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Ha Ji-won’s little brother, Jun Tae-soo, is in hot water….

and “All My love” will not be able to help him out.

Recently, actor Jun Tae-soo was allegedly accused of physically assaulting two police officers and a taxi driver. The star was drunk at the time,but his career repercussions may last awhile due to his  actions. The legal trouble ,that is impending, has made the actor and his company decide to withdraw him from the cast of one of Tae-soo’s current shows “All My Love“. His agency,Well Made, apologized again on behalf of the actor and they promised to have him return to the entertainment industry with a much more positive image. Well Made chose to be courteous,as well as, respectful of the entire cast/crew of the series by withdrawing their own.

What do I think?

Honestly, I don’t know. I’m not a drinker, so I have no idea how much power alcohol can have on a person. Initially, we could have assumed the taxi driver set him up because he is little Ha Ji-won,but with the police involved,this is definitely not the case.Nonetheless, I hope he settles his legal matter soon and returns to fans a remorseful and better man.

What do you think?

Sources: Nate,Osen, and Newsen


16 Comments on “Ha Ji-won’s little brother, Jun Tae-soo, is in hot water….”

  1. Sausages says:

    “His agency … apologized again on behalf of the actor and they promised to have him return to the entertainment industry with a much more positive image.” It’s not about his character or him at all, it’s just about the image, the façade, the shell of a fictitious person who doesn’t really exist that the company can project to the uncritical exaltation of the brainwashed fans who will believe anything that they get served up. Some fans even continue to think these stars use twatter, and it’s not just some student who is paid to write inane comments every few hours, based on a rigorously controlled communications plan.

    It reminds you that no one in this world is rational.

  2. miley says:

    Well, i don’t want to criticize him since he know he was wrong. Cos i don’t want to see another person like Jay Park who has to leave the group cos of criticism.

    • fuckJAPS says:

      ohh please. fuck jay and his planned exit. all a show which you obviously fell for.

    • dwilliams says:

      baby knowing you are wrong after the fact means nothing and he should be criticized like everyone else and if he can’t take the heat then he should get out of the business.

  3. ajstew says:

    He needs to be shamed and perhaps publicly flogged. That kind of behavior is unacceptable.

    • Sausages says:

      The Filipinos wouldn’t let him be flogged, they would sacrifice themselves by throwing themselves in front of the whip, saving him from any pain.

      Because that’s just what they do for their korean gods.

  4. Lollipop says:

    SO BAD!!! Looks like he is real tranformed in the rol that he was acting in “It’s OK daddy’s girl”;a maniatic,pevert and crazy guy!!!

  5. justmega says:

    ‘Honestly, I don’t know. I’m not a drinker, so I have no idea how much power alcohol can have on a person.’

    Are you kidding me? When one is an alcoholic they’re the last person capable of judging the hold alcohol has over them. So you’re “I’m not a drinker, so I have no idea” logic does not work.

    I understand this blog’s light-hearted intent but that is no excuse for posting hare-brained thoughts. This guy’s story is heresay as it is being conveyed to us through, again, a hare brain, so we shouldn’t jump to any conclusion. But, if what you post is accurate then this guy does have self control issues.

    Sausages is correct in berating Well Made’s comment of having him ‘return with a much more positive image’. How about returning him clean & sober which is based in reality and not just a new image which is just perception.

    • justmega says:

      In reference to your Korean lesson post, ‘Aigoo, Cham’ would not work in place of my “Are you kidding me?” here in the above post.

      yeah, I know, your not you’re

    • blah says:

      I agree with you about having him returned sober, as opposed to just the appearance of being sober.

      • Sausages says:

        Why doesn’t this section teach vietinomalaypinays useful phrases like:

        i) I want plastic surgery to look less filipino and look more korean – 내가 덜 필리핀을보고하고 봐 더 많은 한국 성형 수술을 원하는

        ii) Can you get me into the USA? I don’t want to be in Korea any more – 얼마나 많은 여자 친구가 당신이 있습니까? 8? 당신이 결혼을해야하지?

        iii) I’m malaysian-chinese, and I hate being chinese and I want to move to your farm in Daejon and let you beat me sometimes.
        – 당신이 미국으로 날 수 있을까? 나는 한국에서 더 이상되고 싶지 않아

  6. blind folded says:

    @Sausages: not all Filipinos worship Korean Actors like GOD. They idolized artists(not ONLY koreans) for their acting abilities but of course it can’t hurt if they are good-looking too. 🙂

  7. ernest says:

    I will no criticize him because he is the brother of Ha Ji Won and that’s the only reason and because I love her sister so much…

  8. Theresa says:

    maybe he was assaulting people because he was venting out is feelings of being called “Ha Ji Won’s little brother” all the time xD loved his role in All My Love well I hope he comes back not so violent~

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