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New List of Ulzzangs

Recently there has been a really long pole in a couple of kpop websites saying who is an Ulzzang? After a month of voting, the results are here.

By the way: Uljjiang means Good looking/awesome looking. Literally “Ulgul” means face + “Jjang” means hot/awesome = Uljjang or you can say Ulzzang.

There is also Moumjjang which means Good body because “moum” means body. Do you get it? 😉

Here is the list:

  1. Boys Before Flowers” ‘s Ku Hye-Sun
    2. Nam Sang-Mi
    3. Park Han-Byul
    4. Kang Eun-Bi
    5. Kim Hye-Sung
    6. Kim Jung-Eun
    7. F(x)
    ’s Krystal
    8. SNSD
    9. Kara
    ’s Hara
    10. T-ara
    ’s Hyo-Min
    11. F.Cuz
    ’s Lee Seung-Hyun
    12. FT Island
    ’s Choi Jonghun
    13. SS501
    ’s Heo Young Saeng
    14. Super Junior
    ’s Ryeowook
    15. T-MAX
    ’s Park Yun-Hwa
    16. TVXQ
    ’s Yunho
    17. U-Kiss
    ’s Lee Kiseop
    18. After school
    ’s Lee Jooyeon
    19. T-ara
    ’s Q-Ri

So do you guys agree? If not who do you think should be in this?


156 Comments on “New List of Ulzzangs”

  1. Keisuke Ryo says:

    but as i know, ullzzang is someone who is not an artist. which means, if they become artist, they are an ex-ullzang.

    • ara says:

      so did i heard… *getting confused*

    • czak says:

      agree with you about ullzzang is someone who is not an artist meaning someone not from the entertainment world right…
      I just understood that meaning after reading its from dramabeans
      from what i understood its ullzzang means a pretty face that is noticed by other people through the net or TV, thought they are not real celebrity.
      usually b> ullzzang get to be celebrity after they are noticed…
      as far as i know only Ku Hye-Sun, Nam Sang-Mi, Park Han-Byul & Kang Eun-Bi.. the other i am not sure…


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  3. LuckyLinda says:

    what happenbed to JYJ on the list?? i think jaejoong, yoochun and junsu r all totally
    ex-ullzang. ^_~

  4. neo says:

    Ku Hye-Sun at number 1…he.ll no! She’s the reason I don’t watch Boys Over Flower drama. From those list of women, Park Han-Byul or Yoona should be top of that list. My Moumjjang is SNSD’s Yuri = Hotness!

  5. lian95 says:

    should i post an article for you guys to vote?
    would you like that because same goes here i don’t agree with ALL of them =)

    • queenbqty says:

      Yes, put up a poll for Popseoul, the order on this one was wrong and yoona shouldn’t even be there, there are at least 4 members of snsd who are prettier than her, I don’t know why she is considered to be ulzzang, she’s plain. Heo Young Saeng should be number 1!!!!

  6. SHINee 4evah says:

    !!! Ryeowook on the list!!! SHOCKER! O.O But somew, I’m happy because he’s my fave in suju… But wouldn’t others expect Donghae or Kyuhyun?

    • noi says:

      agree, donghae should be in the list xD
      but judge from your nickname, i guess we’re both hoping for minho or taemin to show up :p

  7. Dood says:

    You know this is jipped when Krystal is on there. Not even close to pretty face.

  8. pat says:

    Poll NOT pole,PS
    Jae period

  9. Caroliya says:

    This is an interesting article, but painful to read. Learn proper grammar and spelling.

  10. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    Wait, this doesn’t make sense…
    They’re not ulzzangs, their singers and actors
    Well, Goo Hye Sun, Lee Seung Hyun, and Park Han Byul counts cuz they were ulzzangs…

    Really? Ryeowook is in there? I mean, that’s good!! But i thought someone else from suju was gonna be in there, cuz usually, he’s known for his beautiful singing voice.

    My friends say that i have an ulzzang look and i should join an ulzzang contest on cyworld or whatever. But no…. i bet my parents won’t let me…

    • Burgndy says:


      You’ve said this the umpteenth time, have you actually did a count of how many times you self-praised?

      …But up till now, no proves whatsoever have surfaced.

    • SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

      Why are you guys arguing over this?
      i was just telling a story…

      I never said i was the prettiest and i’m not the prettiest because it’s impossible for me or anyone else in the entire world to be the prettiest because beauty is looked upon differently in everyone’s eyes.

      In my eyes and in some people’s eyes, i actually think i’m good looking.
      I wouldn’t consider myself the prettiest, but i don’t think i’m ugly or average.

    • SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

      BTW, i forgot to mention that Hyomin was an ulzzang too…

      • Burgandy says:

        That’s. So. WRONG.

        How can you compare yourself with Hyomin?

        “Hyomin was an ulzzang too…” sounds like a comparison you’re making of yourself with her, and that’s a sin. Because one of which is an ulzzang known by the public, whilst the other is just some unknown going around bragging, “I’m a korean girl”, “A pretty korean girl” and “A pretty, slim, tall and beautiful-haired korean girl” when none of the above is proved.

        You’re getting bolder in each of your comments, how about ending it once and for all with, “I’m the prettiest korean girl on earth”?

        • SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

          I’m not comparing myself to Hyomin, when did i ever say that? I was just stating that Hyomin used to be an ulzzang.

          I never said I was the prettiest and I’m not, nobody is, because beauty is looked upon differently in everyone’s eyes

          And I’m not an ulzzang because I haven’t joined an ulzzang contest…

          • Terrace Tart says:

            You wouldn’t fit in an ulzzang contest, absolutely not.

            So I’d advice you not to shame yourself… And just stick to self-praising (with no proves) online.

            Good day.

