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Seung-Ri says “VVIP” to Alice In Wonderland

Famous singer Seung-RI released his MV “VVIP” just recently.

His theme for this MV is Alice In Wonderland. He shows his interest in her by showing respect.

The MV is really cute and creative. Check it out below:

So what did you guys think of the MV?


9 Comments on “Seung-Ri says “VVIP” to Alice In Wonderland”

  1. johyn says:

    I do not like this song….I like “what can i do.” How come they (kpop groups) come out with one really good upbeat-dance song and then the rest are…..are just lame. this song for example.


  2. pisey says:

    I really love u, seung ri. I ‘m your fan. Seung ri, fighting!

  3. pisey says:

    I like this song, perfect dance, sing, have eye contact.

  4. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    I love the part at 0:34

  5. bz says:

    love this song…and his MV is soooo awesome…go0d JOB!!!
    i’m a his VVIP huhuhu

  6. blanznist says:

    Its ok, but Namie Amuro Alice in Wonderland theme I liked better for her song.

  7. K-PoPLuveR says:

    can’t watch tis mv!!!!!!!!
    so MAD!!!!!……..
    Fix It!!!!..ppls……

  8. ei cho says:

    I Like your new songs. And then I love o’pa Seungri.:)

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