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Picture of Yuri before debut released

SNSD’s sexy member Yuri revealed her picture before her debut. In the picture she isn’t wearing any make up. She is just showing how she looked without make up, and well, just a younger version of her.

Wasn’t she still pretty before?  Even without make up, she looks so cute and innocent.

Now, she is the most known as the sexist member in SNSD. Here are some pictures after her debut showing off her most famous wave move.

So what did you guys think of the pictures?


58 Comments on “Picture of Yuri before debut released”

  1. DBSKsuju says:

    she definitely looks different

  2. kmusicluver says:

    if you look closely without the bang she has a man’s face.

  3. taipomi says:

    Is it me or does that photo look entirely like another person?
    where’s the double eyelids?

  4. B2STlover says:

    -_–;; plastic surgry much??

  5. HUH?? says:

    Looks like this girl’s gonna take the Hyori path. Which is, to play up her sexy image and milk it for all it’s worth.

  6. xox says:

    when you do these before and after pics, i think it would be best to have pictures taken at least from the same angle. to me they look like sisters not the same person =/

  7. Tammy says:

    Definitely had some surgery done on her face! Even if you removed her make up now, it will definitely show that some work done on her eyes and nose.

    • Bratwürst says:

      The plastic surgery fairy has been to her house and taken the €200’000 under the pillow.

    • iulzzang says:

      I’m not really sure about the double eyelid though because i used to be a monolid but right eye got a double eyelid and then a few years later my left eye got the double eyelid….. it really depends on your genes.. but i would say she did have something done to her nose

  8. K says:

    That first gif isn’t very unflattering. She’s a decent looking girl all in all.

  9. hana says:

    seen the rest of her family? they’re all ugly. she certainly look like she does know without a bit of artificial help. Not she’s all that good looking now, but better than before.

  10. L224 says:

    wow, she hella surgery. and i thought she naturally look the way she did :0

  11. nikki says:

    this one’s going to be more about her sexy image if she ever breaks away from SNSD, so I agree with the other comment about it.

    I didn’t see anything ‘ugly’ about her befores so I really don’t understand WHY she got her eyes and whatever else done.

  12. theZEUSluv13 says:

    she looks prettier with no makeup

  13. elijiah says:

    did she really had a surgery??

  14. miley says:

    She’s the most attractive girl aside from Soo Yong…
    Plastic or not I don’t care, cos they are mentioning almost every girl group has plastic surgery.

  15. gokuma says:

    yuri is a sexist? o.o

  16. ILuvBunnies says:

    She looks like one of my friends…but DARN. She actually looked Korean before. She looks petty after, but SNSD’s so plastic. The prettiest one in my opinion is Yoona, but she had a massive nose job. She looked totally different before her surgery. How can she show her face in public and take compliments, knowing it’s only because she had surgery on her face. My favorite is the Seoheon(sp?) but she at least acts a little sheepish. LOL They’re all pretty IMO, but it’s a shame. Nevertheless, SM needs to share the names of thos surgeons they use, because they do a great job!

  17. jo says:

    can’t you all see she magically grew double eyelids. LMAO.

  18. lyn says:

    she looks a lot like a her brother is her child photo. now she looks nothing like him. plastic indeed.

  19. Dovey says:

    I do believe it’s her…Everything else looks pretty similar except her eyes. But then this might go to show that the only thing she’s done to her face is double-eyelid surgery, and that isn’t something major. Unlike that one other girl I saw featured here a few days ago (forgot her name)…

  20. Nara says:

    That pic is kinda blurry but yes I can see double eyelids.. but even if I see wrong I heard that you can get doubles when you grow older without knife.

  21. HappyLyn says:

    Looks of SNSD specifically that of Yuri or any other idol groups not only in Korea but from other countries as well is really not that important to people or fans who love, respect, & adore them. The valuable thing here is how these artists show their individual talents & skills to give real entertainment & happiness to people or fans all over the world. I really admire how SNSD girls & probably all the artists in general are sacrificing a lot for the sake of their careers. It is what is inside or within a person that is more important than outside appearance.

  22. jUniooOr says:

    it looks like her nose had undergone plastic surgery… 😦

  23. Jiraf says:

    PLASTIC!!! Her before pics looks like JJLin!!! SHE IS A MAN!!! SO SHOCKING!!!

  24. Yewonnie Primadonna says:

    really did plastic surgery,huh?
    Why does she so confident to reveal this?xp

  25. Andre Yeo says:

    Fk him!! Dun touch my yuri!!

  26. Sweetsmilez says:

    she still looks almost the same…
    still pretty…natural beauty…

  27. B.J.Kwon~> says:

    uhmm guys … don’t get me wrong but I never had double eye lids when I was a kid.. but now somehow I have double eye lids .. well not like European ones but small ones ..I FUCKING SWEAR I DIDN’T DO SURGERY – MY FAMILY WOULD DISOWN ME IF I DID. people change and that pic of her the second one is like 10 years ago! I can’t even recognise myself 10 years ago! seriously just saying… if u wanna bash me fine.

  28. She looks different,
    but if you guys “know” her face well, you’ll think that she didnt do surgery, look at her “eye” “lip” “nose” “chin/face shape”
    there’s no difference :))

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