            • Turkey says:


              My great grandmother can say she’s the most fashionable icon of the century, and so can the oldest ancestor in my generation say he is the least wrinkled hunk on planet earth.

              That’s if, you get my drift.

          • Hashbrown says:

            With all those said to you, are you really an attention-seeker in real life too? But no one actually cares about you and ignores you, and then, you got so fed-up at being shunned at and came online and self-praise, saying you’re Korean, a pretty ulzzang so that you’d feel that tiny sense of belonging, hoping that someone would reply, “Oh! You beautiful Korean chick! I’m SO envious of YOU!” so that you won’t be reminded of how bad people are treating you? And you devote your time over here so that you won’t feel hurt but did not realize, you have actually totally deprived yourself from healthy social activities outside?

            …Is self-praising and self-claiming really that fun to be your favorite past-time?

  11. dan says:

    90% of that list is wrong. #10 and 18 should be tied for number 1 spot.

  12. fuzyon says:

    I see the over-rated girl over there.

    Something I’ve been telling tons of people: Cut her hair short, reduce her height and pump up her weight by a little… What would she look like?

    Answer: An ordinary girl with an ordinarily-looking face you’d pass by on the streets.

    • kat says:

      the harsh truth. Yes, I have to agree. Plain looking + over rated is all that comes to my mind when her name is being mentioned.

      • Cottage Pie says:

        Never before has the world seen a photo containing so many plastic surgery victims, for S.E. Asians, overseas Chinese and American culture-leeches to print out and salivate all over.

  13. Jean says:

    This is really sad…….
    Korea is way too beauty obessesed.
    I read an article long time ago about this high school girl with facial deformity. She was bullied at school really bad that she ended up commiting suicide. Kids hated her just because of ugly face.
    This Ulzzang culture is destroying the moral values of youth in Korea.
    All you are is just your face, your boobs, your legs and what you wear………..
    So stupid!

    • Watermelon says:

      Koreans love americans/america, suicide and plastic surgery. S.E. Asians love them for this very reason.

      If you don’t see how wrong this, like most sane people do, then you’re probably not very well.

      • Stumbler says:

        Watermelon: your need to share negative comments on everything is ridiculous. Grow up and realize that your Korean and American stereotypes are pointless and inaccurant. Honestly WTF are you basing your stats on anyways? Stop being racist. You come from Britain, big whoop.

        • Watermelon says:

          Well, that’s just all in your opinion. I think you’ll find that I never highlighted my origins as anything particularly outstanding.

          How come you know they are inaccurate. They seem accurate to the people in this forum of discussion. Maybe the issue is that you don’t like the truth.

          FYI. America isn’t a race.

          • Sausages says:

            Seems that Stumbler is jealous of you because you’re from somewhere awesome and his chubby fingers are too fat to type because he lives in fatland.

            I’m quite surprised through all that government enforced prozac and caffeine he managed to turn on the PC to be fair.

        • blah says:

          Stumbler, Watermelon’s just a prissy-footed horsey mouthed Brit who’s a sycophant of anything anti-Korean. And Sausage is his xenophobic clone who’s a dimwit with a psychotic need to prove he’s got a bigger “sausage” than Americans, and is having issues because 99.99999% of Korean women won’t give him a second look. There’s no use trying to talk any sense into them, I’ve tried and realized that their genetic makeup makes it impossible for them to understand anything remotely resembling reason or logic.

    • anon says:

      @ Jean – That school girl’s suicide is a tragedy, I agree that Korea needs to tone down its obsession with beauty, and broaden its criteria for what is considered “beautiful”. Same goes for China, Japan, Europe, America, and every other beauty obsessed culture in the world.

      @Watermelon – Stop being such a jerk and posting these kinds of spiteful comments. Are there Koreans who like America? Yes. But there are equally as many, if not MORE, who abhor America and American politics. If you had lived here in Korea for any significant length of time, you’d have known this. Yeah, a LOT of Koreans have had plastic surgery. Likewise, so have MANY MANY Chinese and Japanese. Not to mention all the boob jobs and facelifts in the U.S., Europe, and Latin America. And the flippant way you talk about suicide is the worst of all. NOBODY *loves* suicide, it’s a tragedy that should never happen but occurs due to inordinate levels of stress and hopelessness in the individual. It doesn’t help that it’s a taboo here in Korea, as in Japan and CHina, to admit to feeling overwhelmed by stress. And if you really want to talk about numbers, Japan has one of the highest suicide rates in the world, so stop singling out Korea as if we’re the only country that has a high suicide rate. And please don’t reply to this post by saying I’m either a K-pop worshipper, K-stroker, or disillusioned Korean living in “fat-land”… You seem to have a penchant for these terms, but I’m going to preclude them by saying that I am KOREAN, born and raised in KOREA, who loves Korean culture and am proud of it, and who is sick to death of your trollish and insulting remarks about Koreans. If you don’t like us, then keep it to yourself and do something more productive with your time instead of wasting ours with your racist, tasteless and vapid anti-Korean rants!

      • Celery says:


      • Watermelon says:

        Born and raised in Korea and predictably now lives in USA, right?

        • blah says:

          sigh… Watermelon. Why is it so hard for your accept the fact that I am Korean, born and raised and LIVING in Korea? Is it because of my command of the English language? If anything, I am sad and at a loss of words… first @ you, and now @ ozzie, who appears to be your xenophobe anti-Korean clone. You obviously have an axe to grind against Koreans, and the more you post the more it seems you have some sort of inferiority complex towards us. This will probably (and predictably) spark yet another virtiolic rant along the lines of “how dare you compare me to a Korean”, but as I wrote above… Find some other, more productive, way to spend your time instead of wasting ours. If you really want to vent, create your own anti-Korean website and use that instead of a website created to celebrate Korean pop!

