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Taec-yeon’s french….


Not this time! The 2pmer is teaching us an important French phrase! On Febuary 4th, the “Dream High” actor tweeted the following message:

“Noblesse oblige is a French phrase literally meaning “nobility obliges” “privilege entails to responsibility”

Maybe he should have auditioned for Song Seung-hun‘s role in “My Princess”. He is already playing the virtual role of an instructor.

Would you like Instructor Taec to be in charge of your French lessons?

Source: @taeccool


70 Comments on “Taec-yeon’s french….”

  1. Jeannie says:

    Oui, s’il vous plaît!!!! Though, I think I’ll do a lot more staring than learning~ XD

  2. Mimo says:

    OMO! When? where? what the hell?

  3. Huuh says:

    This is exactly that.
    Every person who pretends to be noble ( = someone with values) has to act like it.

    It is too bad that a lot of person think they are noble but act like ass.

  4. dan says:

    he’s an idiot and full of himself

    • jhyjgvkgkffgvbjh says:

      I AGREEEEEEEEEEE i hate him.

      • SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:


        • Sausages says:

          Maybe because he’s another American pretending to be Korean. Those folks are f**king irritating.

          • M says:

            I am not Korean, and i adore Taec. Comm’on i use Korean words all the time in my FB status or comments with a little explanation.

            It’s fun learning new word and using them. Taec is like one of us, who’s sharing the world the new words he learned.

            • Bratwürst says:

              you use korean words in your lonelybook status? good for you, that’ll earn you another 20’000 friends as a lonelybook volunteer.

          • K says:

            I think most overseas stars try to assimilate into the Korean culture. If Koreans come to live in America, it would be normal for them to assimilate somewhat into the American culture. Though, I do agree some people might be forcing it and come off looking pompous.

            • Bratwürst says:

              When americans think of France, they think of freedom-fries and freedom bread, and freedom cheese. Then they turn on Fox news and clap at anything on there.

              I very much doubt this guy knows anything about france. It’s just K-faggotry.

              • liv says:

                culturally ignorant troll.

              • JJ07 says:

                im guessing you’re not american nor korean, but you know what? nobody really cares cause you are such a b!$%&. wat are you trying to do? you’re insulting people, cultures, race, and even countries for goodness sake! you’re ignorance and inablity to accept anything makes it seem like you’re one of those people who live in the dark and like it there. stop putting hate messages everywhere. you seem like a hater who enjoys posting hate messages everywhere possible. you should really stop.

          • SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

            If you didn’t know, Taec is Korean but moved to US when he was young.
            so he’s not american.

          • liv says:

            socially deprived troll.

    • mira :) says:

      @ dan

      I guess I understand what r u talking about .
      I also thought the same think about him .
      Sometimes , he acts too over infront of the camera or infront of other girls’ bands’ .
      But I think again , he’s a man , so , thats typical .
      I also found he’s cute but I think if he controls that habit , he’ll be okay .

      • dan says:

        yes. his acting ‘over’ is very annoying. like when he was in Family Outing 2. Man I liked the show but could not stand him. Also in various other shows with girl groups, he embarrasses himself.

        • mira :) says:

          hahaha . yup , agreed !
          even other 2pm members complains about him being overacting sometimes .
          well , its up to him . i hope his habit doesn’t ‘eat’ himself back .

          • Bratwürst says:

            You’re making all this up and looking stupid at the same time.

            • liv says:

              stupid troll.

            • mira :) says:

              I’m not making it up .
              2PM members did say this thing about him .
              You can watch it at youtube .
              type Happy Together 2PM .
              watch the eng sub so you know i’m not making things up .

              • jaeangie says:

                @ mira

                AGREED with that not even at the Happy Together 2PM special but some other interview literally saying that taecyeonie way to over hehehe

                • mira :) says:

                  tnx 4 that 🙂
                  omg , really ? haha .
                  i dunno about that . where did u watch that interview ?

                • Bratwürst says:

                  Seriously people, do you not know what company spin doctors are for? These people are told what to say based upon a ‘role’ they’re expected to uphold in a group. It’s not them really.

                  Gosh, are people really this naive?

  5. cdnpoint says:

    Never knew he had an interest in French (what about Spanish, as he’s from the US). Why did he share the phrase’s meaning? Context, please-there had to be a reason.

    Definitely not a French kissing item. That photo of him seems to be from the airport with a dance pose from the Snake dance?

    • Sausages says:

      He’s American, so he knows sod all about French language, French people or France. This is just some nonsense penned by his entertainment company to make him look intelligent in front of all the filipinas and mind slaves.

      • Mari says:

        Or perhaps it was a random tweet as he came across the phrase. I think some people on here are being a bit intense about a tweet.

      • Cranky says:

        Yeah, and I bet you know jack about France and the French language as well.
        Regardes-toi d’abord dans un miroir avant de lancer ta merde dans la face de tout le monde, p’tit connard. C’est pas parce que t’es ignard que tous les autres sont comme toi. Prends pas ton cas pour une généralité, d’accord?

        • Cranky says:

          That was directed at the aptly named “sausages”, btw.

          • Sausages says:

            Wow, an american trying to prove their educational system isn’t totally fecked by using google translate.

            Have another pie.

            • Cranky says:

              Yeah, try again, stereotyping douchebag. Unlike you who actually had to use Google translator (and I bet it did a half-baked job at translating too), I can actually speak more than just English. Wow….did I just blow your infinitely minuscule mind yet?! LMFAO
              So long, asshat. I don’t even know why I bother replying to freakin morons like yourself…but let’s just call this an educational experience for you and a charity-type endeavour on my part.

