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SM Town Japan Returns For Round II

With the Hallyu Wave picking up speed more than ever, and Japanese fans going  head to head in a bidding war for tickets, SM Town will take full advantage with a second SM Town concert in April.

And who could blame them? The Japanese Yen is expensive these days and that means more bang for the buck. For the January 25th and 26th performances alone, SM managed to rake in a total of 3.6 million USD in ticket sales!

Returning will be the entire SM Entertainment family from BoA, f(x), Super Junior, SHINee, Girls’ Generation, and more!

SM Town show will be held on April 9 – 10th at the Tokyo Dome. Ticket prices starting at $156 + $5 fee. Ticket will go on sale on January 28th at 10AM JST thru February 18th at 3PM JST on tickebo.

Hopefully, fans who couldn’t witness the 1st show, can get their big break this time around!

Source: Japanese Joins


62 Comments on “SM Town Japan Returns For Round II”

  1. Ruth says:

    I wish they would come to Los Angeles, California again. I feel really sad and regretful that I missed the last one. It’s not fair that people in Asia get to hog Super Junior and us here in Los Angeles rarely ever get to see their concerts while countries in Asia have so many chances. We want to hog Super Junior too! (: LOL.

    • Potato says:

      You’ve clearly yet another overseas chinese who hates your ex-culture and wishes they were korean and so spends all your time trying to be korean and worshipping koreans.

      Your mantra of worship >> ” Love all 13 no matter what, believe them, support them, watch their backs. Always. “, shows that you don’t allow people to criticise your k-gods in any way, and you’re unable to deal with the reality that your idols are just humans and not really gods.

      Another overseas-chinese k-stroker… HHAAHA

      • poheijo says:

        tsk! tsk!…must people be rude?…that’s why there are wars because of this kind of attitude…tsk, tsk, tsk…

        • Anonymous says:

          They think they are so cool with that kind of attitude.

        • Ruth says:

          First, yes, I’m chinese but I’m not only Chinese. I do NOT think them as a god because i am Christian and i only acknowledge one God. I don’t understand why some people like you have to be so hateful. PLEASE DON’T GO AROUND AND ACT LIKE YOU KNOW ME. Just because i like K-pop doesn’t mean i hate my own culture. It’s just that i appreciate songs with better meanings and it’s hard to get that these days where I am. It’s true I will not let them get criticized but only if they do not deserve the critcism. I do not get all giddy and excited if someone mistakes me for a Korean or a Japanese and those people that do probably feel flattered because Koreans and Japanese people are very good-looking which is why they get excited. The quote that says to love them, watch their back, support them, believe them. Isn’t that what you’re suppose to do for someone, like say a friend? Does that mean I treat my friend like a god? NO. -_____-” Next time, think before you speak.

      • fiona says:

        can’t blame them. Western media’s spends most of the time feeding them the negatives of China that they’ve become ashamed of their origins and probably feel proud/happy when people mistake them for Koreans or Japanese. They probably avoid Chinese entertainment on purpose due to inbuilt prejudice. Kinda sad really, losing pride in ones identity. Chinese Americans like most Americans believe that Chinese government=China=it’s people=anything wrong that’s ever happened. therefore, they try hard to not to associate with that themselves.

        • Cottage Pie says:

          **Blame the Western Media-Excuse Alert**
          **LEVEL 5**

          • evalyn says:

            Western media will always be bias of course. they give what the readers want. It’s like that everywhere. I remember reading a piece of news about Chinese soldiers supposedly attacking monks and they backed up this information by accompanying the news with a irrelevant picture of Nepalese police beating monks. To the uneducated red neck, this is evidence enough.

        • snooki says:

          If I were chinese I’d hate myself too.
          Those chinese need to freaking learn to respect the borders. Just because you’ve never heard of the birth control pill, doesn’t mean you can claim other peoples land when you haven’t got space for 1.3 billion people.

          • su says:

            well said snooki…the chinese needs to learn to stay in their own boundaries and stop exploiting other countries…

          • jieun says:

            @ snooki
            Chinese =/= Chinese government. And the birth control pill wasn’t around 50 years ago when the baby boom happened. Go onto Chinese websites, the Chinese comments show hate their government, they know they’re being cheated. The word government official is synonymous with “corrupt and bribery” there. what can they do? if they speak up they’re probably get squashed by a truck and deemed and accident. Being Chinese and hating yourself because of what the government and Mao has done is very unhealthy- lucky Chinese people don’t have this type of self-blame mentality otherwise their suicide rates would be even higher than Korea.

        • snooki says:

          Oh yeah and I also wanted to say that Mao is a piece of shit.

          • Portcullis says:

            To be fair, he did kill between 40’000’000 and 60’000’000 chinese, whereas the Japs only killed 3’000’000. So deathwise he was 20 times worse than the Japs during wartime.

          • ??? says:

            the chinese govt will check on your future posts because of this. you got tagged

            • Henry says:

              It’s apparently an offensive statement to your country and gov’t.