        • blah says:

          oops, *gasp* I spelled VITRIOLIC wrong… Watermelon, put down your gun… s-l-o-w-l-y…

          • Watermelon says:

            You’re incredibly mistaken, I’m European, so I have no feelings towards anything Korean. I’m certainly not being vitriolic or anti- anything. As I said before, we don’t even have any Koreans here where I live so it’s not that I understand everything fully.

            I merely come for the interesting sycophantic nature of this website. It’s fun to see people worshipping other people and see the reasons why they do it. Sociologically it’s very interesting.

            • blah says:

              If that is the case, then please refrain from sycophantically parroting anti-Korean phrases such as “Koreans love americans/america, suicide and plastic surgery.” It’s one thing to observe others and make fun of their personal behavior, it’s another to pass judgements on entire ethnic groups. If you really have no feelings at all for Koreans, then it shouldn’t be an issue for you in the future to NOT pass judgment on the entire nation and to make such prejudiced and sweeping generalizations in any of your future posts.

              • Watermelon says:

                Well, It wasn’t prejudiced, in the same way it wouldn’t be prejudiced if I was to say you speak American very well. However, it may be a little sweeping.

                I’m not sure why I would feel inferior though. Being from Europe we’re above even Americans in the food chain, and we know how to cook and walk.

                By Koreans do we include the North Koreans and Josunjuk who live here in the UK?

              • blah says:

                sigh…. if I recall, I believe I DID write that YES, Koreans do like their plastic surgery… BUT SO DO the Japanese and Chinese and many other beauty-obssessed countries in the west, so STOP making it out like Koreans are the only ones who engage in this! and Watermelon, you aren’t Korean, you are a Brit who is suffering from sort of need to prove just how superior you are to Americans. I’m Korean, live in Korean, and I can tell you that there is a big difference between recognizing America for the super-power that she is, versus loving America and American politics. As for wikopedia quoting, you’re obviously indulging in your fair share.. You yourself said that you don’t have any Koreans where you live, you’ve never even visited or lived in Korea, you probably don’t even know about Korean history or the complicated relationship Korea has with America. And yet you spout off all of these Korean “factoids” clearly garnered from much internet web-surfing. This is why I’m accusing you of being ignorant and spouting off these prejudiced statements, which you are sycophantically parroting from other xenophobe anti-Korean generalists such as yourself. I’m just going to repeat myself (b/c it seems that repetition is the key to getting anything through that grey matter you call a brain) — DON’T waste our time trying to prove you have knowledge of Korea (which you obviously do NOT have), and if you really feel the need to tell the world how much SE Asians love Korean, create another website to sate that need. I’m done here, there’s no use trying to talk sense to a troll like you. But I have to admit… you are giving me one helluva of a laugh with ur predictability and small-minded idiocy. And in the future, don’t broadcast the fact that you’re from the UK… You’re doing your country a huge injustice, and you totally shame your countrymen.

              • Watermelon says:

                Stop using ‘sycophantically’ out of context, it’s basically used to describe people who stroke others ego.

                I don’t need to worry about your perception of any european country because you’re not likely to go to any of them, neither are any of the k-strokers in here.

                I don’t need to prove anything here, I just find it funny to see how koreans act around their american owners, because we all know USA has OPCON over korean troops and therefore making ROK a de facto military colony of the states, not to mention a breeding colony for their brides. All this was after the Taft-Katsura agreement, where the USA supported the Japanese decision to invade you. Good for them, eh?

                You forget something, I know an awfully large amount of history. I know how we invaded a small island of yours called Geomundo and then got bored and left. I , unlike most south koreans, also know how we sent a lot of people to fight and die in the korean war. I don’t need to prove this to be the case, it’s just forgotten in history.

                Basically, you are in the least favourable position to lecture me about ignorance when your own history was shamelessly rewritten after the war and you probably spent your entire childhood in an ‘americanisation hagwan’ learning from an series of unemployable yanks. I really don’t see what’s the issue with talking about modern korean culture of which one element is the cultural need to move to USA and speak american english like yourself. Are you ashamed of your own culture?

                FYI. while we’re talking about ignorance, the U.K. isn’t a country, it’s a state, so my countrymen don’t care.

            • blah says:

              The last time I checked, the term prejudice means an unfavorable opinion formed without knowledge, thought or reason. You yourself admitted that you do not have Koreans where you live, and therefore do not fully understand issues pertaining to Koreans. Threfore, your statement ” “Koreans love americans/america, suicide and plastic surgery,” is prejudiced as it gives off a strong negative vibe based on unfounded assumptions.
              Although I will agree with you that Koreans do like plastic surgery, but then so does every other far east Asian, e.g. Chinese and Japanese.

              Racially, there is only one Korean. Ethnically, you’ve got a whole diaspora – there’s the South Koreans, the North Koreans, the Josunjok (who ethnically consider themselves Chinese), the Kainichi (e.g. Koreans born in Japan), the Korean-Americans, and Korean-Europeans. I don’t know which part of the UK you live, but there is a sizeable South Korean population there over 45,000.

              Since this particular website is dedicated to celebrating South Korean culture, you can assume that when I mention the term Korean in any of my future comments, I’m talking about South Korea.

              • Watermelon says:

                Look, everyone knows South Koreans love USA, so much so that approx 10% of South koreans (5 million) have moved to USA. In addition, a term for people who send their wife and children to USA has been created, called a ‘pigeon father’. That’s just what South Koreans do, they move to USA.

                …and don’t quote wikipedia nonsense, there aren’t 45’000 koreans in the UK, unlikely to be more than than that in the whole of Europe. I’m not unhappy about the low figure, because it stops them complaining.

