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Black Eyed Peas’ DJ Poet mentions 2NE1!

Recently, American music producer(who has worked with the popular group The Black Eyed Peas) tweeted about his upcoming work with 2NE1!

Below are his recent tweets:

“Off to korea with @boomnote josh one! Get ready for 2NE1!!!! Here we go!!!!

@IamCROS1 no band today so I’m off to korea to write/produce for 2NE1!”

After 2NE1 worked on a large number of songs with Black Eyed Peas member Will.i.Am last year, it is now the producer’s turn in the Korean recording studio. The girl band ruled the Kpop charts in 2010, will they be able to have a musicial kingdom on foreign soil too? 2NE1 has worked with an I AM and a Poet …if music does not work out, they can always start a Shakespeare Theatre Club. Also, the girls could ask SHINee for some Juliette advice.

2NE1’s USA debut date has not been announced.

Sources: @poetnamelife and Star News


97 Comments on “Black Eyed Peas’ DJ Poet mentions 2NE1!”

  1. BaiCai says:

    Massively-high heels to disguise short little Korean legs are massively-high.

  2. OOOOKaaayy! says:

    2NE1!!!!! wooo! they could possibly make it in america.

  3. nikiiLOVE♥ says:

    HELLA NEGATIVE up in here. ToT
    2ne1’s got a chance. & there is a reason for the word such as
    NETWORKING meaning korean artists can use AMERICAN
    producers to help them as much as ne 1 else.

  4. April says:

    I like 2NE1…I like them to stay away from the US. Only because the US doesn’t care too much about girl pop groups. It will be another fail. BEP’s haven’t been that great lately, so not too sure about the producer’s choice of calibrators.

  5. pat says:

    the only group with any US potential is BigBang but the K promoters will probably screw it up like every other act they try to hype there all wrong. (Rain,WG,&7 & JYJ)

    • BaiCai says:

      They have absolutely no potential in the USA. They jump around wearing pink and look like a childrens TV show. How are you supposing that they push that to an adult crowd? or you suggest they just hit the sizeable infantilism-fetish market which doesn’t exist outside of asia?

      • mjkrocks says:

        Please go away. Nobody cares about what you say. I really hate it when people come and leave comments that are negative. Just get a life.

        • EggandCressSandwich says:

          Sorry dear, but it’s for ‘honest’ comments, and my comments were just bearing my opinion. If you cannot deal with the truth or reality and want to live in a land where you somehow have an effect on this group of singers, then you should create a new forum for people crazed with fanaticism.

  6. YES 2NE1 CAN says:

    Being American I always thought if any group/singer out of Korea can make it will be 2NE1.
    They can sing (except DARA – but you need a pretty face that represents Korea), they have a unique style, and plus they have that urban loolk.. MINZY has a good look for the STATES – she looks very urban/black. CL can pull it off as well. BOM well what can I say she has the pipes, but stop where those shot crouch dresses. Anyways, I like the fact that they’re not a Candy Girl group that would not work in the US, 2NE1 is raw, real, (normal looking) and ready to go. (MInzy and CL will carry the group in the US) I belive they have the best chance out of all the Korea singers. Bye bye Wonder Girls, Rain, BoA. Se7en and all the wanna be’s.

    • BaiCai says:

      They have no chance. Their look isn’t unique, in fact it’s quite passé. They have nothing to offer the US mainstream. They basically are the spice girls, but an asian version. You have Pumpkin (ginger) spice, You have not-posh spice botox-bom, you have dara who is the older one trying to act young baby spice, and you have CL who is sporty spice. They don’t have african spice, and ‘being fierce’ is some kind of rebooted ‘girl-power’. By raw, real and ready to go, do you mean they are 15 years too late, a tribute act and unable to sing well in English in order to appeal to their audience, then you’re 100% correct. In summary, in USA they would be up to their eyeballs in so much fail that they would have to sing a song called ‘help us we’re sinking in fail, fierce’.

  7. johyn says:

    what sound do you think CL is making with that face… hmmmppfffffffffffffffffffffff!!


  8. okay says:

    I don’t like the sound of this article.
    I love 2NE1, and I believe they’ll have a successful debut in the U.S.

  9. Dovey says:

    Pffttt…good luck! Because they’re really going to need it if they think they can break into mainstream American music!

  10. Dovey says:

    Oh yeah, one more thing. FAR EAST MOVEMENT!!!! Hrm, are they really going to get anywhere? But they have two songs that have made it onto the radio (well, at least where I live, because I don’t know if they air it everywhere nationwide).

  11. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    i can’t wait
    good luck!
    hope everything turns out well!!^^

  12. maryslamb says:

    2ne1’s music produced by YG are all homegrown! KOREA represent!, et al are producing music for 2ne1’s US crossover.

    BaiCai whoever doesn’t know shit about this fact. So, whatever, BaiCai.

