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Dara released two Etude CF’s

famous singer Dara released a CF for Etude. Before a couple of days ago she released a shirt version, but now the long version is out.

She released 2 versions of it. Check them out below:

So guys what did you think? the first one or the second CF?


23 Comments on “Dara released two Etude CF’s”

  1. cottage pie says:

    The entire philippines stayed up all night to watch this CF.. and then they cried because it was over.

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  3. Coal-franchise says:

    Isn’t she dating an african-american guy called ‘dean’?

    • Potato says:

      Yes she is. His name is ‘delroy’ I heard.

      • Watermelon says:

        she’s probably dating a white american guy, you know how korean women are.

        • CelestialMaiden says:

          well, she live in a foreign country since she’s 9. probably her perception is different

        • bd2 says:

          You mean the poor and desperate?

          Funny how most of the white males trolling Asia for women can’t get a date back home.

          • Celery says:

            Why did you pick out ‘white males’?

            Surely if these folks are unable to get a date in USA and yet are able to get one in Asia, it can tell you one of two things. (A) they don’t want what is available in USA for whatever reason or (B) the guys in asia cannot offer the girls anything better than a guy who is unable to get a date in USA.

            Why do you not refer to the asian guys who are trolling asia for asian women, of which there are probably significantly more than white folks?

  4. cbc says:

    Dara looks like Eugene Kim in the photo.

  5. emef says:

    LOL at this article… those videos are just teasers for the full cf/mv that will be released on feb1,2011… please gather more information before making an article…

    • Cottage Pie says:

      Yes, and please wait for the whole advert to be released. Do you know how very sad you are waiting for an advert?

  6. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    Hey!! I saw that at Etude House a while ago!!

    By the way, this is just a teaser of the CF’s MV.
    And i think there is a typo: “released a shirt version”

    I don’t like her with short hair… i prefer long hair on her…

  7. k-popfollower says:

    OMO!!! I love Etude House~ It’s one of my favorite brands~ Yay!!! >///<

  8. Cottage Pie says:

    So did we find out which american white dude she’s dating?

  9. pooja says:

    i don’t like dara’s hairstyle

  10. OOOOKaaayy! says:

    she looks just like her bro.

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