                You seem to just be in denial, South Koreans do love plastic surgery, they do love america… why do you think they spend half their income on ‘americanisation hagwans’ so their children can become american?

                Besides, this website isn’t for celebrating korean culture, it’s for vietindomalaypinays who are looking for a Korean farmer husband who wants to import them.

                • Celery says:

                  Turns out it’s about 10’000 Korean-British and they’re mainly North Koreans and Josunjukers. The number is significantly less that Vietnamese-British and way way below Filipino-British.

                • blah says:

                  check couple posts above for my reply… ENJOY~~

                • blah says:

                  @ celery – Where are you getting that number? Please don’t tell me it’s from the 2001 UK Census, taken place a decade ago… cuz if it is, then you know as well as I that a decade is a significant amount of time where much can happen to a population growth. In other words, that number ur quoting doesn’t accurately describe the South Korean population living in the UK CURRENTLY!

                • Watermelon says:

                  Yes it does. The UK population of Koreans is made up of North Koreans and Josunjuk. For example, there were 3’000 applications for asylum from North Koreans in the last 6 months, because they don’t even want to live in South Korea. We typically send them back to USA or Korea though.

                  You can tell the Koreans here are Josunjuk because they speak chinese in restaurants and will have great conversations about where in 吉林 they came from.

                  If you had been to europe, you’d laugh at the wikipedia entries, because it thinks Europe is full of Korean towns whereas they just don’t exist and the population figure is ridiculously high.

                  You can continue quoting wiki if you want though.

                • blah says:

                  @Watermelon – I stand by my facts, but you never answered the question :Where are you getting YOUR facts?

                • Watermelon says:

                  @blah, the fact is, these figures are all overweighted, as the number of koreans in UK is 10 times less than 45’000 registered with the korean government and probably all students on transfers from USA or going to USA and staying in london for the interim. They claim to have a korean town in London, which, and I jest you not, consists of “2 korean shops quite close to each other on a street”. Just face the facts, Koreans don’t live in Europe, they move to USA their spiritual home, and they’re quite happy with that.

                  No one is upset, except for you, who clearly studied in USA with all your countrymen.

                • blah says:

                  “Spiritual” home? Ha, look how’s quoting wikopedia now! and there you go again with ur assumptions…. sigh, ur quite hopeless Watermelon….

            • blah says:

              hahahaha, you have me rolling on the ground laughing~ You haven’t proved to me at all that you know an *awful* amount of history… Seriously, when I read your posts I can literally see you copying & pasting scraps of info suitable for getting your point across, from whatever internet page you managed to dig up about Korean history.

              Taft-Katsura? Yeah, that was a piece of royally f’d up American betrayal of Korea, as was America’s conveniently distancing themselves from the whole Dodko issue in order to further their strategic designs with both Korea and Japan. To be honest, probably 2/3 of the current royally f’d up world issues arise from botched American foreign relations decision made by stupid American men in power 50 years ago. And trust me when I say that these views I hold are what you’d probably get from 7 of 10 folks that you were to ask in Korea. This just goes to reiterate my point that recognizing a country as being a super-power, does not equate to loving that country or it’s political machinations. But you woudn’t know anything about that, since you don’t know any Koreans, have never talked to a Korean, have never visited Korea, and are instead making an ASS of yourself assuming things to be true just b/c someone else told you so.

              You ask why then have so many Koreans immigrated to America. If you’ve dug up anything at all about Korean history, than you’d also have dug up what the conditions were like in South Korea post-Korean war. Economy in shambles, society in shreds, country divided, politics a mess. Who wouldn’t want to get out of a situation like that if they could? And the easiest place for them to go was America. SImple as that. Koreans immigrated to America out of desperation and in hopes of being able to live a better life, just like practically every major ethnic group who is represented in the USA today! THis includes CHinese, Japanese, your native “statesmen”, Europeans, etc.

              And as much as you stomp your prissy little foot and whine your horsey Brit mouth, it’s not going to change the fact that America IS a super power, wielding incredible global spheres of influence in academics, politics, economics, etc. What’s wrong with going to America to obtain a top-notch college degree, and then using it to further advance Korea’s interests and spheres of gobal influence, and in the process building Korea up to be a powerful nation? But I suppose you’re incapable of thinking along those lines of thought, since you are so deeply entrenched in your “Koreans love America and all things American and are their loyal lapdogs” mentality. I really do pity you!

              And exactly what part of my Korean history are you saying was “shamelessly” rewritten after the war? ha, I can’t wait to read what you dig up in response to this.

              You know, the more you post the more you really do come off as a SYCOPHANTIC xenophobe parroting whatever you read from your anti-Korean websites. And don’t get your panties all bunched up b/c I’m calling you a sycophant. THere’s nothing wrong with calling a toad a toad, and YOU are a toady, obseqious sycophant of anything even remotely anti-Korean. So, repeating myself AGAIN… Get yourself your own anti-Korean website, gather all of your likeminded toadies with you, and share in your narrow-minded idiocy on that forum!

              • Watermelon says:

                Do we all agree on the fact that you studied in USA which is why you mainly date American guys?

              • Watermelon says:

                …and guys don’t wear panties, they wear pants.. or underpants. Unless they’re in a korean ladyboy pop group, in which case they probably wear panties and bras.

              • blah says:

                That’s assuming I thought you were a guy… I honestly wish you hadn’t told me because you really are a disgrace to our gender if, in fact, you REALLY DO have any balls.

                And I really don’t understand your predilection for making a total ass of yourself assuming things. NOPE, sorry to *disappoint* you, but I completed all my studies in Korea. I did have a year studying abroad in Japan however, totally loved it.

                • Watermelon says:

                  Then your parents sent you to a very good ‘americanisation hagwan’ because your American is perfect. They must be proud of you.

