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Lee Min-jung models Bestibelli

This will be the new look for Spring 2011!

Currently, actress/model Lee Min-jung is filming her upcoming drama “Midas” that will begin airing on February 28th. However, the cold weather (and bulking coats) must be giving her the winter blues,because she uploaded Spring Fashion on her personal home page.  On February 4th, Min-jung shared a couple snapshots from the photo shoot for the 2011 Spring collection of Bestibelli. From a military green blouse to her snake-skin jacket, she looks beautiful.

I wonder if she truly has the “Midas” touch for style?

Sources: Osen and Nate


11 Comments on “Lee Min-jung models Bestibelli”

  1. sweetgirl1990 says:

    She’s pretty but needs to learn to change her expression. Most of her pictures she always has that same open mouth and eyes that don’t really express anything.

  2. jamain says:

    ^lol, true modeling is not only about pretty faces but their facial expression and posture as well (body language)

  3. Pops says:

    That’s Sergeant Lee to you! ^_^

  4. elijiah says:

    its a disaster!!!

  5. Sweetsmilez says:

    well…it would be better if she changes her style….

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