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Together Junsu & Jung-Hee say “Don’t Go”

2PM’s member Junsu just informed us today in his twitter that he just released a duet song with the famous singer Kim Jung-Hee. The song is called “Don’t Go”. It is an OST for the ongoing drama Dream High.

The song is kind of ballad song, but it has that beat to it that makes you want to dance to it. Both of their voices blend in well in the song.

Want to listen to the song? Check it out below:

So what did you guys think, breath-taking song, right?


6 Comments on “Together Junsu & Jung-Hee say “Don’t Go””

  1. Dovey says:

    Not breath-taking, but it’s all right.

    • anna says:

      It is breathtaking .At first I thought , ‘ oh, the beginning is very catchy with his smooth , husky voice ‘ but after I heard all song I couldn’t help it but repeat it over and over again. It’s lovely song , much more better that the one released by Changmin and JinWoon in my opinion, which was quite boring and not surprising. If it comes to Junsu debut song, honestly I’m delighted.Lim Jung Hee voice is amazing , she shines wherever she goes . Too bad Junsu tends to be underrated even he has so much to offer. Very nice , talented , charming man.His voice is very captivating!!! I wish he release solo album because I fell in love with him instantly.

  2. mira :) says:

    LOVE it !
    Jun.K is so damn talented !!!
    nice collaboration ! I hope Jun.K will do more solo after this ^_^

  3. :)Always says:

    woww i think it sounds awesomee!

  4. lishuys says:

    LUV iT!

  5. Selina says:

    I love this song!! I just love junsu’s voice! This is 4 my hottest!!

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