                  I love how your hatred of europeans comes out when you talk about British people’s “prissy” little feet and “horsey Brit mouth”, but in your Korean mind, being offensive to Europeans is allowed, because your American owners tell you it’s okay.

                • blah says:

                  And I love how you open yourself up every single time you make an ass of yourself with your assumptions. I don’t hate Europeans, just prissy-footed and horsey-mouthed Brits who think they know everything about Koreans.

                • blah says:

                  And FYI…. I never applied those descriptors to the entire British population. Just to YOU! You are British, so I can call you a Brit. And what can I say, you’ve got prissy little feet and a horsey mouth that’s been taught to recite “Koreans love their American Owners” in response to anything remotely resembling logic.

              • Watermelon says:

                I do have balls.

          • Watermelon says:


            Your hatred of British people is quite advanced. It’s quite interesting to see it though. Calling us all horsey mouthed is a bit terrible but I don’t mind. I can take it.

            I just hope you don’t meet any Europeans and attack them.

            • blah says:

              Wow, you really can’t read. I don’t recall writing that ALL Brits were prissy-feeted or horsey-mouthed. ummm.. JUST YOU… my special little prissy-footed horsey-mouthed Brit

            • blah says:

              And I don’t hate the British, nor do I hate the Europeans. Just one particular prissy-footed horsey-mouthed Brit who thinks he knows an “Awful” lot about Korean history and likes to pass negative judgments on the entire South Korean ethnic group based off prejudiced assumptions.

              • Watermelon says:

                Gosh, all this rage and just because your ex-bf was American? That’s a awfully large amount of effort for something so small.

                All I did was say that K-pop groups are either talentless stage puppets, normally of an effeminate and ladyboyish nature, and typically having had a huge amount of plastic surgery, and in response I get this.

              • Watermelon says:

                And you are Korean, and everyone knows Koreans hate the British and Europeans and scream at them… in comparison to the Americans who they cheer at and hug.

                Except for when during the Korean war, when the British helped, but they forgot about that in ‘Korean New History V.2’

                it’s like the Battle of Imjin River never happened and was wiped from history.

              • blah says:

                Good grief Watermelon, not only are you illiterate but you’re memory span is appallingly short.

                You are entitled to you opinions about K-pop, I honestly couldn’t care less about whether you think they’re talentless lady boys or fit enough to be YOUR boyfriends.

                What ticked me off was your overblown statement that “Koreans love America/Americans, plastic surgery and suicide”. How funny that when logic threatens to dismantle that horsey brit mouth of yours you somehow manage to reinterpret your original statement into something completely different.

                And who the hell is “EVERYONE” that knows Koreans “hate” the British and Europeans? sorry, but sounds like SOMEBODY (YOU) is lost in their delusional little world with the one-liner “Koreans love their American owners” as their de facto response to anything and everything.

                I’m glad that you’re getting so good regurgitating all the Korean history you’re obviously learning for the first time as you surf the web in search of something to use in your responses to my comments, but please… stop spouting little factoids at me when you can’t even put together all the pieces of Korean history, it’s getting really annoying. btw, let me repeat myself AGAIN (this is getting boring), hopefully it will get through that grey matter of yours this time:

                I don’t hate the British, I don’t hate any other Europeans. I just hate narrow-minded people like you who feel that they are justified to cast judgement over entire ethnic groups based off of assumptions that they’ve never even bothered to verify. And let me repeat THIS one as well, READ CAREFULLY my illiterate little Brit: I could not care less what you think about K-pop. You’re entitled to like it, or hate it, it’s up to you. Just don’t generalize your hate for K-pop over to the entire South Korean nation unless you’ve got good reason for it AND can actually back it up.

              • Sausages says:

                Let me explain something to you about South Korea. South Korea is a very competitive place where nearly everyone has a degree. So getting jobs is hellish, and they all try to move to USA where it’s easier to get a job, because Americans typically don’t have a degree, they have a gun. Guy s in Korea like to ‘smack their byatches around’ somewhat, and so after completing 10 years of “americanisation hagwan” korean women move to USA and marry a white american dude called ‘kyle’ or a black american dude called ‘mr huxtable’. This leads to a shortage of marriage material for Korean guys who overwhelmingly outnumber Korean women in the countryside because of targeted abortions. Japanese chicas and Chinese chicas won’t date them, so they typically resort to importing a vietindomalaypinay to live on their farm with them, but then they normally beat them too for not making bulgogi correctly and then go into the garden for a soju fuelled rage/sleep.

                I’ve spoken to lots of Korean women who have pyss-poor mental health because korean guys think they are ‘just too poor’ or ‘just too fat’, it’s nothing about their character.

                In addition, genetically Koreans have small eyes because small eyes protected them from the coldness of the north, where they used to live, and so yes they do like plastic surgery, so they look more like chinese who have bigger eyes because they originated from lower down the globe.

                Koreans dislike Europeans because Europeans don’t worship them, or date them, and that goes against the korean idea that they are the most pretty people in the world. It’s a bit hard to be the most pretty when Europeans don’t date you because, quite frankly, we have the best taste.

                The only question left is do you have little eyes, a big round face, and short little legs like most pre-surgical koreans?

              • blah says:

                hahaha, WOW, a xenophobe anti-Korean clone to Watermelon does exist, and his name is… *drum roll* SAUSAGE!! haha, that inane asinine rant of yours (which you probably copied directly from some anti-Korean website) was actually quite hilarious. You’ve obviously been dumped one too many times by the same poor Korean lady with SAUSAGE legs and itty witty bitty eyes. oh, and probably had you visa turned down one too many times by the *great* U.S. of A.

