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Super Junior’s Eun-Hyuk cuts his hair

Super Junior’s Eun-Hyuk posted a picture of him on twitter with his new hair style. Now it is much shorter than before, but doesn’t this style look great on him?

When he posted this picture on Twitter, he commented: “Because I’ve cut my hair I’m sweating less. Should’ve cut it in the first place!”

He also said: “It’s a pity that I can’t really feel my hair flying around while dancing but hey… It’s not bad!!!”

So what do you guys think? Does Eun-Hyuk look better now or before?



44 Comments on “Super Junior’s Eun-Hyuk cuts his hair”

  1. CLM says:

    He looks hot! And Orlando Bloom too

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  3. fuck youu says:


  4. I love ? says:

    Lovin the hair cut ❤

  5. Bratwürst says:

    Did he cut his hair? did he really?

    (shyte article)

  6. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:


    But this is late… I knew this last month…

    • Bratwürst says:

      You’re late? did you have a pregnancy test?

      • SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

        WTF?! HECK NO!
        I said the article was posted too late!

      • abundanttempest says:

        you’re getting more and more annoying. but i guess that’s what you’re going for with all these comments of yours? why do you even read this blog if you continually say stuff like this? move on with your life…

        • abundanttempest says:

          my comment was towards bratwurst by the way if one is wondering

          • Bratwürst says:

            How do you know your gushing vapid statements of adoration for asian ladyboy dance groups aren’t equally as annoying?

            • abundanttempest says:

              i usually am not one to post “gushing vapid statements of adoration.” but that’s just my point I attempted to make above. that’s what most people post on here. if you don’t like it, don’t read this blog or at least keep your comments to yourself.

              • Sausages says:

                Equally, if you don’t like my comments, don’t read this blog or at least keep your comments to yourself.

                it’s a fair swap.

                • abundanttempest says:

                  my apologies. i see that you are one of those people who like to argue and complain. also that you enjoy getting a rise out of others. i’m sorry for wasting your time and mine in trying to be a voice of reason. i don’t know why i tried, but i did. again i apologize.

  7. HUH?? says:


  8. Nikka Paula says:

    Much Better!

  9. koreasparkle says:

    he looks more handsome…huhuhu…^^

  10. theZEUSluv13 says:

    he looks adorable as always!

  11. elijiah says:

    you look better!!!!…

  12. elijiah says:

    congrat’s!!!!….. to the award received by the SJ on the 25th golden disk award…

  13. Kaytruest says:

    He looks good. I think G Dragon used to have that hair cut.

  14. nikki says:

    Kpop bombards Twitter, now anything and everything goes just to get attention and praise from around the globe…eh??

  15. noi says:

    please red-dyed your hair again, hyukjae-opaa. keke ❤

  16. snooki says:

    O EM GEE, yesterday I also had an 82 euro haircut like my idol eun-hyuk, done by the creative director. Worth it. Eun-Hyuk is so hooot. saranghae.

  17. peajung_9x says:

    he looked really handsome

  18. GaemGyu says:

    So hot!!!!!!!!!!

  19. xuxu love suju says:

    dep the^ ah that^ la` men ly`

  20. vatey says:

    yeah!his new style so cool!

  21. Eun Teuk says:

    He looks so handsome with his new hair style.

  22. Shereen says:

    Wow..Love Your New Hair Style..It Make You Look More Cute… (^_^)v

  23. Alexis says:

    eeekkkk KEEEYYYUTTTEEE ❤

  24. Vioble SuJu says:

    oppa looks more mature than before..
    saranghae oppa

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