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Deborah Cox: “Yenny sings beautifully!”

“….wow! That’s not an easy song to sing and play. She was wooooonderful!! So beautiful! :)”

Fans have the power to get their favorite celebrities noticed!

Wonderful IamGYen tweeted Canadian singer Deborah Cox the following message:

” @Deborah_Cox Take a look at this video, A talented korean idol @WGyenny sang your song ‘The Promise’ …..”

Ms. Cox‘s response was the compliment you read above. The singer not only viewed the video,she tweeted the fan back and complimented the Wonder Girl who covered her song!

A thank you to Deborah Cox for recognizing and appreciating all the immense talent in Kpop. It may seem that S lines and Chocolate Abs rule the music industry,but deep down there lies the true pop-influenced talent. They just have to cover up,every now and then, for all to see it.

Source: @Deborah_Cox


33 Comments on “Deborah Cox: “Yenny sings beautifully!””

  1. jellibelli says:

    I could hardly pay attention because of her hideous dye job!

  2. dan says:

    off key and pitch control problems all over the place.

  3. Bratwürst says:

    It doesn’t matter how many times you say ‘these people are talented’ they aren’t. Their english is appalling to boot.

  4. lorni says:

    UR GOOD!!!

  5. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    Never heard of Debrah Cox…
    I only listen to K-Pop.

    Ugh no offense but i hate Ye Eun’s hair

    • Sausages says:

      Sure, you’re american so you only listen to K-pop. That’s why your rejection of anything american will cause you to be marginalised within US society and ultimately cause you to get angry at it.

    • PakYoo says:

      Super Senior are ugly! Especially Eun Hyuk and Siwon. The fat one shouldn’t be in that group. Please change your name to Supersenior4444

      • SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

        No thank you, i do not want to change my name.
        and I do not think they’re ugly.

        it’s good to state you’re opinion but try to keep the negative comments to yourself please.

  6. truesay says:

    Unfortunate video. If some American posted this on youtube they would get SLATED. RIPPED. Yennie….. you fail.

  7. JJ07 says:

    why all the hateful comments…so what about her hair? wth…did anyone listen to the song…it was AWESOME! gave me the chills! LOVE it! XD

  8. hithar says:

    Yeah there were definitely some pitchy and off-key moments but I thought her english was pretty good. Her hair needs to go bye bye it’s not flattering.

  9. sammy says:

    Amazing. FTW Park Ye Eun

  10. Suzanne Giles says:

    nice try kudos for the effort

  11. O_o says:

    She could do better if she wasn’t sick. at least Deborah Cox praised her through twitter =D

    • Sausages says:


      No she wasn’t. That old chestnut of an excuse is just terrible… HAHHAAHAHAAHAHAH You’ll say any old shyte to excuse your K-god from being untalented.

      • O_o says:

        Ye, she was sick, and your brain either. again, at least the original singer praised her. please tell your hate comment about this girls to Deborah, i’d love to see her handling an anti ^_^ tsk, it’s not like y(our) comment(s) are matters to them! hate all u want XDD

        • Bratwürst says:

          Look, you’re a foolish imbecile. Her management company wouldn’t let her post a song on Youtube with a cold. You’re just making excuses for her being utterly incapable of singing in tune.

          It’s nothing about being a Pro(stitute) or being an anti. It’s about the simple fact that she cannot sing in tune. FACT.

          • O_o says:

            please say that to Deborah Cox!!! i want to know your OPINION about Deborah praises this girl! um, i think you will bash her too right?! i wouldn’t surprise if you do that. because you bash everybody! XD btw, she uploaded this video through her personal twitvid account not YT.

            • BaiCai says:

              And guess who does her twitter for her? Yes, you’re right. It’s the entertainment company who keeps a tight control on her public persona.

              They certainly wouldn’t be putting out videos of her singing when she’s ill.

  12. Dovey says:

    She did a good job.

    I’d like to see a non-Korean sing an entire Korean song and not sound so fobby/you-are-so-obviously-not-fluent-or-Korean in their language… Good luck with that!

    • PakChoi says:

      Look is everyone else deaf? She didn’t do a good job, she was out of key and out of tune… her english was terrible and not very impressive.

      The only people who seem to be impressed are the S.E. Asian lobotomised K-slaves who are legally prohibited from saying anything negative about Koreans through fear of not being allowed to breed with an ancient fisty K-farmer, at the required breeding age.

      Either that or you’re all deaf. One or’tother.

  13. O_o says:

    my last comment here. i didn’t deny she cracked at some parts. i said she could do better if she wasn’t sick. you don’t have to be a doctor for recognizing her cold. Yenny herself admitted this video not her best, but because her promise to the fans she uploaded this video anyway on 3rd. and you called that embarrassing? even Deborah, the original singer, impressed with her! how many times i must say this duh?! another note, her song choice, ‘THE PROMISE’ it has a meaning for fans. she wanted to send a message to the fans. if you want to know her message you can read the lyrics!
    all i can say haters are always gonna hate. no matter what these girls do you will still bash them. there’s nothing i can do to change that and of course it’s VICE VERSA, these girls never called themselves the most perfect etc, and the fans know that! we’re not delusional…. um maybe just some hardcore fans are XD. every fandom has that!
    again, like i said before, our comments here are not matters for them. if you don’t like them the most simple way is leaving them! don’t waste your time for increasing you sins for bashing people whose doesn’t have a same opinion with you. i bet you still bash me after this… wheeew peace everyone =D

    • BaiCai says:

      Listen retard. ‘She’ is just a manifestation of what the entertainment company wants you to see. Her ‘twatter’ is run according to a well planned communications plan, which the entertainment company will stick like glue because this is how PR departments uphold the image they want to project for each of these people.

      They won’t be putting out terrible twatter videos of her being ill, because they can just record it again a few days later. The fact is, she cannot speak english and sings out of tune.

      You K-pets are just so naive, that I fail to see how you even operate in modern society.

  14. ILuvBunnies says:

    Who’s Deborah Cox? Neway, it’s sweet of her to respond to a fan. I like WG.

  15. Sweetsmilez says:

    wow!!!!…very good…….

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