    • BaiCai says:

      Hmm… home-grown korean music. That always works out well in USA, just like home-grown mexican music is really popular in the mainstream.

      You seem to have developed the psychological belief that YM entertainment is a football club, and you’re a supporter of this club, and you somehow have a level of ownership over their success. This is typical pleb behaviour.

      • maryslamb says:

        wow! thanks for the psychoanalysis. hahahaha 🙂 gosh, your true colors are showing and they’re psychedelic. take your zoloft, okay?

        • maryslamb says:

          i think zoloft won’t work. a cocktail of clozapine and thiothixene will do the job. 🙂 be well.

          • EggandCressSandwich says:

            Stop describing the contents of your medicine cabinet. We understand you know your meds… however, those of us who live outside of USA don’t need to take them because we have good nutrition, sports and positive mental attitudes.

            • maryslamb says:

              uh, positive mental attitudes? your comments are positive? agitated maybe but surely asinine. 😉

              • EggandCressSandwich says:

                So you get paid by YM to do this, or you’re just a lunatic liar who thinks they’re involved in the company in some way, but really just a borderline stalker?

  13. maryslamb says:

    moronic music insider wannabes also have their use for us marketing people. thanks for all the bs comments in here about 2ne1 + the US and Korean music industries. added mileage, added mileage. thanks.

  14. GRAY says:

    i think bai cai’s insecure with herself since no ones liking his status… ang i think hater like her needs attention. psychiatric help or somehing….. cause i think she some psycho…..

  15. johyn says:

    2ne1’s fame in america will the same as the wonder girls

    • maryslamb says:

      yeah, dream on… with our marketing team, no way! the analogy between 2ne1 and wonder girls must only be, “both acts are from south korea.” end of. hahahaha

      • maryslamb says:

        jimmy only picks up acts that are ace. i tell you, ace! hahaha

        • BaiCai says:

          The precedent to success is what? Because not a single asian act other than the Not Asian Movement who appear to be a one hit wonder have succeeded, and they’re from USA and unable to crack into the mainstream.

          Mainstream ‘American’ music is governed by sales to lots of young black, white and brown Kids who spend their pocket money on pop. Asian kids don’t affect the mainstream, and have their own niche market, because they dislike being called american and spend all their time trying to buy foreign music in order to feel asian like their parents.

          2ne1 is only going to sell to the latter market, and they probably already have sold all they can sell to this market. There’s your marketing.

          • maryslamb says:

            what a load of crap. but thanks for the mileage once again. hahahaha

          • maryslamb says:

            let’s get it on BaiCai… 38 replies to this post and counting… thanks.

            • EggandCressSandwich says:

              Come on then, explain to us how you have any net positive effect on this spice girls tribute act’s marketing or customer appeal? in the USA of course.

              I doubt you’d be able to, because you’re just some fanaticism trying to identify with people who have ‘fame and fortune’ by leeching onto them in whatever way suits you.

      • BaiCai says:

        With ‘OUR’ marketing team? Who is your marketing team? Do you work for their entertainment company or have you decided you are somehow related to their company and somehow going to affect their marketing success?

        I don’t see why you’re using ‘OUR’ in this context.

        • maryslamb says:

          it’s up to you to find out. 😉 hahahaha

          • maryslamb says:

            doers do. and naysayers helps us doers with our work. thanks.

            • EggandCressSandwich says:

              ‘your’ work? I’m still failing to see what, if anything, you have to do with YM or 2ne1’s marketing or advertising in the USA?

              You want to enlighten us? Because I suspect you’re just some kind of variation of a football-fan who overcomes their own self-esteem issue by claiming some ownership over the success of the football-club-du-jour.

              Explain to us simple folk your relationship to their marketing in USA, and please use simple english, thanks.

  16. ara says:

    good luck then.

    little oot, but i think the article’s not really well written… that shakespeare and shinee things… is just too much..just saying

  17. maryslamb says:

    @EggandCressSandwich, What’s it to you anyway if I’m lying or not? You don’t know me and I don’t know you, so why the hell you care and comment? hahahaha… But I do honestly think you’re a pretentious person. Awww, affected? So, eat me! hahahaha. You wouldn’t know you’ve been played if your life depended on it.

    • maryslamb says:

      This comment also goes to BaiCai and Dan. Hahahaha.

    • EggandCressSandwich says:

      Well, that would make you a liar. But I don’t think morality plays a part in your mind, it seems to be all clouded by a need to protect some non-existent relationship you have with some group called 2ne1, so much so that you feel like you are acting as a volunteer to their business.

      Played? If you think I didn’t let you do that. However, I was the one doing the analysis. I really do find you fantacists interesting with the extremes you go to.

