is worth the wait. I’m going to take our territory back”.

Netizens eagerly responded with support, commenting  “hurry back, we miss you”.

Since going global, Wonder Girls have proven their staying power with the hit single  “2 Different Tears,” following their 2008 hit “Nobody” that won “Song of the Year”.

There is no word yet on when Wonder Girls‘ next album will drop but what is known is that they will be working with big time prouder Rodney Jerkins and Claude Kenny, who have worked with the likes of Lady GaGa, Micheal Jackson, and Beyonce.


87 Comments on “Wonder Girl’s Manager tweets: comeback worth waiting for”

  1. dan says:

    and i’m first

  2. Potato says:

    Who are these people? No one remembers you because you’re talentless and boring.

    • anti-stupid says:

      OH~~~ your comment is so sweet~ NOT! just ZIP it if you dont have something nice to say! boohoo!!!

      • courgette says:

        I’d agree with Potato, these people are boring and they fled to the USA and failed and now they’re trying to be all ‘we’re back’ and no one cares except for some sad fockers who live in the past.

        • anti-stupid says:

          blah blah blah~~~~ will it kill you if you say something nice? lets see if you have what it takes to be a STAR!

          • courgette says:

            I’m not a pleb whose only desire is to see themeselves or another pleb be ‘famous’. I wouldn’t want to be a pop-star if you paid me, it seems a dreadful life where your own persona is replaced by that of whatever the entertainment company desires it to be. It’s no wonder they get psychologically lost and kill themselves.

            So, no, I’ll leave the concern about the cult of celebrity to you and the other plebs.

    • I am a BOTCH says:

      funny. u don’t know them but u know they’re talentless and boring. give me a sour patch!

    • ara says:

      but we remember you because you’re such an asshole. congrats for that.

  3. lina says:

    I think they made a mistake by just abandoning Korean to try to dominate the American market. Now they have to really step it up to regain the status they usede to have 3 years ago.

  4. QUINCY says:

    Good to hear that they’re coming back 😀

  5. dan says:

    JYP is a fucking idiot and full of himself.

  6. Nicepeterfan says:

    Nah a break up sounds better. No sane person wants those screechy ugly whores back

  7. OOOOKaaayy! says:

    Wonder Girls r coming back? ahhhh yeahhhh!!!!

  8. isala says:

    2DT was shitty! I really want them to come back with something powerful and fierce unlike all their other songs!

  9. nikki says:

    They suck…

    Just because JYP has offices in the US, he thinks he’s a badass producer. He’s so full of himself. If he’s such a wonderful great producer, why isn’t at least one of his artists in mainstream USA??

    • Cottage Pie says:

      Seems that he’s a badass producer because he’s not done anything of note in the USA other than failgirls and ra-fail-in.

  10. O_o says:

    Why so much negativity here?! what they did to ur life and made u bash them like that? if dont like them, its okay. the bashing things is oh so unnecessary.
    anyways, i’ll support u girls! at least u try to reach your dream and there’s nothing wrong with that! =D

    • ashley says:

      yeah the Wonder Girls are nice and don’t say dumb things like some other girl groups……cough cough

    • Portcullis says:

      The ‘criticism’ (it’s not negativity so don’t try to polarise the situation, in order to vilify non-k-idol worshippers) is mainly due to the fact that this group have little creative talent, other than that which has been provided by the entertainment company, and their songs are typically badly sung and infrequent. They also failed in the USA and now have a fanbase consisting of a few indovietmalaypinays who would worship a rotting apple if it was korean.

      Basically wonder lacklustre girls are terrible.

  11. lukewarm.oasis says:

    I think Sun-Mi made the right choice in leaving the group.

    The Wonder Girls’ trajectory is aimless and now they seem so passé.

    Hope they are able to re-establish themselves as a top idol group . . . to bad the cynic in me highly doubts the feasibility of their renewed success.

  12. lizzzzz says:

    They should just go back to Korea.

  13. angie says:

    Yay, they are coming back. They are already famous all over the world. They are the greatest stars of Asia.

    • Potato says:

      The greatest stars of asia? hahahaahahhhahhaha

      Maybe the greatest stars of malaysia, vietnam, phils and Thailand. Because these countries are rammed full of k-strokers who worship their talentless k-gods without criticism or comment.

