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BoA’s Hollywood Film Finds A Leading Man

Which heartrob will capture the hearts of our Atlantis Princess in this dance packed film ?

Set for a release in 2012, BoA will be making her Hollywood movie debut in the film “COBU 3D”.

The plot revolves around 2 dancers who come from two worlds apart in the environment they have grown from, only to meet in the underground dance clubs of New York where they fall in love.

And just who does BoA fall in love with?

Derek Hough (pictured below)  world champion dancer and member of the hit American show “Dancing With The Stars” will sweep BoA off her feet while giving her some tough competition with his  own dancing experience.

The film directed by “Step Up” Duane Adler hopes to spice up things up, compared to “other” dance moves by focusing on both plot and choreography, instead of a plot that doesn’t end working.

Will you be checking out BoA‘s Hollywood film when it reaches a theater near you?

Source: OSEN


116 Comments on “BoA’s Hollywood Film Finds A Leading Man”

  1. Potato says:


  2. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    When is it coming out?
    And when is Jay’s movie coming out??

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  4. Nicepeterfan says:

    Ew he’s so nasty looking. They couldn’t have found someone from SYTYCD?

  5. misswhite says:

    derek hough isnt that popular but i think he will be paid higher.btw, im curious 2 c boa’s fluency in english

    • integrawingates says:

      I think her english is ok… I heard her once…

      • Watermelon says:

        Well she only needs to say a few lines like..

        “i never did like asian men, I prefer you white guys in the sack”
        “you white guys are much better at dancing that asian guys”
        “marry me and let me stay in USA, I hate life in korea”

        So she doesn’t need great american (not english, koreans don’t speak english, they learn american from birth)

  6. Nima says:

    He looks like an older version of Justin Bieber, and no it’s not a compliment.

  7. azns4ever says:

    I’m an Asian from America. Most Americans have no idea who BoA is. It’s like when Jet Li, Jackie Chan & Zhang Ziyi gained fame in America due to to Rush Hour. I remember white & back kids in school saying how awesome Jackie & Jet were and how beautifu Zhang was. They have no idea how talented & beautiful BoA is. Derek Hough has a crappy band called Ballous Hough. He’s like on the D-list. Im just glad to see more Asian stars getting opportunities in America like Bi, Jay Chou & Dong-gun Jang .

  8. shinee grl says:

    i personally really like derek….i agree he doesnt look so appealing in the picture but on dancing with the stars he is really funny and cute…im looking forward to seeing the movie!

  9. marie kilbane says:

    I love Derek hough, he is great dancer and handsome young man.. I watch his Dancing with stars show.. why she was there because she is welcome and giver her some support? doesn’t matter where she’s from or speak american… I applause her

  10. chii says:

    I’m going to watch it not only because I love dance-themed movies but also because of new talents… ^^

  11. justmega says:


  12. pat says:

    Not gonna work. If you never head of Boa, you need a lead who will draw audience. He
    ain’t IT.

    • shinee grl says:

      he’s actually really popular so i think people will come out to see this movie

      • OOOOKaaayy! says:

        plus americans love a dance movie. they’re very popular.

        • Portcullis says:

          Americans love any movie, especially when it bucks reality and shows them saving the world in some way, rather than just ruining it with their addiction to CO2 production.

          • OOOOKaaayy! says:

            americans dont like jennifer anniston movies,there. y would we watch just anything.

            • Cottage Pie says:

              Because your reality, parenting and schooling is through hollowood propaganda. You have no options but to go to the Movies or you’d never learn that F22s can make mysterious alien spacecraft-monsters scared.

              “ooo, i’ve just flown 1 million light years and now this F22 American plane is making me really scared… oooo.. scared….ooo”

              • OOOOKaaayy! says:

                i was planning on watching a movie like that. its gonna kick ass! u have a point there.

                • cottage pie says:

                  I was being facetious, but lost on you I fear. The point being, those types of films are all you watch because that’s how you get educated there.

                  “oh look, a maverick cop beat all 200 of the evil people”

      • pat says:

        popular with who?

  13. abundanttempest says:

    is it wrong that I laughed histerically when i scrolled down to see Derek Hough? he’s a good dancer but he freaks me out.

