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+25 kpop stars are celebrating their B-Day this month

Well, from the title you can already guess what this topic is going to be about.

Today I gathered kpop stars that will be celebrating their Birthday this February, Let’s start shall we?

On the 2nd:

*       Kan Mi-Yeon

*       Kim Sori

*       F(x)’s Victoria

*       Rainbow’s Woori

*       Secret’s Zinger

On the 3rd:

*       T-Max’s Kim Joon

*       Super Junior’s Kyuhyun

*       Miss A’s Jia

On the 4th:

*       F.CUZ’s Ye-Jun

On the 5th:

*       Wheesung

*       T-MAX’s Min Chul

*       JQT’s Min Jeong

On the 6th:

*       TVXQ’s Yunho

*       DNT’s Dong Wook

On the 7th:

*       MBLAQ’s Lee Joon

On the 8th:

*       Infinite’s Woo-Hyun

On the 9th:

*       Used to be Super Junior’s member Hangeng

*       Supereme Team’s E-Sens

*       ZE:A’s Joon Young

On the 10th:

*       Super Junior’s Siwon

*       SNSD’s Soo-Young

On the 11th:

*       Hwayobi

*       DNT’s Byung Kyu

*       Go Ara

*       2PM’s Chansung

*       ZE:A’s Dong Jun

On the 14th:

*       Da Vinci’s Haeri

On the 16th:

*       Shinhwa’s Eric

On the 17th:

*       Seeya’s Boram

On the 18th:

*       CSJH’s Lina

*       TVXQ’s Chung-Min

*       Park Shin Hye

On the 20th:

*       B2Y’s Jin Woong

On the 21st:

*       Seo Tai Ji

*       SG Wannabe’s Seok Hun

*       Untouchable’s Sleepy

On the 23rd:

*       ZE:A’s Kevin

On the 24th:

*       SS501’s Kyu Jong

On the 26th:

*       Song Hye Kyo

*       2NE1’s CL

On the 27th:

*       Teen Top’s Ricky

On the 28th:

*       Jo Sung Mo

*       SES’s Bada

*       December’s Yun Hyuk

*       Zhang Li Yin

So what do you guys think of that list, Long isn’t it? and don’t forget to wish them a Happy Birthday.


45 Comments on “+25 kpop stars are celebrating their B-Day this month”

  1. STB says:

    Cool!!! so many stars birthday!!!

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  3. dreamandlove says:

    happy early birthday to all of them

  4. kelly says:

    happy birthday everyone

  5. gokuma says:

    song hye kyo is a kpop star?

  6. Samantha says:


  7. ara says:

    none on the 29th. *been curious since the tittle appear*.

  8. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    wow… that’s a lot…
    Well, Happy B-Day!!

    BTW, thank u for putting hangeng

    • eikinryoma says:

      yeah…when i read the tittle…in my mind just ask…is it han geng name include cause i didnt saw han geng photo~~n when i saw han geng name on 9th feb…im glad n happy..thanz cause include han geng name amongs kpop star~~

  9. asianmusiclover101 says:

    Happy Birthday Everyone!!

    It’s amazing at how many stars have their bday in February!

  10. shindi_suju says:

    yeah !!!!
    i luv kyuhyun !!! we r in the same month ..
    mine s feb 02 …
    kyuhyun s feb 3 .. hahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    wat da

  11. So Young says:

    my 16th birthday is on the 25th heeheee (only if i could fit in with these celebs …)

  12. maria nguyen says:

    My birthday is on the 26th of Feb too ! awesome

  13. noi says:

    how old is eric now? how come he still looks so damn hot? kekeke :p

  14. APPLE says:


  15. APPLE says:


  16. 0001 says:

    like what the f?!

    TVXQ!’s CHUNG- MIN???????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    should’nt it be CHANGMIN?

  17. Lizz6 says: B-day is on 6 february…like Yunho’s :X

  18. nina says:

    wow so many birthdays! and my bday is on feb 20 too.

  19. nona says:

    my birthday is on feb 26th!

  20. Sausages says:

    It’s so exciting because mine is on the 31st!

  21. monkeii says:

    heheh ~ mines today ! ;]

  22. Shane says:


  23. pisey says:

    Happy Birthday all of you. Wish u all the best.

  24. MyFavorite2 says:

    Happy birthday to all , best wishes for u all
    esp Eric, my fav singer/actor, waiting for him to comeback

  25. Lorni says:

    Happy B-Day to these Celebs today :

    * Kan Mi-Yeon

    * Kim Sori

    * F(x)’s Victoria

    * Rainbow’s Woori

    * Secret’s Zinger

  26. k-popfollower says:

    Omo! I share my birthday with Ye-Jun ^^

  27. weng o.o says:


    saranghae!! 😀

    FIGHTING!!! 😀

  28. Happy Birthday Guys , n_n
    More power ! God Bless .
    And Keep up the good work ! ~

  29. halymah says:

    saengil chukha hamnida……….. to all of you.we love u all . hope we can see more your good work and thumb up for all of you.

  30. Sweetsmilez says:

    omg!!!!…cant believe so many of my koreanz pplz b-day!!!!!!
    i truely wish my luv to them for those b-day in the past:
    Happy LATE B-day!!!!…(even if cant celebrate wif them)
    Want to say Happy B-day to those who’s comin up:
    Happy EARLY B-Day!!!!!…..SaRaNg HaE Yo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i luv them so MUCH!!!!!!….im straight…so for the guys….
    Yup!!Yup!!!…LUV them verly much……

    • AngelDelight says:

      You love Koreans a whole lot. If you love Korea and Koreans so much, why do you live in USA? and why did you become american?

  31. Shereen says:

    Wow…Mine 8 Feb…Yuhoooo…

  32. Mi-Young Ahn says:

    Happy belated birthday Hwayobi-nim!! Happy almost birthday CL!!

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