      You can get back to gushing over your k-gods.

  14. huh says:

    whats with all the negative? they didnt do anything wrong except going for their dream..i hope they will be back with bang and shut up all the haters out there..they still got what it takes and they will be back better than ever

  15. I am a BOTCH says:

    Yes. My name resemble me. so FCUK OFF. and OUCH! so much HATERS!. dont hate them b/c their beautiful. Lets just do the Pretty Girl ROCK dance.

    • Potato says:

      Do you mean they’re? you illiterate toad. You’re just another K-stroker who hates their own culture, so we’re going to laugh at you for 2 minutes.


  16. ara says:

    the colorful dress is too Ungaro.. *eh, did i spell the designer’s name right?* , however, wg used to release singles with nice tunes and choreography. so good luck anyway.

    • Potato says:

      What’s even better is you k-strokers listen to the manager, when of course a comeback is worth waiting for ‘for him’ because if the comeback is successful then he makes lots of money and you Filipinos, Malaysians and overseas chinese k-strokers will spend all your education money on tickets and other cr@p.

      It’s hilarious how manipulated you all are.

    • ROFLMAO says:

      retarded fans, continue to buy their stuff and make them rich.

      Plastic + no talent = FAILURE

      • Mushroom says:

        Technically they’re not retarded fans, they’re delusional fans. But the term fan, comes from fanatic which defines them as unable to deal with reality and turning to psychosis.

  17. O_o says:

    watched their performance live and they were so good! plus they were so nice and humble. good karma comes to good people. hope these girls could make it in the US.

    • Mushroom says:

      You’re not even Korean and you’re supporting the successful propagation of a culture which isn’t your own in a country which they want to be successful. Do you really hate your own culture that much? Seems so.

      • O_o says:

        Nah, that was just ur opinion. please don’t act like you know me. =D i’m asian and i’ll be proud if my fellow asians succeed in the west country. again, that’s nothing wrong with that. why u were thinking so much?
        forgot to mention… they came to my country and doing a charity at an orphanage. very sweet! god bless them!

        • Cottage Pie says:

          Asian and Korean aren’t the same thing. You’re probably a filipina in the USA doing nursing and wishes they were Korean.

          You just keep saying ‘asian’ because your group never did anything worth talking about and so you try to leech onto some other group.

          • O_o says:

            Lolol… Please please dont act like you know me =) i’m nowhere live in the US. i’m even not a filipino. but like Phillipines, the last i check South Korea and my country are still in Asia continent. Now, it’s time for the pop quiz! where do i live? that sounds fun, dont u think?! ^__^ just google wonder girls and charity, you will know where i live.
            i praised these girls for their good deeds. like i’m praising Lady Diana for her volunteer works. talkin about volunteer, wonder girls has been doing volunteer works and giving donations to society since 2008 secretly in korea. more reason to love them. =D
            surely you no nothing about these girls and yet you still bash them for no reason. and now, you trying to bash me like you know me? seriously?! i just smh.

  18. Cottage Pie says:

    Welcome back to Korea wonder epic-FAILgirls

  19. lalalal says:

    At least they have something better to do than bash other artists’ on the internet. Most of these comments are very hateful and deceitful. I wish you children to grow up and stop being so vindictive.

  20. ;) says:

    i love the hairr!!! esp the green! as well as the indigo one ;o

  21. showalter says:

    Thank god for fan loyalty! Without it these girls would not be able to compete with the talented rookies now! Even Miss A is 100x better!

    • O_o says:

      Don’t worry there are LOTS a fan like me =D u should do the same thing with your bias group. because every group in the world is nothing without their fans.
      i love miss A so much! they’re WG’s sisters. but, it’s not miss A and any other korean groups who’s in America now. so why we are talking about them?

      • Cottage Pie says:

        You’re a butt-hurt indovietmalaypinay who just watched your korean idols fail in the USA. I’m sure you’ll be able to recover from your k-gods failing… it may take time, but you will!