  14. dan says:

    this is going to be like the 100th remake of a movie with same story line about 2 dancers from different worlds. i’m a big Boa fan but STUPID !!!!

  15. sweetgirl1990 says:

    This is going to be a flop!! I know his style of dancing..I haven’t seen him doing much hip hop dance it’s usually those tight clothes dancing stuff. Too bad!

  16. liladayo says:

    “The plot revolves around 2 dancers who come from two worlds apart in the environment they have grown from, only to meet in the underground dance clubs of New York where they fall in love.”
    —-this is the exact plot from step up, step up 2, step up 3d, take the lead, raise your voice the only difference is BoA is virtually a no one in America…and Derek Hough…does he even have a fanbase?

    • Cottage Pie says:

      Koreans will love watching a Korean in New York though, because koreans love anywhere in USA and a Korean living there… it’s their dream.

  17. 1 Step 2 Step Out says:

    Bad Choice. This guy is even creepy on Dancing With the Stars. He usually has his hands all over his partner. Never liked him. He’s tall for shorty short short BOA.
    BOA was great when she was young. But as an adult, the cuteness is gone. Just another asian girl. Her time is passing.

  18. Kitkat_breadsss says:

    What derek hough i love him!! 🙂 he’s friends with cheryl cole( uk’s singer)

  19. Feck_U says:

    It sounds like one of those direct to DVD type of movie <_<

  20. HUH?? says:

    Gotta agree…straight to video.

    Her English is slurry. She slurs all her words like every other K-star trying to show off their language skills.

  21. dana says:

    the way he dance makes up for EVERYTHING and ANYTHING.

  22. cdnpoint says:

    Let’s hope that BoA can use some of her music on the film’s soundtrack–that would ROCK!!

    Personally, I would have liked Taecyeon to be the male lead-he can dance, as he shows in Dream High!

  23. Angelina says:

    OMG! I LOVE HIM! i cant wait lol

  24. Dbskfan says:

    Boa is one talented lady but sorry to say I lost my interest in her after reading her tweets about JYJ. She’s supposed to be their senior and should set an example but what she did ignited more fire to the already burning issues about Dbsk, SM and JYJ. She should have just shut her mouth coz in the first place it’s not her battle to fight.

    • misswhite says:

      maybe d reason she tweeted that bcoz she knows d real reason y jyj left which maybe not bcoz of the so called slave contract..i’m a cassie but a know that theres something fishy surrounding jyj controversies.

      • kikuri says:

        i agree wt misswhite! JYJ is greedy. In fact t they had the same problem with Avex Trax. It shows that JYJ is up to no good. If SMent is such a baddie, Boa, Suju, Shinee will take the same if not similar action. ‘Something is rotten in the state of Denmar’ (Shakespeare)

        • Watermelon says:

          I think you’ll find it’s Denmark. Unbeknownst to you indovietmalaypinay mind-slaves “Denmark” is a country in Europe, mentioned by Shakespeare.

          Denmar .. is nothing.

          • kikuri says:

            Does ‘Typographical error’ means anything to you? And how is being racist is even cool? Or maybe u r being stupid. Too stupid to identify a simple typo!

            • Cottage Pie says:

              When was I racist? I think you’ll find the only racism was you denigrating your very own race and putting the korean race on a godly pedestal to which they don’t belong.

              Racism is defined as “the belief that races have distinctive cultural characteristics determined by hereditary factors and that this endows some races with an intrinsic superiority over others ” and so by being the lap-dog of korean people YOU are the racist.

              • honeydew says:

                someone is feeling the heat.

              • Lulu says:

                Actually the whole bit about speaking american and american’s eat til they explode then prozac drips out was pretty racist.

                • Watermelon says:

                  American, prozac and eating aren’t races, so no, it’s not racist.

                  I think if you look in a dictionary the word you are looking for is xenophobic.

              • Lulu says:

                Actually, Racism has THREE definitions – or did you decide to skip those? The other 2 parts are 1.) a policy, system of government, etc., based upon or fostering such a doctrine; DISCRIMINATION. and 2.) Hatred or intolerance of another race or other races.