                Europeans have the best taste? hmmm, that’s debateable, but one thing is for sure, you’ve obviously been blessed with chromosomes from the lowest end of the gene pool. Come on, you don’t even have anything that justifies calling that grey matter between your ears a brain.. *gasp*.. and you’d definitely be picked last in any dating round, regardless of which race you are and regardless of the race of the person doing the picking, b/c.. well, you’re the ignoramus SAUSAGE-MAN, in all of his xenophobic racist glory!!

                And you’ve obviously not read any of the preceding comments,or perhaps that space between your ears is incapable of processing “American”, otherwise you’d have realized a couple things: First, I was born – raised – educated – and live in Korea, so trust me, I don’t need to hear from you how competitive it is here, or how abysmal the job market is for certain sectors. Second, you’d have read that NO WHERE have I ever denied that many Koreans get plastic surgery. If anything, I agreed with the person who started this whole comment thead that we need to tone down this beauty obsession in Korea. HOWEVER, I DID point out that it’s not fair to make it out as if only Koreans were obsessed with beautification and plastic surgery, and that if anything the CHinese and Japanese and a lot of other countries in the West are just as obsessed.

                And just stop with your prejudiced, over the top stereotyping of Koreans. It’s abominable and sick, especially your trite and flippant attitude towards domestic violence, which is not just a problem in Korea but in many Asian countries, and I’m sure in many Western countries as well.

                Oh, and third.. why waste my breath on an question as stupid as “was your ex-BF an American”? haha, that actually had me laughing quite a bit, I mean what are you trying to even gain by asking such a question? all it does is make it even more apparant that the both of you have some kind of psychotic need to prove you guys have bigger SAUSAGES than Americans. BUT since you two just can’t let this go, and I’m flattered that my personal life is of such interest to you both, I’ll just say for the record that I’m straight and like women. so sorry you two, I’m out of your dating league.

                Oh, and we all know that you got your “info” about Korean women from visiting internet chat rooms dedicated to white men with asian-women fetish. Deny it all you want, but you got issues SAUSAGE, so stop wasting my time and do something more productive with your little weiner sausage self.

                • Sausages says:

                  Wow… so you’re trying to say I have an asian-fetish when I recall clearly saying that I have no interest in your Korean women, neither do the rest of the Europeans which is why we don’t bespoil your supposedly pure of Korean genes. We’ll leave that to the yanks.

                  So you’re unable to get a girlfriend and so you come here looking for women to import. Doesn’t that make you the one with the k-fetish and not I.

                  Right, I think i’ll get back to something else now. It was fun though.

                • blah says:

                  If it looks like a roach and walks like a roach, it’s a roach. You can deny it all you want, but you know you’ve got “yellow fever”.

                  Korean women would never even give you a second look, not because you’re European but because you are YOU, Mr. little weiner Sausage man.

                  And please don’t take it upon yourself to speak for all your fellow Europeans because you live in your own delusional little world and therefore can’t really make any objective observations about reality.

                  And I’m here looking for women to import?? hahahahahaha, that really got me laughing. Seriously, I should be offended, but you really come off like a little 6 year old so it’s hard to treat anything you say seriously. hahaha, good luck in life Sausage, you obviously need it. But feel free to reply to this post, I’m in need of a laugh today and would like to read what kind of idiotic response you post to this one! 🙂

                • Sausages says:

                  Roach?? Roach?? you mean a cockroach?? are you’re just trying to showcase your american english?? Because we all know koreans have to learn american english from birth in order to talk to your colonial masters. You’re probably in LA right now, and quite possibly not even Korean, but actually just another american culture-leech trying desperately to be vaguely korean like jay park. We are all relatively sure you’ve not even done your army duty either.

                  So because we all know you’re american and you live in USA you will understand the next part.

                  The fact is, I don’t look at Korean women, I’m sorry I just don’t. No one I know in Europe does either. Europeans just don’t go to Korea, and we don’t even marry korean chicks. I’m sorry, but they just don’t suit us. So, we’re more than happy to leave them to you americans, because korea is a breeding colony for their wives.

                  Why are you so upset about this? Do you not know your place in this world?

                • blah says:

                  awww, was wee little Sausage angry because he got called a roach?

                  hahaha, you are one sad sad sad little person…

                  and since you insist that you are the European spokesman (non grata spokesman I should say), I’ll let you play that role to your heart’s content. Doesn’t mean I’ll take anything you say seriously though, after all you are living in a delusional world where your Sausage is bigger than any American’s and you get picked first at every speed dating game 🙂

                  Also, you seem to think that I’d find it offensive if you say that you don’t like Korean women, but I’m not. You’re entitled to your own opinion on what’s considered attractive. But I’m still betting that you have lots of angst against that one Korean woman with sausage legs and teeny weeny eyes that broke your heart one too many times. ANd besides, as I said before, 99.99999% of Korean women wouldn’t even look twice at you, so it works both ways eh?

                  And sorry to break it to you, AGAIN, but I’m Korean. Living in Korea. Born and raised and educated in.. you guessed it, KOREA. I don’t know why it’s so hard for you to accept this, I guess your racism factors heavily into this b/c you just can’t accept the fact that a Korean has more extensive vocabulary than you.

                  haha, thanks again for the laugh, I now know that I can count on you, my little dimwit European spokesman non-grata, for laughs during the day. ha, keep it up!

                • Sausages says:

                  What’s funny is how wide of the mark you are. Haha Combine that with how I am able to read you like a book and you learned American english so deeply, desperate to be an american.

                  You’re basically everything I described before. A typical korean who hates his own culture and tries desperately to be American. That’s why you’re protecting Americans and that’s why you’re trying to use distraction.

                  I can assure you, I’ve no interest in your moon-faced women. I’d rather have a chinese because they look better, or a Japanese because they are culturally superior.

