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Girls’ Generation: The Drama?

One drama, 9 lovely actresses.

Japan just can’t get enough of Girls’ Generation

After taking over the charts last year, the 9 member group may have just found a new calling, dramas.

Currently in the process of creating a new drama, a Japanese drama company has revealed its plans of hiring all 9 members as the lead characters!

The drama, a remake of a Japanese manga (Japanese comic),  would have each episode revolve around 1 member as they told each of their character’s stories.

There is no word yet if Girl’s Generation has accepted the offer, but their label SM Entertainment, has already made their stance clear over the matter.

The company revealed that because of their packed music schedule, the chances of them appearing in the drama will simply not happen anytime soon.

While SM has technically not said “no,” the year is still young. Will they miss out on a possible a career boosting opportunity for Girls’ Generation in Japan?

So what do you guy’s think, should Girls’ Generation get their own drama or should they continue to focus only on their music career?

Source: Sports Donga


40 Comments on “Girls’ Generation: The Drama?”

  1. miley says:

    I wish Hyo hyeon’s bangs change. Cos it doesn’t suit hair. Her hair during Into the New World looks great.

  2. I love ? says:

    They should also do the drama because I would love to see them on the screen not just on music bank or anything else

  3. HappyLyn says:

    Strike while the iron is hot girls. This is an opportunity for you to show what you have been trained for a long time ago which is acting. Some of the members have in one way or another done acting. Time management is very important here & the intelligent minds in your agency can do something about it to arrange your schedules. More practice & training on acting will do a lot in your individual career. Some of the Korean young idols have started doing acting in dramas. IF THEY CAN DO IT, YOU CAN DO IT MUCH BETTER. I know that you are not only intelligent, smart, beautiful, talented but you still have a lot of potentials to show to the world. It is now the trend that idols are doing dramas to increase viewership ratings, what more if SNSD will be in the drama, WOW, A BIG HIT!!! I can already forsee that all the CF that you have done will all sponsor your drama series. ALWAYS GO FOR GOLD, GIRLS!!! YOU CAN DO IT !!! SM Entertainment, please reconsider the possibility for the girls to maintain their # 1 position.

  4. KaNeaTieS says:

    eh… im not so sure they are ready for that… maybe after they’re more recognised in the Jap market.. like maybe after a few more jap singles/albums?
    its the language and cultural difference problem… they have to know what will it be like after they become famous in Japan and be prepared for whatever outcome, coz once they gain new audience and if they didn uphold their position (performing up to [new] audience’s standard and criticism)… it might be an epic failure, thus more antis.
    They can still risk it after planning and be prepared and stuff… and if they succeed they’ll probably be like BoA haha, really big and risky step through lol… … Ultimately, just my opinion.

  5. yenny says:

    Woohoo! I think it’s a great idea and I’d definitely watch!

  6. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    I think it would be a fun idea it’s just that some of the members may be good at acting and might not be as good…

    i think they should do this after their japan comeback

  7. Gs23 says:

    Japan can’t get enough of them? Way to generalize. Most of Japan probably doesn’t even give a flying fuck about them.

  8. Jai says:

    I do not know if they are ready for acting but, I guess the company wants to capitalize on the little fame that they have in Japan from those old geezers. However, if they are going to have a show in Japan they need to do something about their dyed hair. It is awful b/c they stylist who did it must have lighten other artist hair as well since it is the same color. Anyway, if they are going to dye their hair then it must be matched with their skin tone complexion other it will turn out bad like the one’s with light hair in the group.

    • Sausages says:

      Dying hair is such a japanese thing to do anyways. Koreans will do naught but copy the japanese in everything they do, they’re totally unoriginal.

  9. Cat says:

    Are you kidding me?! SNSD drama?! This is just as stupid as Justin Bieber’s biography book!

    • Sausages says:

      And guess who buys the aforementioned biography and watches the SNSD drama? yes, it’s the retards and vietindomalaypinays.

      • MINT says:

        hey !! can u pls watch ur language??!!
        stop being a racist here.

        • Sausages says:

          vietindomalaypinay isn’t a race.

          • ara says:

            do explain if it isn’t.
            oh, and please mention your nationality too.
            don’t worry, we won’t generalize your country by how you act.

