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2NE1 releases English MV on iTunes!

“Can’t Nobody” has arrived.
The four fierce and fabulous YG Ladies took Kpop by storm with their comeback in 2010. Among their three hit singles(“Clap Your Hands” “Go Away” and “Can’t Nobody”), the girls released an English version of “Can’t Nobody” in January.  This month, they will be debuting in Japan under Avex.

On Feburary 2nd, iTunes Japan began selling the English Version music video of the “Can’t Nobody” single for a little over two dollars.

Do you want a glimpse of the English version?

Below is a video of what the new MV will resemble:

The video quality isn’t HQ, but it does give you an idea of what is for sale.

Will you purchase their new MV?

Sources: MTVK,Sunny Kim, Avex Entertainment, and Skylinedays(Youtube)


73 Comments on “2NE1 releases English MV on iTunes!”

  1. Sausages says:

    Hooray, now it’s more accessible to the filipinas who worship koreans.

    I’m sure Rory will delete this, he hates the truth.

  2. Lorni says:


  3. lol says:

    Biggest wannabes!

    • asianrules says:

      lols! wannabee? they will not make it big like this and soar fast compared to other if their just typical kpop artist…

  4. sweetgirl1990 says:

    so dumb why so much autotune!!

  5. OOOOKaaayy! says:

    WHAT?! 2NE1!!! ahhh shit!!! love them!!!!

  6. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    The only part that was changed was Dara’s part with the long dress and cat…

  7. hai share with me, meDrs.SUTIKNO TIKO HAMZAH,Mpd
    gresik-surabaya, jatim-east java, Indonesia
    I am just little a painter and lecterer,living in at surabaya – gresik and to having start to buid art gallery, laboratory and library and arts education at desa banjarsari cerme gresik

  8. mira :) says:

    2NEI FTW !!!
    i ❤ it !~

  9. Sausages says:

    This is dripping in failure.

  10. hyun says:

    well ur an idiot, ur jus tin denial lol…

    2ne1 – it hurts

    in yo face

  11. Bratwürst says:

    Still dripping in failure.

  12. Shane says:

    Support them!!!

  13. Sausages sucks says:

    2NE1 Jjang! Some people just can’t accept that not everyone has a pathetic life like them.. Envy much?

  14. asianrules says:

    for those haters and antifan..if you dont have something nice to say why comment? why spending effort to view this article…ur just bitter…because their in demand and a KPOP icon now!

    and YG will not invest money if their talentless! think before saying nonsense stuff ok…this is business there will be no 2ne1 fever if there are no great demand with their music and talent!

    • Bratwürst says:

      You know nothing about business which makes us all think you’re either a retard or very young. These people have no talent, they are just a facade to a musical machine which does all of their writing, PR, choreography, twitters.. it’s all done by the machine. if you want to tell me what talents these people have, then feel free.

      • lay says:

        oh gosh … you are so pathetically entertaining. trolling endlessly with so many usernames in every article. real life must be hard on you that you need to do all this trolling behind your computer screen. i guess this is just an outlet of your frustration with what you lack in life. yup … maybe we should just let you be whatever you are in here or risk you turning into something worst. *shivers*

      • liv says:

        supposedly knows business troll.

  15. kpop says:

    that’s why popseoul readers are no longer interested in coming here because of a troll like sausages who keeps on trolling all articles and keeps on changing names.

    2NE1 Fighting!

    • Aya says:

      look at the other way, seeing ppl like that always make me feel better about myself and say something like “dear lord, i really, i repeat REALLY great full at least i have a positive life to live on” ow and “amen”

      • lay says:

        ha ha … amen to that.

        • Bratwürst says:

          You guys are just so fighting! you’re just so very mabuhay!

          The fact is you all worship koreans and hate your own culture. It’s nothing about negativity, it’s about dealing with reality, which none of you have done, other than by using psychological work-arounds.

          I’ll let you get back to letting koreans walk on you faggots.

  16. Kaybee says:

    I love it! The auto tuning fits this song especially now that it is in English… I like how Park Bom sounds especially her…’owwoooh…oh’ parts…It reminds me of 70s Disco musics….LOL

    • Bratwürst says:

      No, it reminds you of “Spice Girls” music from 2000, because that’s what they’re a tribute band for.

      Not one iota of originality.

  17. queenbqty says:

    Nice! 2NE1 rocks! In any Language.

    • Sausages says:

      Read the comment below this one, some dude called Gray said ‘ebonies’ were jealous of asians. Is this true?

      • queenbqty says:

        Why are you asking me? Ask sweetgirl1990 or whatever, she is the one who has a problem with 2NE1, I like them!

        As a Black person, who is brave enough to like kpop, when all around me think I’m crazy, why would I be bothered by what some random internet racist says? Gray there, just has a problem with Black people, so being an insecure Asian whose girl was probably stolen by some Black guy, he’s just mad and butthurt and taking it out on all the Brothers and Sisters. You better tell him how all us ‘mericans have guns and are high on prozac, so he better watch out, ha!

        What the heck is an Ebonie, anyway? Never heard that one before. Jealous, Nah! I don’t want to be Asian, but there are quite a few Asian males I wouldn’t mind doing!

      • lay says:

        what Gray said is really uncalled for and i think no one should be talking bad or putting down other races. at the same time, i find it hilarious that you of all people ‘complained’ about that since that’s what you’ve been doing all the times. it’s like the pot is calling the kettle black (or is it the other way around?). anyways, you’re no better than him … or maybe worst.

  18. GRAY says:

    i cant stop people from hating them but then i’m an avid fan of them and it hurts so much that some irrational thinkers like bratwurst and sweet1990…. i cant blame them since all they want is attention….. since they are ebonies….. i can also understand that they hate asians since asians has fair complexion and ebonies have dark colored skin tones….. i pity them for that……

    • Sausages says:

      It’s not irrational. They’re a Spice Girls tribute act 11 years too late, and your gushing worship of them as if they were gods is what is irrational.

      You’re calling me black is some attempt to make me upset? You call people black as an insult? You pity black people because they are black? Gosh, that’s prejudice at it’s worst. I don’t have a problem with being called black. Just so you know, I’m not though.

      I’ll let you get back to being yellow/brown and jealous of anyone white.

      • GRAY says:

        sorry sausage for not including your name in the list of irrational thinkers…. i’m just wondering….. why are you strolling around in a asian fansite when your not loving them….. gosh…. your pathetic and stupid!….. your just looking for attention since no ones loving you or adoring you since you have a dark heart and a dark face….. to much for insulting you, but i guess i’ll not stoop down from your fucking level…..

  19. […] Sources: MTVK,Sunny Kim, Avex Entertainment, and Skylinedays(Youtube) [Via source] […]

  20. manigga says:

    lmao @ you guys continously replying to this nigga. the more you do it the more you’re dignifying the nigga’s comments. blacks don’t deserve to be dignified. they’re nothing but a bunch of dirt..mud!.

  21. Sweetsmilez says:

    it seem to be ok…

  22. Orange_Fun says:

    I came here to read a 2ne1 article only to be offended by some racist nobody, but what ever i’m not really effected by it because everyone is a victim of racism and it exist every where, but damn there are forums out there specifically for this,if not, make one,but how did it come to a 2ne1 article?

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