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What does IU think of the new Woo-young?

IU’s character(Kim Pil-sook) in the latest KBS drama “Dream High” drastically changed in front of our eyes. Now, have you seen  Jason’s (Woo-young‘s character) new look?

I have fallen in love with the milky couple and so have many other K-drama fans all over the world. This week on “Dream High“, IU lost weight, the first group from the performing arts school made their debut in the entertainment industry,and Woo-young modeled a new coat!

Jason(Woo-young) was one of the chosen few to make his debut,along with Eun-jung and Taec-yeon,on Dream High. Jason was seen working in his first photoshoot before his debut. I thought the photo spread would be fake,KBS proved me wrong.

Jason’s “milky” photos were released today through the drama’s official website. After another week at the number one spot, “Dream High” has become successful in acting and style! The drama attained a 16.7% from the AGB.

What percentage would you give Jason’s photos, out of 100%?

KBS2′s “Dream High” airs every Monday and Tuesday  at 9:55pm (KST)

Sources: Sports Chosun and Nate


19 Comments on “What does IU think of the new Woo-young?”

  1. suju4eva says:

    not that great, ha! maybe cos his face looks not manly enough…

    • noi says:

      agree. ha. as much as i love wooyoung, i think taec’ll pull out that photoshoot thing better. and how the hell jason debut when he didn’t appear in the showcase? xD

      samdong-hyemi all the waaay!!!!! ❤

  2. miley says:

    Ever since i watch 2PM MTV’s, Wooyoung is the first one i had my eyes on. Fighting 2PM

  3. OOOOKaaayy! says:

    aww! look at wooyoungie!!! ahahaha!! he’s cute!!! *scream*

  4. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    i like the coat.

  5. Lorni says:

    agreed his face is not manly enough…No bone structure at all…ahahah still love wooyoung though.

  6. HUH?? says:

    Not into this drama but why is WY playing the part of ‘Jason’ when TY is the one who actually is fluent in English.

    • kv says:

      lol i was thinking the same thing too! I thought it was really weird having wy trying to speak english while taec is fluent!!!
      and my fav part of it all is how wy and the rest of the cast thinks he speaks so well (at least dats wat it seems like from the interviews)!!! tehe 😛

  7. Nana says:

    I think they should be called the lollipop couple because of how she used to give him those lollipops!!!

  8. mkiep says:

    About 60%? He has the type of smile you can die happily in… Sexyface not so much. 🙂 hearts Wooyoungie.

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  10. tenso says:

    i really think that WY should confess his love to IU!!!!!
    i think they make a cute cuple<3
    but i really dont think that WY ins cute but i realy like the jacket!!!!!!!!

  11. zee power says:

    he is soooooooooooooo hot

  12. allymhong says:

    He has such a chubby face… 😀

  13. shann says:

    Wooyoung and Iu please be a couple for real:******

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