                  I’m restricting my vocabulary usage in order to help you American speakers to understand.
                  Haven’t you got some plastic-surgery or yankee-shoe licking to do?

                • blah says:

                  oh, and since I’m pretty sure you didn’t read any of the preceding comments between Watermelon and I, let me repeat to you what I had to tell him many, many,many times: STOP making a complete ASS of yourself with your assumptions. All it does is make you look ignorant and lacking any mental capacity for thought or logic.

                • blah says:

                  hmmm, and one last thing… Protecting Americans?? HAHAHAAA!! Look, I’m tired of repeating myself ad-infinitum to illiterate dimwits like you, so all I’m going to say is move your cursor to the beginning of this entire comment thread, and read CAREFULLY everything I wrote in response to Watermelon… hahaha, I really hope not all Europeans are as idiotic as you. And on a side note: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and so I couldn’t care less if you think the CHinese look better than Koreans. And you’re entitled to thinking whatever you want about which culture is superior, but like I said before… I’m not taking anything you say seriously because… well, you’re a dimwit lost in your own delusional little world… funny, but rather pathetic~

                • Sausages says:

                  This is you, “blah blah blah I really wish I was american blah blah blah I’m really upset that Europeans don’t like Korean women and we have to marry our daughters off to GIs blah blah I’m so sad my culture makes people want to move to fatland blah blah.

                  That’s you that is.

                  • blah says:

                    oh no… Sausage, now you can’t even speak coherently… sigh, I guess we’ve finalyl lost you completely to your delusions…

  14. nikki says:

    as stupid as it is…does it even count if you got plastic surgery??? Cause more than half on the list has done plastic surgery.

  15. dee;) says:

    yay,,my boy is on 13 and i dont see anyone arguing about him.
    heo young saeng,,! fighting ulzzangs..

  16. Potato says:

    A photo of some average looking women and some ladyboys. It’s amazing what you people get all heated up about.

  17. marie kilbane says:

    I vote for ALL of them.. I beleive it should be 50/50.. they all look great to me!!If vote one of them and they might feel unfair to them

  18. mich says:

    poll , not pole.

  19. fukamericans says:

    fuckn americans damn

    • Pork says:

      Well f(x)’s Krystal is an American, you are correct. But they’re all basically plastic surgery victims who are idolised by S.E. Asians.

  20. ss501lover says:

    Woohoo….No.13…HEO YOUNG SAENG!!! the number 13 is actually my favorite number and HYS,being my absolute favoritest of all korean idols….is NO.13!! He should be no.1 but hey,at least he’s on the list….so yay Saengie!!! ❤

  21. noi says:

    may i suggest f(x)’s sulli? look how sm took advantage of her cutesy now.

  22. k-popfollower says:

    Yeah for the most part. Yunho is very handsome~ So I definitely agree with that ;D

  23. OOOOKaaayy! says:

    starting at number 5 to 19 i faint!!!! love kim hye sung!!!

  24. pooja says:

    ullzang hwaiting ^_^

  25. LILI says:


  26. Anne says:

    Ku Hye-Sun is No 1. I like her.

  27. mayiuseu says:

    what happened to this guy?

  28. annE says:


  29. pammiej85 says:

    Jaejoong should be on the list…..

    He used to be a very popular ullzang and now he is a very popular idol.

  30. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    Doesn’t Park Ji Hyun and Park Eun Ji look similar to Goo Hara??

    • Sausages says:

      They all look the same. They’re koreans, so big round face, little legs, little eyes.. surgical scars… soju smell…vacant look on their faces.. dirty knees.

      • blah says:

        ahhh, the bitterness from a tragic first love. Korean lady with SAUSAGE legs and itty witty bitty eyes broke poor little wiener SAUSAGE’s heart, and now he feels the need to take it out on every Korean woman out there.. oh, and I’m betting that the Korean sausage-leg lady slapped her “biyatch” (aka SAUSAGE) around quite a bit, too, poor chap

        • Sausages says:

          Sorry, I don’t like korean women, they’re shallow and surgical. Get over it, because Chinese women and Japanese women are better.

          You can have my quota of K-poon any day of the week.

          • blah says:

            Sausage…. take a deep breath… and repeat after me: She. Is. GONE. now exhale, S-L-O-W-L-Y…

            • Sausages says:

              She never existed. You folks are hilarious with your website where you think everyone loves Korean women.. which is just not true.

              You keep calling me pathetic, but it’s your country in which none of your nationals like the culture and abandon it freely to live in USA because gunandfatland is better. Only weird filipinas who like being beaten up by korean guys move to korea because they couldn’t get into nursing college.

              That leaves you. You’re just desperate to be American, but keep protesting, you’ll just look more guilty.

              Enjoy. TTFn

            • blah says:

              hmm.. what’s hilarious are illiterate dimwit SAUSAGES who think that the world is out to get them and force Korean women and “yankees” down their throats. I don’t know how many times I have to repeat myself, but I hope this will be the last because this is getting REALLY tiring:

              Look, you can like whom-ever you want. I could care less whether you prefer Korean women or moneys or sheep. But as I told Watermelon, stop with the abominable stereotyping of South Koreans, and don’t cast racist judgements on the entire South Korean ethnic group based on assumptions you’ve never even bothered to verify.

              Are there Koreans who want to, and actually do, move to the USA in the hopes of having a better life? Yes, just as there are people from YOUR country that undoubtedly do the same. But there many more Koreans who have stayed in Korea and have contributed to making Korea one of the Asian economic power-houses that it is today.

              You say that I’m desperate to be American. Honestly, how low does your racism make you stoop? Just because I can speak “American” rather well, does not mean that I want to be American. Comments such as these just make it all the more apparant that you *are* suffering from sort of psychotic need to prove you’ve got a bigger sausage than Americans, and in more ways than one.

