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Dream High’s “Kiss” attracts viewers!

Suzy and Taec-yeon‘s on-screen kiss helped the Monday/Tuesday drama….

soar in ratings this week!

KBS2’s “Dream Highachieved a 17.6% (AGB Nielsen Media Research) for the Feburary 7th broadcast of the show. Critics believed the “sweet and beautiful” kiss won over the viewership, in addition to Kim Soo-hyun’s character shock of the event. I think it is safe to say…we were all shocked! I thought JYP Nation members could not date each other? Are fake drama couples the exception?

The drama ranked number one during the 10PM broadcast time.

This proves… if the students and production crew Dream High enough, they can achieve it! Also, they can thank Mr. Cat Artist and MissA+ this week!

KBS2′s “Dream High” airs every Monday and Tuesday  at 9:55pm (KST)

Sources: BNT News,Holym, and CJ Media


12 Comments on “Dream High’s “Kiss” attracts viewers!”

  1. dee;) says:

    yay..they kiss..

  2. LIN says:


  3. pinky19 says:

    love to see Tae Yeon n T-ara EunJung…..
    thier acting are best among others in DREAM HIGH^^

    BEST COUPLE ^^ TYand .EJ
    they are so matching togeher
    hope happy ending for both in final esp~~

  4. Ghettoe says:

    Honestly speaking, the drama has a lot of flaws and not even my mild love for 2PM could keep me watching. Mediocre acting, too much preaching and a plot that is shallower than a bath tub in a cheap motel. I say mild love for 2pm because honestly I am not the biggest k-pop fan with the exception of about three artists. Did I mention how cliche it was! I was thoroughly dissapointed because I actually for once wanted to deviate from action drama and watch a light drama.
    ps. That kiss scene was just dissapointing. Let’s put our lips together for three minutes and see what happenes no longer cuts it. They both looked uncomfortable and even though I look forward to kiss scenes, I cringed at this one.

    ps. The kiss scene did not impress me that much.

  5. pat says:

    The kissing is sooooooo lame. It would be better to skip it all together. K drama has the worst kissing scenes …… Very FAKE.

  6. cdnpoint says:

    Teacher Kang still maintains his face with the students and I really enjoy the scenes when Group K member Jin Guk still seek out the teacher.

    I really don’t know what planet the rest of the teachers are on. Jin Man seems half-ok–he mugs for the camera really well. Don’t know if his “love” for Teacher Shi is real or just being played up due to the fake showcase she walked in on.

    The kiss scene has 50% power. Pilsuk’s song helped it. Sam Dong is getting the roller-coaster lines and scenes.

    Ep. 11-why does the fake entertainment company president show up behind Jin Man and Teacher Shi? Is he trying to find out why his gift in Japan failed to impress the newlywed couple? I have yet to find an Eng sub of the episode to understand what’s going on.

  7. ywidjaja says:

    It’s not an easy pose to do, especially to kiss just anybody in front of the filming crew… It’s not in Asian blood and tradition to just kiss… better to change the scenario…. skip the lip kissing and change it… that would be better… 🙂

    • jhumela says:

      yeah.. your right we Asians can’t kiss anyone that easily…even if you are an actor or actress…it’s not part of our culture…maybe the reason for them to say that the kiss scene is lame is because in their culture kiss is not a big deal…no offense”

  8. Shane says:

    OMG!~I wanna watch that…sounds interesting~~~

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