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Want to look like the girls of SNSD?

Well now you can by following their diet plan!

All 9 girls of SNSD are admired for their slim figures and their trainer, Kim Ji-hoon spills the secret…

On SBS’s Lunar New Year special, ‘Star, What Are You Doing?‘ Kim Ji-hoon revealed “Before an important broadcast or concert, SNSD fixes their calorie intake to 1,500 kcal. They eat seasonal vegetables and 5 pieces of broccoli, 100g of grilled chicken breast, and 150g of brown rice, amongst other foods.”

Sounds like torture, doesn’t it? But apparently the girls are allowed to enjoy junk food once in awhile, unlike the rest of us civilians who snack on junk food everyday!

At least the girls have a healthy diet plan, and it’s easy enough to follow.


45 Comments on “Want to look like the girls of SNSD?”

  1. truesay says:

    If it is true, glad to see they have enough cals to support their always having to move around with less sleep than one would prefer.

    However, for the “normal people” who want to lose weight enough to take advice from twiggy celebs who were never really visibly overweight to begin with, 1500 calories seems far too generous hahaha

  2. Cassull says:

    “1,500 kcal”? So they consume 1.5 Million cal a day? I wonder how they work it all off.

    • SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

      Wait, isn’t that what an average person eats?
      That’s the amount I eat mostly everyday.

      • Aya says:

        ahahah yes it is, but i never follow the pattern cause i need chocolate ahahah…

        i’m more curious about those “other food” that they didn’t mention

    • kimt08 says:

      1,500 kcal is the same as 1,500 Cal (notice the uppercase “C”…1,000 calories or 1 kcalorie = 1 Calorie).

  3. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    my mom just told me about this when she was showing the newspapers to me.

  4. HappyLyn says:

    I will have difficulty following the diet, the temptation of food is hard to resist. I will just LOVE & ADORE SNSD no mattter what!!!!

  5. kimt08 says:

    1,500 kcal is very little for such active people like them…eating more calories doesn’t necessarily mean a bad thing. Take Michael Phelps, for example, who has an average intake of 5,000 – 10,000 kcalories a day because he works out so much.
    i still think the girls are being exhausted unnecessarily at this rate

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  7. Bratwürst says:

    I don’t want to spend €300’000 to look like SNSD because I’m not from Malaysia.

  8. jj says:

    And most likely they are deficient in magnesium, d3 vitamin, c-vitamin and other things because their diet is so one-dimensional. Oh well, who cares if you can be famous and skinny!!!

  9. Alix says:

    15000 is very little considering how little they sleep and how much they work out.
    They are frighteningly skinny. Especially Sooyoung and Jessica. Sooyoung’s legs look like twigs that might snap any moment now.
    I wouldn’t trade my body for any of theirs. Only for Uee’s or’s. The two of them are hot hot hot.

  10. queenbqty says:

    Who would want to look like a scrawny, starving untalented plastic surgery victim? Hopefully, if they continue starving, they will get too weak to stand upright and stop perpetrating the fraud that they are entertainers. snsd sucks!

  11. snooki says:

    No I don’t want to look like them. Because they’re not toned, and a light tan would help too.

  12. momo says:

    1500 Kcal?! For real?! No wonder they’re such a twig. For active people like them needs more than 1500. In the long run, they will become malnourished and vulnerable to certain diseases. how come they let their trainer fed them 1500 cal? Just for the sake of “beauty” they will sacrifice their health?

  13. Michael Lewis says:

    Can I join the girls in their group with them????

  14. Nara says:

    normal people’s kcal intake in a day is something like 1800-1500 kcal. And what I know 100g grilled chicken breats and 150g brown rice is kind of much. Plus they are healty; they have good fat, witamins (or whatever they are called) and fibres (i’m talking about food). Like somebody said for active people like them it’s a bit too less, but i think they follow that diet only few days or maybe a week nonstop and then eat normally. FIGHTING SNSD!!

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  16. Cat says:

    My uncle told me that women are like a steak, the bigger the better and I agree! I’m a woman and I love perfect curves – big ass, big boobs! Is that wrong? Why do women fight so much to be skinny when, to me at least, is not pretty or sexy?

    • BaiCai says:

      How very american of you sir. I prefer to dine in France where the steaks, albeit with less meat overall, are delicate high quality, well dressed and the context in which they are placed makes them a feast of all the senses. If one asks really nicely one might get to try two of the steaks at the same time.

      • Cat says:

        First I’m not american. And if by asking very nicely you can get two steaks at the same time, that makes the steak poor in quality. Doesn’t it? And dude by the way have you ever been to France? ‘Cause I garantee to you that in France WE eat very well!

  17. KARA says:


  18. cookie says:

    i wasnt gna say nething but… Camel toe hahaa jk jk

  19. Sweetsmilez says:

    well….yup!!!..gotta look skinny to become pretty….
    they sure do have a tough diet plan…….
    hope i could be like them……

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