              If you really want to come across as a sane, rational, NON-RACIST person, then take the time to actually read ALL of my responses to Watermelon, and THEN post some original accusations at me that have not already been made by Watermelon and answered in turn by me.

              I’m going to repeat myself again: NOBODY cares whether you prefer Korean women or cows. NOBODY cares whether you like K-pop or hate it. But EVERYBODY hates a racist xenophobe, and that is what you are making yourself out to be with your over the top stereotyping and prejudiced judgements of South Koreans.

            • Sausages says:

              Second language accent acquisition is aspirational, so you’re wrong. You’ll find by speaking american, your motivational energy came from a subconscious desire to be american, probably because you feel they are sexually dominant to you.

              You’re basically not very self-aware.

            • blah says:

              second language accent acquisition IS aspirational… but my source of aspiration is my desire to speak any given language I choose to learn as fluently as possible, not my desire to actually BE part of the nationality behind that language. Get a grip Sausage, and just admit that you can’t get over how well I speak ENGLISH. Also, all these innuendos to sexuality clearly point, once again, to your psychotic need to prove you have a bigger SAUSAGE than Americans…. Get some help, you really need it.

  31. LMFAO says:

    Watermelon and Sausage is the same loser, so basically what you’ve replied to Watermelon is already known by Sausage. He uses two different nicks because he wants to portray himself as someone with a hectic life, when in actual fact, he spends his whole life doing no shit. The other reason of using another nick is because he wants to show us that there are people on his side, siding with his opinion when in actual fact also, no one give two flying f’s on how unreasonably opinionated he is. Also, no one would bother a loser without life, anyone here would? Please raise your hands. (LOL) And Watermelon-aka-Sausage is here because should he not let out his fury and angst here, he may just jump off the window ledge outside his owner’s crib (he is an unpaid maid. Erm, slave that is). So he is keeping himself safe by using the ‘online method to vent frustrations’. We’ll just let him have his way and bark for all he likes, who knows what would happen if we totally ban him from here? I’d dread reading the papers when a suicide (though I’d be laughing really hard inside) is caused by us indirectly, when all we did was to prevent some deranged psychopath-racist from making racist comments. Seriously blah, when no on replies to him any longer and no attention is showered upon him, let him end his pitiful life then. I mean there’s no point living when all you do the entire day is being expertise in keyboard warrior-ing and disappoint his momma and papa, for he is neither out earning money nor upgrading himself through studies. Maybe all he does is wiping his owner’s boots (slave he is, I’ve mentioned). So, we shouldn’t associate ourselves with someone with no life, shouldn’t we? 🙂

    Do reply if you really have nothing to do, Watermelon-aka-Sausage, though I’ve never experienced how is it like staying home 24 hours a day, refreshing the page every second without a life, job and income… Well, I assume it’s kinda saddening and pathetic so I won’t rub salt to your wound. Reply if you have to and do not offend your owner ‘lest he whips you to death. Now that will be really pathetic. I’d rather you personally leap off your owner’s window that way. 😀

    Happy leaping.

    • Bratwürst says:

      Working from home is pretty awesome, I’ll be quite honest. You can sit and drink tea all day. In contradiction, your prose was a little on the dull side.

    • blah says:

      @LMFAO– hahaha, too true. Oh, and would you look at that ….little Sausage has suddenly become BRATWURST…. haha, guess he couldn’t handle all the jokes about his SAUSAGE, must have hit too close to home… I’ll do as you recommend and lay off of him for a while, although I have to admit that it’s rather fun ripping his comments to shreds and exposing his utter lack of brain cells. 🙂

  32. LMFAO says:

    Yes, absolutely! See how fast is that loser in replying. Once my comment is posted up, Loser-aka-Watermelon-aka-Sausage-aka-Bratwürst is quick to reply in barely half an hour. He claims that he’s working from home, which I assume is because he do not want to admit being the loser he is without a life, income and job. When in actual fact, no, no home-job at all for loser-boy. Home-job means you have to be much more self-motivational for there is no one supervising you. Unless you are the boss, which I strongly don’t think that loser piece of shit can ever be. He do not have that calibre even if he were to slog all day long. Moreover, one who can reply within 30 minutes (or even faster at times) proves that loser-boy is an unemployed loser. (Did not intend to use ‘loser’ twice in a sentence, but if one really is, I wouldn’t hesitate. :D) Oops. I’m really afraid I’ve stepped on a raw nerve or have triggered something… Oh no I don’t want to be responsible for some lifeless-psychopath-loser-racist’s suicide! I guess I better stop here before a suicide takes place anytime soon.

    • Bratwürst says:

      So you define a ‘winner’ as someone with income and a job. I’m glad you’re a good little capitalist who judges folk using the success factor of their economic participation. Do you also use how much crap people have bought as a judge of how much a ‘winner’ they are?

      Others of us out there just try not to buy things and be more selfless, i guess that makes us folks losers.

  33. Well, that is good, but think about the other choices we have here? Would you mind making another article about all of them too? Thank you!

  34. bluedaisy says:

    if all of you wants to know the celebrities in the list is the celebrities that were choose as ullzang before they debuted as actor or singers…so this list is listed the celebrities that were ullzang before they being celebrities…like ullzang turn celebrities…so i just agree with this list because the list is fact…so,we cannot change it,right?

  35. bluedaisy says:

    furthermore,some of them were really natural beauty…for example koo hye sun….she didn’t have to use make up because the clear and beautiful skin…i really like her…not only beautiful but she also talented and kind…i think because of her kindness she being more beautiful,cute and shine…sometime,we can see someone with kind hearted as most beautiful in our eyes…

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