      • maryslamb says:

        Analysis?!!! What the hell?!!! The tone and diction of your language is so disturbing. I cringe while reading your long comments. They’re so full of yourself which is nothing much but bs. Morality?!!! Are you serious?!!! Hahahaha… Thanks for making me laugh. Self righteous crap! Hahahahaha…

        • strawman says:

          LMAO! Good job maryslamb! EggandCressSandwich doesn’t know what hit him. He doesn’t get it, that he’s been one-upped. This one’s gonna be a classic straw man example. It’s one for the books.

          • strawman says:

            Thanks, Mr. Straw Man! It’s always a pleasure to be of service to you. Were you thoroughly engaged by the proceedings in here? Hahahaha… Any other net-bully in the pipeline?

            • maryslamb says:

              Hahahaha! mr. strawman, you make me laugh. you got that too. subject has multiple usernames but same language and diction, innit? i’m so sure you had a good read and laugh over here. thanks, thanks. next? pm me. 🙂

              • EggandCressSandwich says:

                You people are hilarious. You think if you write ‘he doesn’t know what hit him’ or ‘he just lost’ then it’ll miraculously come true. The fact is, you’re just a football fan, you buy things from a football company (YG) who let you worship your footballers who are pretty talentless (K-idols). This then makes you feel like clapping in the crowd has some affect on the team, and you are a part of something. But you’re not, you’re just a misled consumer who has absolutely no influence. They then tell you something about what the footballer has done every day in the newspaper (twitter) so you don’t stop feeling you’re involved and keep spending.

  18. maryslamb says:

    Hahahaha… you’re still at it? sorry, eggandcresssandwich but i think you missed the point. i’m not interested in kpop. all arguments i presented here regarding kpop are bogus. how do i make this clear to you? it’s you that i’m interested in… wait, hahahaha… that doesn’t sound right. i mean, i’m interested in you as a subject. i lead you in to bogus, refutable arguments but what i’m really interested in is riling you for your predictable reaction and unique comments, or might i dare say “singular wit” as you call it as i’m feeling a bit effusive in praising you as a worthy subject. but, sorry. the game’s over. although feel free to blah, blah about football??? and kpop. i’m sure those subjects have fine points which i’m not really into. welcome to the straw man’s world, i guess. hahahaha 😉

    • EggAndCressSandwich says:

      You basically fit the template of the football fanaticist, which is probably why you’re such a bit pleb. You’re incapable of creating your own fame, or changing your world like these people do, so you leech onto them, mainly because you feel so powerless and meek.

      It’s quite obvious really.

  19. johyn says:

    dont get me wrong, im a huge 2ne1 fan, i just dont want to see them get embarrassed when they…….hmmm, don’t do as well as they planned….getting featured on a late night talk show and having one song played on the radio does not count. what is the age difference of the owners of YG and JYP?

    • EggAndCressSandwich says:

      “and tonight on dave letterman, we have the spice girls…. sorry, some asian group! hooray” *clap clap clap*
      “aint noby hold us down” repeat ad nauseum.
      *silence* 2ne1 exist stage left.

  20. jesse says:

    im sure there is nothing wrong in working together! opportunities like that shouldn’t be , you know disregarded because of who’s better or who’s not, they to help each other for the music scene to continue, well it will kinda suck if we just see those artist by themselves, without collaboration… men racism again? .. poor poor people who thinks that way…

  21. jesse says:

    im sure there is nothing wrong in working together! opportunities like that shouldn’t be , you know disregarded because of who’s better or who’s not, they need to help each other for the music scene to continue, well it will kinda suck if we just see those artist by themselves, without collaboration… men racism again? .. poor poor people who thinks that way…

  22. Nikki says:

    this is really late but…BaiCai did you know your kind of a bitch. 🙂

  23. […] worked with Black Eyed Peas (producer DJ Poet) and dinner is almost ready! Enjoy the girls’ first course of music […]

  24. […] and CL smile? Smile girls, this is happy occasion! The band leader of the popular American group Black Eyed Peas ate all of the necessary veggies and preserved his energy to work in Korea. He tweeted about his […]

  25. […] girls, this is a happy occasion! The band leader of the popular American group Black Eyed Peas ate all of the necessary veggies and preserved his energy to work in Korea. He tweeted about his […]

  26. anasiangirl says:

    lets just hope they do well. why do i see so many hate comments about 2NE1. have they even seen their music videos and listened to their songs? i really like them and i find them really cool. if anyone doesn’t like them, they should just leave them alone >.<

  27. wegather says:

    All I have to say is, Yes, they could make it in the US. Why? Because a huge amount of japanese anime fans are into kpop. You can trust me on that, because hell, that applies to me and my friends.

  28. Mark says:

    I live in USA. I found 2ne1 on youtube, and japanitunes. I have bought 3 videos and 8 songs. I love them so much. I hope the tour here soon. I would love to see them. Way better than Lady Gaga. =)

  29. Mark says:

    I live in USA. I found 2ne1 on youtube, and japanitunes. I have bought 3 videos and 8 songs. I love them so much. I hope they tour here soon. I would love to see them. Way better than Lady Gaga. =)

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