        • O_o says:

          i thought you were bored?! hey at least you tried to answer my pop quiz before! ^_^ no need to worry me, we have a bigger problem with your morality here.
          my first intention here was telling that these girls doesn’t deserve your bashing! why? see my previous comments! every rational people would know these girls are good people, they aren’t my god, they are only an inspiring people. their fans in korea follow their step and gave donations for people in needs.
          i just don’t get people who satisfy themselves with spreading hates. O___o that must be something wrong with your heart… or brain. choose yourself.
          no, i’m not butt-hurt. you didn’t hurt me with at all of your hate comments. it was just made me wonder, did you do all of this bash things entire of your life?? umm… no need to answer though i’m done here. if you reply, i’d say that you really love me XD
          peace everyone! ^_^ god bless everybody!

  22. mimi says:

    wonder girls! i can’t wait^^ of course they’ll take back their territory in korea bc they’re the wonder girls haha!

  23. Watermelon says:

    Waiting for the wondergirls to return to korea after huge amounts of failure in the USA is like sitting on the toilet waiting for something to happen.

    • krysti says:

      WTFudge r u people complaining about when their American debut have not even started! Just b/c they’re in America doesn’t mean they debuted and fail. JYP and the girls r just warming up. I don’t get it. I guess JYP himself have to say it out loud for some dumb people to understand! “WONDER GIRLS REAL AMERICAN DEBUT IS IN MARCH”!

  24. cookie says:

    i think they did ok they made it on the top 100chart higher then most asian artist thts a start but adding lim ugly self in the group ruined it for me i was never a big fan of nobody an 2dt i liked a few of their songs

  25. April says:

    I think it’s a shame they were heavily promoted in the US and practically alienated from S.Korea last year. They did well here, breaking into the Billboard charts where other Asian artist have failed and their concerts did well but it’s still bad management. You can tell they are working their butts off & getting very little in return.

    • BaiCai says:

      I cannot tell they’re working their butts off. Seems like they’re on holiday in USA their spiritual homeland.

      • April says:

        Touring, whether it’s a kpop group seeking fame– for some unfanthomable reason, in the US– or a veterans musician, is exhausting work.

        • BaiCai says:

          How do you know? You’re in the wondergirls and got first hand experience of what they’ve been doing?

          …or are you just going off second hand propagantwitters where they say ‘oh I’m so exhausted, feel sorry for me and buy a CD’

  26. 2NE1Vs says:

    Test post 3 hmm why isn’t this working?

  27. 2NE1Vs says:

    Ok there we go. I probably am going to get executed for this but WonderGirls are just average. I mean 2NE1 if anyone is going to be the group to take off. They have even shown up in the top 8 new groups to watch. What makes this impressive that is not Korea but on the US Billboard list. Not to mention mega producer Artist is working with them on their Debut. What’s the difference is that 2NE1 unlike Wonder Girls are making all the right choices. They are not trying to be to cute which just doesn’t sell in many other markets. Almost all of them speak fairly good English. CL is damn near perfect and could definitely go solo. I think people are just bashing them because they have achieved so much so fast. Love 2NE1 TV and they are just so damn cute but with an attitude lol!! Sorry Wonder Girls but you are better off staying in Korea. I am not saying this to be mean but they clearly didn’t have a good grasp on the market there. I blame their manager more then them though. I wonder what will happen if 2NE1 manages to do what Wonder Girls has not. Still they are good performers but just not at the level required for such a debut.

  28. f**k haters says:

    wow… back up people… u dun have to be that mean… u fucking idiot… u blame for being talentless and boring and such things…. look at urself… have u ever sung in front of thousands people??? have u ever won any awards??? Can u even sing??? NO right???? then shut ur fucking bullshit mouth up…. there are so many famous Korean singers who also went to the US but have not succeeded (Rain, Se7en, BoA….) They have not even made something big like the Wonder Girls did (they made their song to the Billboard)… but they still back without any complains from other people… wth are u fucking haters thinking… grow up…. If u are Beyonce or Lady Gaga, u may say they are untalented… but of course cuz u only know to use ur fucking mouth to say bad things about people who tried hard to succeed and u r fucking untalented, so of course u r not those famous people

  29. Bulll says:

    Wonder fail

  30. Sean says:

    Uh, they didn’t fail. Lmao, they released ONE song that made the billboard top 100, so that sounds pretty decent to me. Sure, it wasn’t the top 10s, but they had zero promotion other than for fans who’ve followed them from the beginning. I’m pretty sure all the haters are “SONES” so let’s not even regard them, okay?

    I can’t wait for your comeback girls. ❤
    Better be worth the waiting!

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