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Shin Se-kyung showcases “innocent glamour” for Vixen

The actress is arrogant and confident!

Arrogance, confidence and femininity are all the traits Se-kyung hoped she portrayed in her latest photo spread for the Vixen lingerie brand. She modeled the spring/summer 2011 collection in her pictorial. The photos above were released by Vixen on February 7th.

How did SHINeelove#1 do? One netizen summed it up in one phrase stating, “Pure Glamour,Pretty Wild“.

Do you agree with them? What do you think of Se-kyung’s sultry photos?

Sources: Nate and Today Korea


35 Comments on “Shin Se-kyung showcases “innocent glamour” for Vixen”

  1. incognito says:


    She looks hot!

  2. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Hanguk News, BIL. BIL said: Shin Se-kyung showcases “innocent glamour” for Vixen: The actress is arrogant and confident! Arrogance, confide… […]

  3. miley says:

    She’s really sexy.. i like her

    • BaiCai says:

      €300’000 of plastic surgery, and you won’t just like her.. you’ll look like her too.

      • queenbqty says:

        She’s pretty and hot, no matter how she got that way!

        • BaiCai says:

          I don’t like korean chicks, they’re too fake and shallow, and love being beaten up by their dudes, pretty much the same as you Yanks. So I’ll disagree with you there.

          • queenbqty says:

            I have never been beaten up by a dude, so was I kidnapped from England at birth?
            How do you know Korean chicks like to be beaten up, were you a Korean chick in a past life? I guess so, that would explain your hostility towards Koreans of the present.

            • BaiCai says:

              I’m not hostile. Everyone knows wife-beating is rife in South Korea, that’s why Filipinas like to go there to get married.

              • queenbqty says:

                Just because men like to beat up women in Korea, doesn’t mean the women like it. Now its Korean, American and Filipina women who like to get beaten, what about the vietindomalay women and the British broads, are they loving the beat downs too? I guess when I get my first beating from a dude, I will realize how pleasurable it is according to you. You seem to hate women, too. Odd!

                • BaiCai says:

                  You’d have to ask Chris Brown about all that. I only use the marquess of queensbury rules, only with other gents and those of a similar weight. The idea of beating a woman is so unseemly. Confucius did say men should beat their wives and family though.

                • BaiCai says:

                  Besides, no one would fight you women when USA is like this video

              • queenbqty says:

                I thought you said “Yank” women liked to be beaten like Korean women do? I don’t want to see any violent females or males. But did you notice you totally contradicted yourself (with video evidence,no less).

                Why would I ask Chris Brown? He doesn’t know any more about women than you do. Maybe you should try getting a woman (if you can) and then ask her what women like. I thought you were an educated fool but it seems that you are just an average, every day, run of the mill foolish person. So Sad!

              • BaiCai says:

                Wow, now you’re calling me a fool because I don’t beat women. The lengths you will go to just to protect the actions of your Korean guys is quite extreme.

                My point is, that you Yanks like to fight in your local ‘hood’ Gas/Petrol Station and I find that not acceptable behaviour. Like Korean men like to drink soju every night and ‘smack their byatch-up’, It’s just not gentlemanly. Can’t they at least fight with another male of a similar weight bracket?

                Anyways, you’d never understand, because you have yellow fever and think it’s awesome behaviour.

                • SomeGuy says:

                  Just because you’ve heard of SOME Korean men beating up their wives doesn’t mean the whole nation follows that lifestyle as if it’s a cultural tradition. I don’t know where you’re from but the word ‘shallow’ that you used seems to completely describe yourself. Yeah just because she’s Korean she must love being beaten up! Lol? This is the 21st century and you’re still stereotyping races you ignorant fool.

            • queenbqty says:

              I’m calling you a fool because due to your generalizations of people based on what you see on TV and the internet, you make retarded statements that make you look like a complete fool.
              Yeah, I got yellow fever, but I also have a fever for any man of color. Pasty white guys (probably like you) are the only men that I would step on to get to the men of color.
              My only question about you is are you really as stupid as you sound or are you just trying to aggravate people. If its the latter, try superjuniorlover66…, cause you don’t aggravate me.

              • BaiCai says:

                According to the electromagnetic spectrum, white contains all of the colours, so why are you so happy to step all over colourful white people? You hate us for a reason?

                I didn’t realise that this forum was a festival for white-hating. I’ll come back more often then.

                • queenbqty says:

                  I don’t hate white people, but I do dislike pasty English punks who try to mask their attraction to Korean men behind virulent racist ranting!

                  • Orange_Fun says:

                    couln’t have said it any better, and besides doesn’t he know
                    that whilte is the absence of color, any person who completed elementary school would know that.

                • YellowFever says:

                  hey BaiCai you’re really just white trash who lives in a trailer house in junk yards right? Can’t even earn your own dollar, and one of your relatives are in prison aren’t they?

            • blah says:

              @queenbqty – Don’t bother wasting your breath on Bai Cai. He’s an dimwitted racist xenophobic imbecile hailing from Britain, with an appallingly short memory and with a psychotic need to prove he’s got a bigger wiener than Americans and Koreans. You’ll notice that from time to time he slips into his version of gang-land ghetto “American” talk, but that’s just his need to prove he actually knows about cultures outside of his own (and I highly doubt he even knows much about THAT).

              His favorite racist and stereotypical one-liners, all of them pathetic and abominable, revolve around immigration, suicide, plastic surgery, and domestic violence. He uses these as a catch-all to cover up the fact that he doesn’t know ANYTHING any culture outside of his own, much less Korean culture or American culture.

              Don’t let him get to you, just do what I do and let him run his horsey Brit mouth off on this forum, and then when it gets to the point where there’s too much soggy Bai Cai sewage clogging the comments, rip him up and then watch him scramble for witty retorts. Although… it’s getting really boring, because as I said before, his repetoire is rather limited and he tends to repeat the same things over and over and over again. In short, a LOSER that you don’t need to waste your time on. I shouldn’t either, but I actually do find it rather stress-relieving to use him as my punching bag. 🙂

  4. FINALBOSS says:


  5. freakish says:

    oh damn girl… wanna change bodies??!

  6. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    i think i understand why jonghyun likes her….
    but then i still feel sad that jonghyun is taken… but i feel happy for him too.
    cuz jonghyun was my fav from shinee

  7. hexa says:

    im sorry but the picture on the right looks akward. and even if i’ll admit to her appeal, her surgery is too obvious for me to aknowledge her beauty. I mean, sorry but her boobs are way too unproportonial for her stick legs. Sorry, it needed to be said. Her face…its ok .

  8. nikki says:

    Not necessarily plastic surgery but more photoshopping. Alot of the times, what you see isn’t always what you get. Sorta like good from far, but far from good.

  9. BaiCai says:

    I can nearly see her bra and pants.

  10. zemin says:

    Do not really like Shin Se Kyung bit because she’s taken Jonghuyn’s Shawol
    But I will not What Shawol and to influence her
    because I love Jonghuyn and I want to be happy Jonghuyn

  11. zee power says:

    i dont like her that much she is not real yet is like to much computer in her face and body i dont think that any one can have that perfect body and face and there is some think not right about her

  12. Orange_Fun says:

    This is innocent?

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