              • ara says:

                ga haha XD

              • Sausages says:

                Fact is, you don’t have a clue about my skills or abilities, and you’re to all intents and purposes pissing in the wind.

                But keep it up, with your americaness, I’m sure you’ll get some k-poon soon. In fact, if I see any, I’ll send it over to you, just for being such a try hard in front of the pinays.

      • liv says:

        falsly cultured troll.

  6. OOOOKaaayy! says:

    french? wow i dont like french i dont see y its an official language in America only people in louisiana and cali use it other than that? damn.

  7. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    I’m going to take French next year. And Chinese too….

    • Douche says:

      You need to learn Korean too, so that when you lie about being Korean, it can be used to back you up and you wouldn’t let the cat out of the bag easily.

      Happy learning.

      • Bratwürst says:

        哈哈, 什么美国胖子要学中文啊! 非常好笑的。

        • SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

          You idiot, I’m not fat or american.
          And by the way, I’m learning Chinese because I like learning new languages since it’s fun.
          Do you have a problem with that?

          • Bratwürst says:

            Americans don’t learn other languages, they just shout in ghetto-fab American English.


            That’s why American colonies like South Korea always have the word for burger as burger.

      • SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

        I already know how to speak Korean…
        It was my first language, you idiot.
        And i never lied about being korean.

        난 한국인이야!
        그리고 난 한국어로 말할수있어!
        이 미친병신….

        • Bunny says:

          Google Translation sure comes in handy…

          Lots of attention-seekers in my class copied and paste what was translated there to their profiles as well.

          Happy translating.

          • Bratwürst says:

            She’s the funniest fake-korean on this forum though. It’s quite hilarious how she refuses to admit she’s american and keeps using google-translate.

            • SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

              I don’t use google translate and i’m not fake! Why can’t you just believe me?

              • Broth says:

                Well, that’s because you have not provided any proves up to date.

                If you can produce any, let’s say just a picture, we’d contemplate whether or not to believe.

                No fake models/actresses/idols’ pictures please.

                • SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

                  i’m sorry, i don’t show my pictures on the internet cuz it’s not safe.

                  • Broth says:

                    If it is nto safe, there wouldn’t even be Facebook and whaetever crap you people call these days, as their online profiles.

                    I got it, you won’t reveal your picture (or any proves that is), then quit whining when people suspect you because you are making people do.

                    Good day and my advice would be, stop

                    pretending to be someone you are obviously not.

              • Bratwürst says:


                Because of your apparent naivety I’d suggest you were probably far too young to put your picture on the internet and I would encourage you not to do so. I’d agree, it is not safe and considering the people who put their photos up on this site or lonelybook, they are often far from flattering.

                Regardless, you’ve lived in USA for long enough to become a citizen, I’m sure you’re a US citizen. End of Story.

          • SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

            I never use Google Translate.
            It’s not even a reliable source.
            All of their translations don’t even say the right stuff.

    • suju4eva says:

      good for you…currently, i’m learning nihongo n its so fun..^_^

      • SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

        Really? aahh you’re so lucky.
        I’ve also been wanting to learn japanese!!

        • suju4eva says:

          its for my 3rd language u know, i want to take Mandarin actually but eventually, i ended up by taking Nihongo..wanting to take Korean as well but u know, Korean is one of the toughest language, salute to all who mastered Korean…

          • SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

            Haha, yes, I mastered it!! yay
            Well, it was my first language, then english is next, then mandarin, and maybe french for next year.

            But Korean is pretty hard for people who are new to it. I heard that foreigners can’t catch the accent very well and it’s hard to pronounce.

            • suju4eva says:

              yes…the accent is hard to copy and whats make it more harder, is its calligraphy…the Kanji of Nihongo is tough as well but beginners always could learn from Katakana then Hiragana before moving to Kanji…

  8. snooki says:

    Oh wow, now he can update is curriculum vitae. Because he knows 2 words of french, he now is fluently in french according to korean rules.

  9. williambloke says:

    He must be watching the Anime “Higashi no Eden” where the term noblesse oblige plays a pivotal role.

  10. ABC says:

    He know french because,he’d studied in America and it is a subject in school.And he isn’t american born,he only went to USA.

  11. Franken says:

    No, it just means Taec-yeon has been reading up Noblesse.

  12. JJ07 says:’s a little something that he learned and wants to share with people by tweeting it…wth is wrong with that. wow, i guess celebs should just stop tweeting because it seems alot of people just have the interest of talking crap about what they say.

  13. Lovely says:

    Eh bien, il ressemble à un instructeur. Il semble certainement enseigner aux enfants adorables. Juste parce que les enfants des élèves du secondaire sera sûrement faible s’il est leur professeur ..

  14. AMy says:

    This forum is just STUPID. The article is talking about some k-pop singer who wrote something on his twitter in french and you guys are doing all this mess?? There’s like 100 comments about some people being racist or lying on their identity…
    I mean: What’s the point?
    That’s really not the subject.
    and btw, Si taecyeon veut utiliser la langue francaise dans ses twits pourquoi ne pourrait-il pas? Il y a bien des francophones qui twit en anglais ou en russe bien qu’il ne le soit pas alors c’est quoi le problème. Use Google translation….you’ll see if it works 7_7

    oh and he’s hot and I wouldn’t mind to have french lesson with him…but I’ll probably be better then him ^^

  15. Sweetsmilez says:

    wow!!!!!..he knoes French too!???…wat if he jux become my French teacher cuz im takin French….he seem awesome!!!!…..wish to c him to knoe if he really knoes French…

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