                Stereotyping (used as a verb and defined as 1.)to make a stereotype of.
                2.)to characterize or regard as a stereotype: The actor has been stereotyped as a villain.
                3.)to give a fixed form to.) is a form of discrimination and intolerance, thus Racism.

                And FYI, Xenophobic was definitely not the word I was looking for, thanks. It’s defined as “an unreasonable fear or hatred of foreigners or strangers or of that which is foreign or strange”. Not relation to what I meant. Unless of course, you’re trying to say that you’re afraid of Americans?

          • misswhite says:

            duh…read it in a glance n know its a typo.n watermelon dear, racism wont lead 2 anywhere.

        • Feck_U says:

          Actually Avex Trax dumped them because they were getting too much heat from the SM Corporates… If you are going to get mad at them at least get mad at them for the right reasons.

        • pat says:

          They are just cowards JYJ is risking it ALL.

          • Cottage Pie says:

            Not really, we’re waiting for the ‘bedroom’ scene where BoA says ‘You white guys are so good in bed and those Koreans are just nasty looking and have small …’

  25. Puppylova says:

    @ Dbskfan She’s one of the shareholder (with kangta), so of course she got something to say about that issue. They’re both with sm.

  26. hmmm says:

    yeah taecyeon should have been the guy lead. he speaks english well. personally, i think no matter how people look down on this upcoming movie, i think people will still watch it just because the movie title is already popular…but then again, it might also flop just like so many movie sequels out there where people start getting tired of it

    • Portcullis says:

      I’ll say it for the 50th time, KOREANS DON’T SPEAK ENGLISH, THEY SPEAK AMERICAN Y’ALL.

      • Cotton says:

        They speak engrish!

        • Cottage Pie says:

          They speak AMERICAN, they’re taught by their american owners to speak american because then they’ll be good wives when they’re imported to USA from the catalogue in order to live out their days with a GI in Oklahoma.

    • cdnpoint says:

      (Thumbs up for the Taecyeon support!! Nods head in agreement.)

      I’d like to think that North Americans will get beyond “Asian person meets Western stranger and both lives change as result of their relationship” and can see a film where both leads are from Asia, can dance like no one’s business and act out the story and it WOULD BE ACCEPTED by all.

      Sometimes film is easier to view from the perspective of human stories from other countries rather than people from different countries with culture clashes–I do not watch much of the US produced films anymore. I prefer international cinema.

      • Cottage Pie says:

        Your head is clearly messed up on drugs. By international cinema what do you mean? do you mean you watch ‘my sassy girl’ on loop?

  27. Jiraf says:

    What a UGLY GUY!!!

    • Cottage Pie says:

      You think he’d look better if he was an emaciated korean on hormones, wearing ladies’ clothing, ladies hair and make-up? Basically any K-pop star?

      • Jiraf says:

        Blah! Blah! Blah! If you don’t like korean ladyboys! What are you doing here reading a k-pop news blog?

        • Cottage Pie says:

          Laughing at you K-strokers.

          • Tangoo says:

            WTF! You should get lost if you’re here to make stupid comments. Why do you invest that much time on something you dislike? You should get a life instead of spreading all the stupidities in your head. Nobody likes you. GET LOST!

            • cottage pie says:

              Most people like laughing at K-strokers, because none of you have any free-will, you just do whatever your korean neo-gods or the korean entertainment companies tell you to do.

              It’s hilarious.

              • mrs jagjeet says:

                somehow i’ve a feeling u r asian who pretend 2 hate koreans n their so called followers.maybe u r bored n got nothing 2 do.pity u

  28. Tangoo says:

    Yurk! He’s ugly compared to our beautiful BoA!!! I really don’t like him -_-

  29. johnson says:

    lol @ the east (gal) meets west (guy) dynamic. again and again and again! i guess we ARE stealing THEIR women… sorry asian guys!

  30. Sai says:

    I hate to say this but, the movie will flop. There are so many dance movies that come out and like to show a man and woman who defeat all who stands in their way against all odds. It is just your everyday hollywood movie. I have said this many times and I will repeat it once again ” hollywood waste too much money “. If they really wanted to make a dance movie then they need to ask people what they want to see b/c I have no interest in dance movies of this caliber. I prefer the classic movies when it comes to dance b/c the plot was always written very well and not chessy like the movies made now a days.