              I honestly don’t even know who you really are yet, but whether what you are saying is true or not… I would not want to test it.

              • Watermelon says:

                Let’s just be fair, the chinese government is also aware that Mao killed between 40-60 million chinese and they’re quite happy he died in sunny 1976.

                They even condemned the gang of four for exactly the same reason. So I don’t think anyone cares about saying Mao was a blood-hungry tyrant.

            • snooki says:

              LMAO, i beg you please check my future posts. Now I don’t have to contact your european ambassades personally anymore to tell you how I really feel about your country. Saves me a lot of time.

              • Henry says:

                So you’ll say it again?

              • Henry says:

                And I suggest that now is the time to voice what you really feel about China, its people and its government. Say something else. Something that you think is more offensive than your first statement. Good luck!

                • snooki says:

                  Why should it be more offensive? Being offensive just for the sake of being offensive is a bad thing. tsk tsk Henry, you know you shouldn’t think like that. It’s about the truth, not about being offensive. And I don’t see why I would tell the truth about china on a korea-japan topic. It’s not as if ??? is reacting on what I’m saying lately. But I do want to invite you to the next demonstration in front of the chinese ambassade and maybe you’ll hear what you wanted to hear.

                  • Henry says:

                    because I don’t see any truth behind the statement that Mao is a piece of shit.. All I know is that it is a rude statement.

                  • snooki says:

                    Well I you can’t see it look closer. I can deal with many things, but I can’t deal with stupidity. It’s not my problem if you don’t see it. I can’t be any more explicit. If seomeone doesn’t understand why 1+1=2 than I give up.

                  • Henry says:

                    What you are saying is a different matter and cannot be compared to this.

                  • snooki says:

                    It’s not. If you think Mao’s a nice guy or a hot pieve of ass, than you’re hopeless.

                  • Henry says:

                    I’m not saying he’s nice. It’s just that
                    nobody’s perfect. So no one

                    is qualified in this world to judge people of
                    their imperfections.

                  • snooki says:

                    Are you serious?

                    So when people say that stupidity knows no boundaries they actually meant you. Please keep going to school henry.

              • Henry says:

                A stupid person is someone who speaks without thinking. He/She blindly spills out whatever randomly comes to mind without even realizing that what he/she is saying doesn’t make any sense at all. And that is you. It also shows that you are not only stupid but also is a fool.

                • snooki says:

                  A stupid person is someone who shows poor judgment or has little intelligence according to the cambridge dictionary. Well if thinking that Mao isn’t a piece of shit isn’t stupidity than I don’t know what is.

                • Henry says:

                  Merriam and Webster says
                  given to unintelligent decisions or acts;
                  acting in an unintelligent or careless manner;
                  & lacking intelligence or reason.

                  • snooki says:

                    Yeah and

                    Merriam and Webster

                    is for stupid people who
                    also think that everything wikipedia says is right.
                    Everyone knows that the oxford and cambridge

                    dictionaries are the best.

                  • Henry says:

                    on the contrary Merriam and websters are more complete and defines the words better than any other dictionaries. Only fools use cambridge because it doesn’t define their stupidity and foolishness as completely
                    as Websters.

                  • snooki says:

                    That’s cause you’re american. You won’t find anyone using a webster
                    here. And I’m saying this as a
                    person who’s at least quadrilingual.

  2. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    I wish i could go…. but i don’t have time!!!
    I would totally go because i love every solo/group in SM.

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  4. sujufan says:

    my suju babies fighting! some e.l.f s too lucky, im mongolian e.l.f unlucky ll, may be suju will never come our country, im boring now:(

  5. marie kilbane says:

    Oh cool!! they will have blast time at concert.. everyone should started saved some money to see them… yeah wish they come to amercia but they pick wrong time of day for me but I let it go.. I like see the fans had great times of there life… Japan fans will go wild for them LOLZ!!

  6. theZEUSluv13 says:

    wow…i really wish i can go! i missed their LA concert because I went to cali a month after they were there!! SuJu13 Forever!!!

  7. Fez says:

    The second one is just gonna cause another bidding war! lol

  8. I like how Kyu is included with the leaders in the middle of that pic.

    • noi says:

      AGREE!!! isn’t he too cute with his smile???!! awwwwwww~~ wait, maybe he’s SM The Ballad’s leader? he deserves that. kekeke.

  9. cdnpoint says:

    SM Town could stand to visit Toronto, Ontario, Canada for a change! 🙂 Please come to Canada…

  10. noi says:

    i love how they put donghae-yoona, yuri-minho, and heechul-sulli together. xD
    and i still dislike that hairstyle of key. ugh.

  11. My partner and i clearly need to think far more in that area to see things i can do about it.

  12. Nada says:

    I wish every body sucess God bless every body and hope tommorow 😀

  13. Nada says:

    Simle line the entire linked the world

  14. Nada says:

    Do you what makes you happy be with who makes you simle laught as much as you breathe love as long as live 😀

  15. Nada says:

    Smtown could stand tm visit Egypt please come to Egypt

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