            • Sausages says:

              well, malaysian is a nationality the races are made up of the original orang asli, the invading bumiputra (who are a lazy), indians and the han chinese (who make all the money). Phils is made up of Negritos and folks from the Malay peninsular and Nurses. Indo is made up of arab-slaves.. and racially, Vietnam is made up of GI brides and Korean Farmer Brides.

              So technically none of those are racist, so it cannot be racist.

  10. […] Girls’ Generation: The Drama? […]

  11. queenbqty says:

    Well, we already know that yoona can’t act, sing or dance, I guess the rest of the plastics have to put in their bid for the triple crown of being bad at everything. Is there a manga about rude, emaciated plastic surgery victims in booty shorts who are loved by half blind ahjusshis?
    Well they got the perfect group for that one! sm ent is gonna go broke buying awards and now dramas, plus paying off kpop newsites to write pointless stories about the plastic bimbo band. The plastics can’t even speak Japanese properly, oh well, I guess 5 or 6 Otaku will like it, so that’s something.

    • Sausages says:

      I think the two americans in SNSD will just stand around shouting in american, with lots of korean people standing around them clapping about how american they are and how they wish their children were american too.

      It could be a fun tv show if it’s like that.

    • mira :) says:

      @ queenbqty
      LOL ! Totally true !
      Even if this drama true or not , I’ll still mark this as EPIC FAIL . period .

    • ashley says:

      agreed lol

  12. sure..... says:

    Let’s hope its not as dumb as Kara’s “japanese” drama where the girls only speak korean!

  13. ara says:

    can they act?
    i mean, they’re a performer, an entertainer and a good dancer.
    only some of them who can really sing though they have good songs.. but i’m not sure if they do acting well.

    why not making a movie like suju, with the one who has a real ability in acting who play the main part (like Kim Ki Bum). and the rest are supporting ?
    that would be okay to watch.

    however, i hope they give their best on it.

  14. theZEUSluv13 says:

    yes, if they change back to their Run Devil Run concept hairstyles. 2PM would be the main male characters!

    • mira :) says:

      LOL .
      r u kidding me ?
      2PM . pfftt .
      2PM is wayyyyy too talented to be with SNSD .
      no offense . but that seriously what i think about .

  15. kimmie says:

    hey,mira! watch ur words okeyy…..u’re not a famous person or almighty person smething to tease snsd like that?? i’ve been following ur comments the whole time….for a month..and ur word are way too sucks! i think u should have rspect for kpop industry….are your parents good enough in teaching u social skills till u have the guts to cricticize people in a harsh way….u’re just too much..stop acting immature..thats just so stupid,girl….

    • mira :) says:

      LOL . r u stalking me ? tnx 4 that 🙂
      iloveyou . XP
      damn , if u hate my comments then don’t f*cking care about my comments .
      since when I said that i’m a famous or an almighty person? i just saying my opinions in here. and why r u suddenly attcking me? do u have any self-hate problems ?
      who cares if my word sucks . then your words are suckssssss .
      you can say anything about me but don’t say anything about my parents !

  16. Yagi says:

    i would love to see these girls in the acting business.

    But isn’t it more wonderful to see them in a Korean drama first, since Korea is where they started.

    Well, it is still up to them to decide on this matters since it is THEIR career…

    I would always love those girls…

  17. Puppylova says:

    You are not racist, Sausages. You are prejudice. Besides, why do you have to say vietindomalaypinay? SE asians would be better.

    • Sausages says:

      S. E. Asians or Vietindomalaypinays, they all K-slaves who spend all their education money on talentless pop acts so what does it matter which term I use?

      Incidentally, spending all their money on talentless K-pop, keeps them poor and uneducated which prevents them from educating their children to understand how ridiculous it is to worship Koreans. So it’s never-ending.

  18. ghettoe says:

    They can barely sing but what a great suggestion. Let them do more things they can’t do.

  19. Sweetsmilez says:

    oh…wow im gonna enjoy their drama….

  20. Miss Sunshine says:

    I’m so with you, i
    It’s an amazing oppurtunity for them!!!! And also I just can’t get enough of them!!! ❤

  21. Miss Sunshine says:

    Wow!!! Great ide!!!!
    They should so do it!! It’s of course good that they pursue there singing career, but having a drama is really good and good for there career!!!
    I really hope they will do it!!! ❤ ❤

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