    • Watermelon says:

      But you will get to see a white American guy and a Korean girl fall in love, which is how it should be. The Korean guys won’t even get a look in because they’re too uggles and beat women.

  31. […] start paying attention to the good stuff, then all the time I spend writing is worthwhile. I liked this post from PopSeoul about Boa’s upcoming dance […]

  32. miki1 says:

    Derek is Hot!! For anyone that doesn’t know, watch his dance clips from ‘Dancing with the Stars’. He is also A LOT better looking than the picture shown here! BoA is a LUCKY girl!

  33. Lulu says:

    Well, I can’t decide if I am extremely excited or not. On one hand, I am thrilled to see BoA in an American movie – I honestly hadn’t expected that when I heard that she came to California to try pursuing her career in the US. And I am a mild dance fan, so I’m curious how it turns out. The down side? Is that the BEST actor they could find to co-star?? Sure, he’s a great dancer, but not much on the eyes – I’d think they’d go for a man with a little more sex appeal. Perhaps its just a bad picture? Either way, I’d like to see it, and I wish the best to them in their production process.

  34. cdnpoint says: does not have any news posted of the movie on BoA’s US website. Why.

    But elsewhere online, I read that the movie will be filmed in two cities. Toronto (Ontario, Canada) will be one of them-calling all BoA fans in the Greater Toronto area to show BoA support during her film shoot in Canada!!

  35. Sweetsmilez says:

    what!!!!!!….Boa ish goin to be filming a movie wif an American guy??????!!!!!!!

  36. CeceliaS69 says:

    Jay Chou still looks cooler haha ❤

  37. HeartNSoul says:

    Guys you talk about everyone else pulling this crap and then you do the same damn thing. It goes both ways ya know!! So knock off the damn raciest comments and let’s try to support Boa in her acting Debut. For one I am relieved it turned out to be Derek and not some to bit wanna be amateur. I mean this is a dance film after all and it’s not like just anyone would due. Derek is one hell of a dancer and it could have been much worse. Not to mention that the script is being written on an east meets west aka west side story template. Duane Adler knows what he is doing as this is the guy behind Save The Last Dance ya know.Add to this the fact that Boa is going to be playing the part of the characer Aya a Japanese and not Korean. Not to mention hip-hop, tap & taiko drumming fusion dancing will be represented as well which Boa will play. I mean come on how bad would that have looked as people would have never bought that idea otherwise lol. Regardless there are other Asians in the movie.

    Arden Cho tweeted which will also be appearing in the film that a well known Kpop artists is said to play the role of Boa’s brother. Who could that be I wonder Rain, Se7en, Brian Joo, Micky Yoochun? Have to wait on that news haha. However you look at it this is going to be great exposure for Boa. Not to mention a dream come true for her fans there. I get tear eyed even thinking about it. Now look what you made me do. I am raining all over my keyboard. ~_~ Anyways your forgiven but it nice to see for once having an Asian in a leading role seen in this way. It’s a win win however you look at it. In reference to Boa’s English it is a lot better then people are giving her credit for. Not to mention that is not so much a factor anymore. Wenwen Han English was far worse then Boa’s in Karate Kid and people fell in love with her. The movie was a huge mega hit!! So before people start judging let’s see the good that is going to come out of this. Derek and Boa are as about a good a match I can think of under these circumstances. We will have to wait in the coming months to so what else unfolds but I personally have been waiting a lifetime for this. AZN Rep!!

  38. CherryBlossomAngel says:

    Great post!! Yea I heard that as well. It would have been a bit odd all right. Having two Asians playing opposing lead roles representing different ends of the spectrum. That would have been like having a white guy playing the role of a black living in Harlem lol. Yea people need to just chill out. It’s is good to see that this is going more the way of Save The Last Dance then Step up dance battles. That had it’s place but after 3 films.

    it’s about time for a set change. I have to wonder about the appart title of the film though.
    That just doesn’t scream see me see me. Why not have just called it Save the Last Dance 2 or something. Come see it live COBU 3D the experience lol. Damn something right out a amusment park attaction. I really hope they change the title as that just plain sucks!! Other then that I am excited about the film.

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